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Fredrick Lumbren

Bearer of Whispers Fredrick Landon (a.k.a. The Weasel, The Quick Witted)

Few men know what people want more than Fredrick. If he didn't become a Rangers, he could have become a Mayor or an advisor to a lord if he wanted to. - Carne

Mental characteristics

Personal history

An Unexpected Start

  Frederick's story started with the remarkable tale of his mother, Lesha, who came to Ardania to find a new start for herself. While foreigners come and settle in the south from time to time, in her circumstances, they were more out of desperation than anything else, as she was a runaway slave from the empire. Being forced into slavery and eventually managed to escape her masters and make the long journey to Ardania, as slavery was outlawed there. She eventually made it there and traveled for many weeks while avoiding slave hunters and eventually found herself lost in the Great Forest but was rescued by Fredrick's father, Dalton. Later, they would marry and have Fredrick with his brother Landon. Both of them would live in the borderlands of the Kingdom of Ardania and learn from their father's trade as a woodsman. In his youth, he would help his parents with work around the house, and as he became older, he would aid his father by going into the forest to collect wood, plants, and furs to sell to feed his family. However, his life was by no means simple, as he and his brother were treated like outsiders despite being born Ardanian. This was due to the color of their skin, which made them stand out, and this was foreign to many people as they had never seen anyone with dark skin before. This led to rumors about them and created a gap between them and their community. While Landon often got into trouble because of it, Frederick became quite the talker, as he could figure out what people wanted and was quite popular with many people in their village. It allowed him to have a better standing in society and live his life like any other person.   However, as he reached his teens, he soon realized that he preferred the company of men more than the opposite sex. He tried to hide it as best as he could, knowing that people would completely ostracize him if they found out. But he knew that he couldn't keep a secret forever and instead wait for the day someone found out, and he decided to leave home to keep it and have a fresh start. He decided to join the Forest Guard and become a Ranger as he would have a better chase fitting in there than at home. While he and his father had a heated argument about it, he understood that he would never be truly accepted in their community and wished him luck; not long after, His brother joined him. It would not be easy for them to leave home due to their appearance, often getting dirty looks and being questioned as if they were foreigners. Eventually, they would reach the nearest fort, Oaken Tower, and officially join to become Rangers. While not welcomed at first, it was quickly forgotten as they proved themselves capable and would be welcomed as comrades by all who were a part of it. It would be the beginning of a long career for him as he would serve the guard well for many decades.  

Serving as a Ranger

  Frederick's life as a Ranger was not one of the ideal occupations to find himself in as it had its dangers, but he considered the rewards to be much more appealing, and his sense of duty gave him purpose, and he would become highly loyal to the guard. Going on many assignments that would have him facing the many dangers of the Great Forest and keeping the peace within it. He would gradually rise to the ranks over the years to have a successful career as a high-ranking officer. He would make many friends among his comrades over the years and the respect of many due to his skill and knowledge of the trade. Even with some of the nobility, his witty banter makes him well-liked. However, he would find himself falling for one of his fellow Rangers Galas Curts and be able to have a relationship with him without the fear of being discovered a Curts would eventually become Warden-Commander and him his second in command. Over the years, he would train and serve among many Rangers as the peace was kept. However, he would eventually meet an angry farmer serving with him in the Bush Watchers named Roderick Wesler. Despite his better judgment, he trained him in guerrilla warfare to defend against dangers that might come from the Great Forest. Though he did admire the man's commitment to try and improve life for the commoners, he would often question his methods after hearing his many crimes once he left the militia and started the war known as Roderick's Rebellion. He would remain out of the conflict like most border guards, but the conflict came closer to home than he wanted as many villages near the borderlands were destroyed in the conflict.   The fighting became so out of hand that rebels and the crown's forces were scattered about; they accidentally entered the borderlands without knowing it. To stop any necessary bloodshed, the borderlands were declared neutral areas where fighting was forbidden from both sides. Frederick would become a part of the force that would keep the peace during the war and ensure that those who broke the laws were punished accordingly. Luckily the clashes rarely happened, and the borderlands were safe from severe damage like the rest of the kingdom. When the war finally ended, he would return to his duties in the Great Forest. However, he knew that the kingdom was never the same after the conflict, making it far more essential to keep the peace. Crime had become far more common as bandits, brigands, and smugglers roamed the forest and across the borderlands. Leading to constant fighting between them and the Forest Guard as the Rangers were spread thin to keep them from disturbing the forest and its residents. During one of his solo assignments, bandits would ambush Fredrick and wound him, leaving him with few options. He considered these his final moments and was prepared to take as many as he could with him, only to be surprised to see that an unknown savior chased them off. But what caught him off guard was when his savior was none other than a child and one quite skilled as he tended to his wounds. He soon learned his name was Carne, and he was living alone in the forest by himself. Fredrick wanted to repay the boy for saving him but also saw potential to make him a good Ranger one day. After some convincing, he managed to get the boy to leave his isolation and join him at Oaken Tower; however, he was not able to make him remove the hood that covered his face.   This would cause trouble when they reached Oaken Tower as he convinced Galas to prove Carnes's skill. He stunned all with his skill and would have him trained to become a Ranger right away, but he refused to remove his hood when they wanted to reveal his face, leading to a chase in the fort and Carne vanishing, with Fredrick managing to find him hiding. He knew he was afraid and knew how that felt with his history. With it, he gained the boy's trust, revealing that he had yellow eyes with the powers of Second Sight. Knowing the implications and knowing the boy's history, he promised to let keep his hood on, and it was accepted by Galas as well. He would aid in training and honing the young man's skills even though it was as needed as he seemed to be natural for him. Once he did become a, he would be placed under his command, and the two would have a strong parental relationship with each other as they went on many missions together. He would eventually give his squad, having proved himself despite being still young with his nephew Philip Lumbren under him and be known as the Grim Hunters an infamous Ranger squad that he would serve under him as the help him deal with threats such as Luthor Edilburg, the famed bandit king and the Wulver Border Raids. But looking back at these events the before the War of the Raptors, they seemed small compared to what was to come.  

War and a Just Cause

  Fredrick would be part of a large force that would aid in the rising imperial activities along the borders and would see firsthand the might of its Imperial Legions. After capturing a few imperial scouts and reporting to Fort Hightower, he and Carne would be trapped as the empire began their assault at the Siege of Fort Hightower being the war. He would help as best during the siege by repealing assaults and organizing raids on the camped imperials with the defenders and some of the Rangers outside the castle before the siege began. He, of course, knew that it was only a matter of time before the imperials took it. But the defenders had other plans, and after a month of holding the imperials off, they decided to collapse it to ensure that no one could take it. He would lead the remaining defender out of the castle's underground passages, while a small band would hold off the imperials when they stormed the castle and collapse it on them. Carne would remain with a few others, but he knew he was getting too old for such a task and wished his friend luck. After a few suspenseful minutes after they escaped, he would wait for Carne and anyone who survived, only to be shocked to find out that Carne decided to stay behind when more defenders came out of the tunnels and later saw the castle collapse fearing the worst. It soon became a relief when Carne came back, and the survivors would head to their lines to defend their homeland.   Fredrick would go on many missions alongside his brother and many others to fight the empire in the four years that the war would last, and they were long and brutal years of raids and guerilla warfare against the empire. Along with him taking place in the Battle of the Old Mill and later leading Rangers in the Battle of the Dark Forest during the The Long Nightresulting in hundreds of imperial being killed thanks to his leadership and tactics. Even though he fought admirably, holding off the imperials, the war would not turn in the kingdom's favor as they lost ground. He would soon enough join in a secret meeting at the village of White Wood only to be struck with tragedy when the Betrayal of White Wood took all by surprise, leading to many Rangers being killed by imperials lead by the traitor Darren Nettle. He would lose many things that day as the village burned around him. The First would be from a burning building that would collapse on him, crippling one of his legs and partially blinding him. The second would be his nephew Philp being killed by Darren, and finally, his beloved Galas would be killed as well, leaving him in great pain that would take time for him to heal physically and mentally. It would be a few weeks before the survivors would be led to the hidden fortress of Del Toren once they knew reached them that the war was over. Here he would receive proper care from Sophia Kelner, a young noble that he aided many years ago as she healed him as best she could with her medical skill/ But deep down he knew that his Ranger days were over, but he was not going to quit just yet. He would become a founding member of the Brotherhood of the Wood and hold a seat on the Circle, the leadership of the brotherhood due to his experience and influence.     Though he would not be able to fight as he once did, he knew other ways to serve in their fight for freedom. In those early years of the brotherhood, he would found the Whispering Truth, a branch dedicated to spreading the word of freedom and fighting against the empire. He would lead it well in later years as he trained all under him in persuasion and diplomacy to find like-minded individuals to join their cause. Even he would journey across Ardania to carry the message, often disguised as an old blind beggar. A disguise that would serve him well as no one ever him of any rebellious acts against the imperials. However, he has been through some trouble here and there due to his disguise and the problems that come with it. With his words and sense of patriotism, he gained much support from those who still wished to fight the empire, creating a growing network of sympathizers as they continued to grow for a future rebellion. Many believe there wouldn’t be as much support for the brotherhood if it weren’t for him. He even acts as a courier or spy at times as well when needed due to his position. This has made him nearly undetected by anyone looking for one. Even after the years passed, he continued to work behind enemy lines to see a free Ardania again one day. Ensure a brighter future for its people and one day see a better future for all who live across the war-torn land.




Family Ties

Current Location
Year of Birth
1472 CA 60 Years old
179 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
People will always hate things that are different from them for the idea of it scares them greatly
Aligned Organization


  Becoming a Ranger   Becoming Second in command at Oaken Tower   Recruiting Carne   Many successful years of service  


  Being ambushed and wounded   Losing Galas   He failed to save his nephew.   Forced to retire due to injuries

Morality & Philosophy

  Fredrick, despite dealing with racism and bigotry for most of his life, has tried his best to change people's perceptions to give others like him a chance at a better life. He often treats people with kindness and helps those like him find their way. Always helping them with kindness and advice, he has learned how people think and uses his actions and words to win them over; when he can't, he will only resort to violence to help others in need.

Religious Views

  He was brought up to follow the faith of the Exalted and is a devout follower of the faith, but he will not reject people of other faiths who know what it is like to be persecuted. He often tries to pray every day when he gets the chance to be thankful for what he has in life.


  Forestry   Hand-to-hand combat   Archery   Stealth   Guerrilla Warfare   Reading   Writing  


  All he wants to know is to see his homeland free from the empire's occupation. He refuses to be useless and uses his skills to gain the support of like-minded individuals who want to fight against their would-be conquerors. Along with ensuring that all the people he has left are safe and have a better future for themselves.


  White Wood still holds a firm grip on his memory of those he had lost. But the pain of being burned and crippled that day also causes him to have nightmares that he can never unsee despite losing most of his eyesight.


Forester: Worked at a young age in caring for the forest near his home, from lumbering to planting new trees.   Forest Guard : Served as a Ranger for more than thirty years before being forced to retire due to injury.   Brotherhood of the Wood : Serves as head of the Whispering truth as Bearer of Whispers spreading propaganda to spread across Ardania to gain support for a future rebellion.  


Carne : Friend   Sophia Kelner : Friend   Landon Lumbren : Brother   Argial Morris : Friend   Sir Dayne of Wayne : Friend  


  Honorable   Kind

Intellectual Characteristics

  Quick Witted   Charismatic


  Leaving a man behind   Injustice   Bigotry


  Stubborn   Partial blindness   Crippled leg  


  Pipe Smoking

Apeareal and Acessories

  He wears ragged clothing to make him appear like a beggar with hidden pockets.

Special Equipment

  Wooden Staff: A staff used to aid in walking with a hidden compartment.


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