The Long Night

When the world goes dark

When the Long Night is near nothing ever good happens to those who live in the sun, but those who relish the dark welcome it in open arms- Hercule Gern, Night Hunter of the Black Order


The Long Night is consider infamous across the world since it effects the world in a simple yet terrifying way. Once every hundred years the moon eclipses the sun for an entire week! This is due to the moon's gravitational trajectory is slowed down due to an unknown reason. which some areas will be shrouded in complete darkness for a time. Allowing for dark and nocturnal creature to flourish in their environment and leaving those who awake by day to disoriented with time of day and may lose sleep


Depending on the gravitational pull of the planet the sun might not be full covered by the moon and some sun light can reach the surface of the planet.

Metaphysical, Astral


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