Imperatorial Praetorians

Only the greatest may join the ranks of those who defend the emperor from all harm for they have forged themselves for the struggles and hardships that brought them here. - Inspired Legionary



Only a hundred people can be a part of the guard as part of tradition for each legion that is in the empire. Often varying on numbers depending on when they are traveling by themselves or posted to guard someone.


Vatian Legionary Armor : While they may wear the armor of all of the legionnaires they are altered depending on the traditions of the legion that they came from with each armor being completely different from the other to suit their battle style. Along with being stronger and ordained with the heraldry of the guard to let all know who they are.


Each Praetorian is equipped with their weapon of choice, but each one is equipped with a gladius and shield to follow their training.


They will often ride horses to get where they need to go when they have to heave the palace with the emperor.


Emperor's/Empress' Shield: The highest member of the Praetorians are always near the ruling emperor or empress at all times to protect them from all dangers and commands all other Praetorians under them.   Emperor's/Empress' Blades: Only the highly skilled are allowed to join such a group as they are sworn to guard the imperial throne when the emperor is in it with ten of them watching over him at all times.   Sanctum Guard: The rest of the praetorians are stationed around the Palace of Lux Aeterna guarding certain areas so no one wanders around where they shouldn't be.


Tactics will vary as each one comes from a different legion. But together they follow the tactics of the Legionary they were trained from. Along with a special skill known as the Union of Steel, a technique that has been passed down through the Praetorians to allow them to become one when fighting with one another as each one of them knows their strengths and weakness allowing them to protect one another and coordinate with each other simultaneously in the heat of battle. Such a level of skill is only achievable through their discipline and teamwork to make them a force that very few can match.


No Weakness

  To be a Praetorian is to a force that has risen above all their peers and proved themselves that they are for more than what others expect them to be. It means there can be no place of hesitation or weakness that may get the way of their duties or convictions. Training physically is easy as they have shown that the best of their legion to be here. But the real challenge is the mental effects that come with the role of a Praetorian as they must protect one of the most powerful individuals in the world from all harm. Which can easily break many who lacks the mental fortitude to carry out the task. Forcing them to hone their sense and never let their emotions or negative thoughts get in their way to ensure their duty is clear. For they are the shield that blocks all harm from the emperor and sword that strikes down all who dare bring harm to them. There is no room for mistakes with this sacred duty and only those who are willing to do what they must have a place here.



Each Praetorian is given fifty gold Imperial Crowns a months and are given services such as room and board in the Palace of Lux Aeterna to continue their duties.


Trial of Champions

  Rather than having the guards of the emperor being picked through recommendation or born from a noble family every last one of them comes to an active member of the Imperial Legions of the empire. When a position is open to be a member of the guard then a message will be sent to the legion that the last Guardsmen originally came from. From here a tournament will then take place with the best that the legion has to offer by besting their opponents through their skill, intelligence, and their combat prowess until only one remains. From here the Legionary that wins shall be sent to the guard to await their initiation into it.  

Pretorian Oath

  When the time comes for a Legionary who has been chosen as a champion of their legion to receive their title as a praetorian they spoke an oath of loyalty to the emperor and received great honor for them and their legion. Being given armor that befited their status and weapons from the finest smiths of the empire to defend their ruler to the death if they had to.


Emperor's Chosen

  It was a time of uncertainty in the Vatian Empire as they in it early years it was lost in turmoil with the First Vatian Civil War turning much of the empire into a battleground and weakening it's power greatly. Leading to power grabs as the new formed Imperial Senate was still having difficulty in restoring order. What was worse was even the emperors of the empire were no longer safe. As the Crimson Guard, the protectors of the Vatian Rexes of old so turned their emperor in an attempt to seize power. Mostly due to their decline after the death Emperor Alexios Septimius Aurelius and the placement of his son Lucious as figurehead for the senate. It is was not for several valiant Legionaries who stationed inside the Palace of Lux Aeterna he would have surely been killed. After the fierce fight, the Crimson Guard was defeated and the emperor was safe. As for the surviving legionaries they were rewarded by becoming his new bodyguards by being given the rank of praetorian and from this day it has been like that to this day. In time their numbers would grow and their skill would show for each passing generation as they fought only for the emperor time and time again.   Each of its members is drawn from the Imperial Legions to serve a higher purpose than surviving battle after battle to maintain their dominance. It is from here that they have made their name as the sole protectors of the leader of the empire. With many threats that have come to them being defeated by them and them alone as they were unable to match them in skill. Even in times of war when the emperor goes into battle, they are there to protect him from all harm. But if they are ordered into battle to fight for him they will do so. There have been many battles where the Praetorians have charged into battle and wreaked havoc amongst the enemies of the empire and decimating their forces. A single one of them is worth over a hundred men in strength and skill that all men should feel honored to fight beside them and those who face them cower in fear at the sight of them. But those days have long passed and they now remain at the side of their emperor to ensure that no harm comes to them.

Historical loyalties

The Praetorians are loyal to the emperor of the Vatian Empire and the emperor alone.
1187 BCA
Overall training Level
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Best of the Best

  Only the greatest of each legion can join them as they need the best to ensure that the emperor is protected by only the most capable and strongest amongst them. Each one skilled in their way and training to become the best soldiers ever to be produced by the empire to serve and protect the emperor at all times as he deserves the best protection and most loyal of men to stand between him and death, even if it cost them their own lives if need be. It is not easy joining this elected force of former Legionaries as thousands in a single legion fight to compete for a position when it is available to them. Often gaining through the Praetorian Gauntlet, competition for martial prowess and skill to prove who is the most worthy to serve in with them. It can easily make or break them as they advance through its many trials and hardships that all must understand to achieve their goal. With only those who remain proving themselves that they are capable of standing amongst legends.  

Devotion to Duty

  When in the service of the emperor, there can only be allegiance to them and them alone as have past loyalties may affect them their service them later on. This means that things such as family and comradery outside of the Praetorians are not to be desired as they can be exploited to bring harm to the emperor. It is why many of them have sworn to life service in protecting him and forming relationships with people outside of their group. All the matters to them are the brotherhood that is formed around them in their service. For each one is the only family that they will have in their time together and it is not easily broken. This strong connection with one another aids them in battle time and time against as they fully trust one another. For they all follow one duty and through it, nothing else matters to them but to serve the man they were sworn to protect.


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