No one has returned to Whitewood since the Betrayal, and I don't believe that anyone will return for a long time even after the ashes are finally blown away from the wind. - Former Villager of Whitewood


The population was mostly made up of lumberjacks and farmers, along with the families that live with them. Ranging around three hundred people that live in the village.


The town is run by a council of elders that deal with the everyday problems often in the townhouse.


Fence: Only a tall fence surrounded the village to keep their livestock in and wild animals out. The fence is made up of sticks that are interlocked together to make them strong and sturdy together.

Industry & Trade

Lumber: Due to its proximity to the Great Forest, Lumber became one of the main incomes that the village had.   Farming: Several farms exist around the village growing whatever seeds they can get their hands on for the harvest.


Not much was built in the village, except the houses and the fencing that surrounded the village. There is also a well at the center of town for people to get what at. Along with a tavern where everyone could enjoy their day with a drink and have a nice conversation.


Center of a Trap

  White Wood never had any real history to it after its founding and saw no real conflict in its short existence, not even taking part in Roderick's Rebellion when it finally arrived and just stayed out of it. But twenty years later they would be a part of an event known as the Betrayal of White Wood that would set the entire village destroyed and see many lives lost in its flames. It all started with several dozen figures slowly making their way into the village many coming at different times. They came and went as they wished, but the villagers were still suspicious of them as travelers in such number rarely came to their village. Then a group of them enter the local tavern, which brought about a silence in the room. All they asked for was to use the back room and paid the owner well to have it. Soon a rumor went about that they were Rangers considering how they were dressed but were unsure as to why so many of them were even in their village at the same time. But what they did know was that they could bring trouble as the War of the Raptors was still being waged and the empire could come to their small little village if they found out Ranger was here. They already figure they were safe here as the village had no real value to them and most of them men already went off to fight to leave mostly the women, children and the elderly behind to take care pf the village. However trouble soon arrive as imperial Legionnaires attacked and a bottle ensured.   Their suspestion where right when Ranger began appearing to fight them, only for them to fall one by one to their blades. What remained of the men tried to put up a fight to defend their homes, but were no match by the war hardened imperials as their crude weapons were no match for theirs. Soon the village was set aflame and everything began to burn as people tired to escape the flames, only to be cut down by the imperials. A screen of smoke soon cover the entire village and no one could figure out what as going on while in it. But eventually people managed to get out with the help of the Rangers that survived the fighting. But when the flames and smoke finally died down and the imperial left, their was nothing left of the village except a smoking pile of ruins littered with the dead some who where still their where they died, with other crucified by the imperials. The remaining villagers buried their dead and then scattered some went with the Rangers to find safety with them, while other began to find a new home only to find their homeland torn apart from war. No one wanted to stay because to much death had happened there and it would remain a ruin for as long as they wished it to be.


The village consisted of wooden houses that had straw roofs that offered shelter from the harsh shelter. They showed practical craftmanship and they seemed rundown from being several decades old.


White Wood bordered on the Great Forest just about a mile away from it. Leaving it in a small clearing that was just out of reach of the forest.

Natural Resources

Lumber in great abundance here from the Great Forest and the soil is decent to grow crops.


Founding Date
Inhabitant Demonym
Woods Folk
Owning Organization


  Despite White Wood being abandoned for many years, there are some who still visit the ruins from time to time. Many of them are the Rangers who survived that dreaded day. In a secret place someplace hidden amongst the ruins, a shrine has been built in remembrance of those who perished that day. It is also a reminder of the betrayal that they received from one of their own who had caused it. Since that day the Rangers have been cautious who they can trust and at times even questioning their own from time to time to ensure that it never happens again.


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