Expendables of the empire



In order to avoid a large coup from the troops if thing become to harsh for them are getting the idea to join the enemy and bring to out numbers the the legions they fought under, they are only allowed to form into a single cohort in a legion, which is about five hundred men. With no support and must carry their own supplies.


Auxiliaries are only given survival equipment and cooking gear since they are not that important to give that much equipment.


They are often weapons from their home region switch can be swords, spears, axes and clubs. But these are often secondary weapons for Spears are often used. There are some auxiliaries that also specialize in bows as well that can be deadly at a distance.


auxiliaries are no given vehicle such as wagons since they are so few in numbers that it is an excuse for them to carry all of their gear.


Auxiliaries are often put under the command of a Imperial Knight to insure that they stay in line. An Optio from the auxiliaries would also be put into command to ensure that the men are kept in line by on of their own.


Auxiliaries are of then used a fodder in war and are often the first to be sent into battle to weaken the enemy before the Legionaries are sent in to deal with whats left. They are also used as raiding forces to attack towns and villages to gain territory. This is usuasally done to keep them in line since most of their pay is from the loot they take from these raids. Of course depending on where the auxillaires come from they may use tactics which were used by their ancestors to gain the advantage. Ambushes and flanking will be used in battle as well.


The auxiliaries are often trained in standardized Legionary training, but they are no given the full train routine since they are non citizens. Making them only being given discipline and combat training. Then there are skirmisher tatics that used spears or bows. Along with ambushes and flanking.


Logistical Support

Mules are used to keep some of their equipment from being a burden.


Legionaries are often on stand by when they are done fighting to clean up stragllers


Due to their cheap equipment and and weapons, along with their small number, paying for these troops cost no more than three gold crowns, making them very cheap.


Recruitment is easy in auxiliaries since the ranks are often always need to be filled since many are killed in their first battle. They are often promised citizenship’s day land in the empire when their service is over.


Auxiliaries were originally created during the Barbarian wars as a means of recruiting barbarian tribes to fight the against one another. These tribes often joined to fight sworn enemies, imperial citizenship, and wealth. These troops would not be formed until half way through the war as the empire was having difficulties fighting the tribes due to their tactics of guerrilla fighting and ambushes. These tribe would be instrumental in bring the empire to victory and the auxiliaries would an important role in future wars. Conflict after conflict many were peoples were given the choice to forsake their people in order to fight for the empire and get compensation before the empires might destroyed them. But as the empire grew and grew so did their number of non citizens which out numbered the citizenry and lead to over population and a rise in crime in some place. Which gave an opportunity to have an endless number of expendable soldiers to use in war. As the centuries went by auxiliaries would be used as bait and other suicide tactics to spare the lives of the professional Legionaries that to time and effort to train with half trained and destitute non citizens. All in the name of citizenship after a military career of twenty years and a job and occupation to start their new life. Sadly, very few would actual be able to reach the end of their military careers. Soon enough only the desperate and impoverished would sign up for auxiliaries. Even some criminals would be given the choice of the auxiliaries instead of facing death or imprisonment. Being an auxiliary is consider one of the worst military roles in the empire and many are disrespect for being non citizens and traitors to their own peoples. But being one of them has it perks since they are allowed to use their people traditions of war to fight the enemy and they allowed to get away with looting, stealing and all the other unspeakable act of war because of their expandability. Along with spending most of their pay drinking and whoring. Making it a paradise for them to enjoy before they are killed in battle

Historical loyalties

Due to their current circumstances auxiliaries are often loyal to their families rather than the empire. But this can led their people to believing that they are traitors since they are fighting for the empire that put them in the empire in the first place. Put their are some who believe that the empire is the right choice and pledge loyalty to the empire.
1001 BCA
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation
Ranks & Titles


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