In the darkest of times, let there be a glimmer of light that shall guide all those who are lost to the proper path illuminated before them to reach salvation. - Excerpt from the Tome of Spirit and Fire
  Guiding the faithful towards salvation through the faith of the Exalted is his faithful servant the Luminaries whose faith has become unmatched by any other faith in the Western Lands. Allowing them to be granted powers from their god and the respect of the masses that believe in them t leads them to praise one they pass on into the afterlife and become one with the Exalted.



They first have to pass the Trails of the Worthy, which can be difficult to pass, with only the most faithful deemed worthy to enter the clergy. It does not matter if they are a man or woman as they are both allowed to join. Once They then bathed in ash and soot from a fire that burn for three days and nights as a sign of purity. They then take their vows which take an entire day in front of a newly started Blue Flame with nothing more than a loincloth to cover themselves. The heat is most intense with only the weak unable to withstand its heat for long periods. They are not allowed to eat, drink, or sleep either. This is to show that their faith will never waver, unlike their flesh. When the flame dies out they are placed into a pool of water and stays under for a minute. When they arise, they are no longer the people they used to be, but those who are truly devoted to the Exalted.

Career Progression

A luminary will rise in the Luminarium of the exalted when they become older and by the number of faithful duties and tasks that they are able to achieve through their careers as become higher members of the Luminarium.

Payment & Reimbursement

Luminaries will often only be given little pay put they will be given living space inside of a Luminarium to carry out their duties daily. Food and clothing expenses will be paid for them as they carry out the will of the Exalted. Along with being given thanks to those of their faith for help guiding them to a pure and faithful life. But knowing that when they die they will join the Exalted in his light knowing that they have done their part in the guide the world to salvation with his glorious light. They are also given a tattoo of the Exalted symbol that is placed on their back and are given blue and white robes that would become their priestly uniforms.

Other Benefits

According to legend the most faithful of priests are given the Blue Flame of Purity, which is said to vanquish the greatest of evils. Along with the Touch of the Spirit which is said to heal the sick and wounded. Other powers granted by them come in many different ways such as warding off creatures of wicked nature and summoning fire without being born with magic. Along with many other powers such as the eye of truth being able to see evil with the Luminary's sight among many other respected of the exalted with them.



Luminaries are the priests that spread the faith of the exalted to all who wish to listen. They believe that the world is full of sin that comes in many forms, whether it may be natural, demonic, or supernatural. That it will do anything in its power to keep Humanity from reaching its one and true savior. That is why they must fight back all of those who would dare try and drag them back into the darkness that only brought pain and misery to them. Only through the will of the Exalted may they all know peace and salvation to forever be rid of the evils of the world.

Social Status

Luminaries are highly respected members of the community and many often set out to seek favor with them. Along with many faithful of the exalted to who wish to find salvation in the afterlife. Causing them to have strong control over all of the Western Lands of Continent of Kinath . Many of them say of a seat in government one way or another. Especially in the Vatian Empire with much of the faith dominating the population. They are also responsible for blessing rulers during their coronation as a sign that they have been chosen by their one and true savior. In times of darkness, they can also call on the faithful to take up arms and fight against whatever evil may come.


Luminaires being selective on who they allow in their ranks their numbers are often fixed from time to time. But the total number of them ranges around four hundred thousand across the Western Lands and beyond it borders.


It all started with the Luminaries of Truth, six men and six women who brought about the teachings of the Exalted. During this time they took many apostles that would later be the foundation of the Luminarium of the Exalted after their deaths at the hand of heathens that denied the faith of their savior. Those apostles would become the next generation of Luminaries that would wage a holy war against the heathens alongside their followers as well to rid them from the land. Once they were defeated and cast from the land they began to spread their faith in what would be known Ardania. Making it the center of faith for centuries and slowly spread across the west with time. With time the power of the Luminaries grew time as their conviction and fanaticism grew with time as their faith grew and so did the Luminarium.   With time they would be at the center of the most powerful faith in the Western Lands and would have the ears of rulers across the land. They would also become a part of several large conflicts and events that would change the face of the west. In modern times the Luminaries have become the center of faith as very few faith remain now that they spread the word of the Exalted to all. In every town, city, and village, a Luminary is attending it no matter how big or how small their Luminarium that will guide their people to a good life. Most people can even think of a life without a Luminary in their life to guide them into the embrace of Exalted when their time comes.



Luminarium: A church that is dedicated to the Exalted where all can pray and absolve their sins so they may be able to pass on into the afterlife. This place is considered hallowed ground and no evil may enter as long as it's under the protection of the Exalted.

Provided Services

Faith: Luminaries are priests and priestesses that spread the faith of the Exalted and ensure that those who follow the faith are guided properly and never tempted by the sins of the world and the many evils that come from it.   Salvation: Those who have chosen to serve the Exalted are given the power to absolve a person of their sins, allowing them to pass on into the afterlife and allow them to enter the Domain of Eternal Light where they are able to know peace and comfort from all of their years of struggle.

Dangers & Hazards

They will often have to face the evils of the world that will come in many forms from evil Spirits to demons that may bring harm to them. Often trying to deal with them using their holy power combat them and cast them away from their only presence.
Alternative Names
Due to the faith of the Exalted being one of the major faith in the Western Lands and Luminarium of the Exalted being recognized by the many across the land, Luminaries are freely able to spread the faith of their god without any fears. However, it may be more difficult in other parts of the world as many wish to keep to their gods. Leading to missionaries being placed in danger and their lives could end at any time by the hand of heathens
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