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Luthor Edilburg

Luthor Edilburg (a.k.a. The Bandit King, The Red Weasal)

Never in my life have I meet a criminal for cunning and brutal then that damned bastard Luthor - Nekos Veteres

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rough Upbringing

  Luthor life was something of surprise when he was born as was born from a love affair between a Vatian Legionary and a Ferosians women. His father left her when he was another posting before he was even born and his mother was left to raise him alone. It did not help either that her village ostracized her for her affair with a Vatian and had to fend for herself until she went to search for her lover when Luthor five years old to be able to make the journey safely. After sometime they manged to find him and he was willing to accept them. He would make her his mistress and legalized Luthor as his son. Though they would spend most of their life as camp followers in the 23rd legion for most of his youth. It would not be an easy life either as they were often harassed by the soldiers and due to Luthors mixed heritage he received most of it being called a half breed most of the time. His father did very little to help as his duties to the legion where more important then his own wife and child. Though he did teach them how to defend themselves and how to do tasks around camp to be able to stay. Still it made Luthor resent his father and his Vatian blood as he was nothing more than a mangy dog to all who looked at him. Refusing to take his fathers name and kept his mother's name of Edilburg. His mother seemed only far a little better due to his father, but much came from it as it seemed to be nothing more than a fling a shared no real love for one another except in his bed. A time went by his hatred for his father and people continued to grow as he saw the harsh treatment they gave his mother's people and others. It was not until he was fifteen that he ran away from camp as he grew tired of all the years abuse and harassment he endured. His mother was no longer the women once was as her will faded and became a prostitute for any of the soldiers who wanted to sleep with there to make more money make a life for herself and his father who still believed would marry he one day. Though when he found out about he through her about for being a whore. It from here he would find himself finding his true calling in life with blade at his throat.  

Rise of a King

  As he ran off from the camp to escape his life of torment he was set upon by bandits that quickly captured him. When they realized he had nothing to steal they planned on killing him for wasting there time. It was then that he made them a counter offer and asked if he could join them instead. Which surprised them and even more so when he claimed he would get them better weapons, food and armor to prove his loyalty to them. Of course they all thought he was made when he said it would come from an imperial encampment. But when he said that he lived in the encampment and knew when are where the weak points and guards would be then they actually thought they could pull it off. In the dead of the night they made there move killing anyone who was in there way and taking as much as they would which would be a lot as they made off with few wagons. Not before Luthor had the chance to find his mother and get here out of the camp and take here with him. Only to find here dead as she had taken her own life when he left. Rather then sorrow he felt rage as the blamed his father for all of this and set his tent ablaze and trapping him and his Contubernium with him burning them alive. Along with many other tents and other chaos across the camp to distract the legion for the bandits to escape. Even misleading them not even realizing he was causing all the damage they were trying to stop. Once he was in the in the clear he fled the camp to rejoin the bandits which accepted him with open arms for the loot they had gained. It was here that his career of banditry would begin.   Luthor began to enjoy his life a bandit as he could do what ever he wanted and get back at anyone who crossed him. he proved quite capable at planning and fighting to due to the skill he learned as a camp follower as well. Though he did not take to kindly with the leadership of the bandits he was with as they thought to small and often target anyone they came across both rich and poor. They didn't think ahead either often staying in the same encampment despite being constantly hunted now more then ever with their raid on an imperial legion no less. Though he would correct this by betraying them and selling them out to local authorities and taking over the group. It was from here he made some changes to how they would work. They would always be on the move, only stole from the wealthy and organize to become a more effective fighting force. So would begin the and long successful campaign of raids across the land as they became a infamous group only known as the Marauder's Brotherhood. Stealing from anyone who was wealthy or had authority that they came across. They were getting popular with the poor and downtrodden as thy treated them well and even payed for food and supplies rather than steal it. Luthor even made sure to punished anyone who was mistreating anyone as well if they ever asked. After many years his small band became a vast organization with thousands of members and alliances with other bandit groups in many areas of the Vatian Empire. With. Most of the local authorities could do much about him either as he often vanished from the places he robbed before anyone catch him. Whats more he became on of the most wanted men in the empire due to his many exploits such as raiding imperial armories, robbing treasuries from banks and at one point kidnapped an imperial governor and ransomed him for a large amount of gold. In time Ever one just called him the Bandit King due to everyone treating him like a king. But this would be the last straw the empire with the emperor himself Tiberius Aurelius declaring all out war on him to end bandit threat once and for all by sending legion after him.  

Bandit Wars

  The conflict that occurred would forever be known as the Bandit King's War which would become something of the stuff of legends that would be told to this day. With entire legions being sent to wipe out all the bandits across the land and bring Luthor in dead or alive which ever came first. Though this would not be as easy as they as they though they would be as he had made many alliances with many outlaws and their groups and his groups consisted of thousands of men. All of which were trained to deal with imperial soldiers. Luthor did not want to face the Imperial Legions on their terms for he would surely lose as he they had the numbers, weapons and training to easily wipe out he and his men easily. Instead he would wage a guerilla war to weaken them with time and only attack them directly when they were vulnerable. Though this worked out initial it was soon apparent that he would never win a war of attrition with the empire despite many joining him in his fight. But many of his allies would be wiped out with. Forcing him and his army to be constantly on the move as stealing what ever they could often raiding government buildings and rich estates to feed them. But many more of his men and his allies going him to flee the legions that were after them making his army range in the tens of thousands. But he used those numbers t his advantage by creating large ambushes on the legions chasing them dealing heavy casualties and looting all of their supplies. This would go for five years and after many battles it seemed that his days were numbered.   The fighting had cost him dearly in the past few years as starvation and disease began to claim many in his army as there were too many of them to support and lost a quarter of them in the Battle of the Twin Fork. In act of desperation he would lay siege of the City of Ashdale where he would greeted in open arms by its citizens who many supported him against his fight against the wealthy and powerful. They would then begin to sack their own city attacking the rich's estates and government building and killing many of them. It was then clear to Luthor that he would make his final stand here and forced out those where not going to fight out of the city to sustain their food supplies. Soon enough the city would be surrounded by several legions for many months of fighting with no escape of Luthor and his men. The city would fall eventually but Luthor would not be there for he was carried off unconscious in a corpse wagon counted amongst the dead along with very few of his men still alive. Though he wanted to fight to the end many of his men did not want it that way for he was a good man that had always been fair to them. When he was wounded he was knocked out to able to leave the city. When he finally woke up he was pissed off at what his men ha done, but nothing could be done about it and all he would do was flee now away from it all. With not even the empire being able to reach him once they found out he was he was dead.  

End of His Reign

  Knowing his day within the empire were over he fled south into Great Forest and crossing in Ardania in the attempt to rebuild what he had lost. He knew that the Kingdom of Ardania was oppressing their people and took advantage of that and began to rebuild the Marauders Brotherhood with anyone willing to join and many did as they all heard about the fabled Bandit King even in the south. He new stronghold would be the Great Forest and from it would be many successful raids on noble holdings and estates. None was able to catch for over a year as he quickly managed to adapt to his new forest home with all of this experience. Though he made sure to run and hide whenever they sent soldiers after him as he didn't need another war to go through. He manged to get a decently life of himself now, of course it was less glamorous then before as it paled in comparison from the power and wealth he once had. But he was tired of being famous and just wanted some peace and quite now. Even finding a nice farm girl by the name of Lena he wanted to settle down with, but for now he was content with her just sharing his bed. But finally his crimes caught up with him as the kingdom would as the Forest Guard to take care of the allusive bandit once and for all.   Luthor only heard of Rangers and what they were capable of, but when his men where being cut down one by one he knew he was in trouble. Though he managed to hold them off for a time with his experience in dealing with trained soldiers he knew his days were over. Especially when group of them known as the Grim Hunters went after him as they easily desolated his men with ease. One in particular caught his eye though as he was better then the rest of them and called him the Stalker do to his never relenting in his pursuit of him. But finally the chase was over as his camp was discovered and many of his men were killed with only him being able to escape by an inch of his life as the Stalker has almost upon him before retreating to save one of his comrades. Then he fled into a part of the forest no one went into and into a some old ruins. The last thing anyone ever heard from his was a blood curtailing scream and he was never seen again. Despite his death he is still considered a hero to this day as he had fought for the people and those who would oppress them.


  • Warfare
  • Tactics
  • Horsemanship


  • Camp Follower
  • Bandit

Morality & Philosophy

Luthor believed that no one should hold power to oppress the people or even rule over them for that matter. Beleive that people should live their lives in peace being told what to do by some stranger who had more money than them or was born to the right family that they had never even met. A life without law the one that they make for themselves. Creating a disregard for authority and status all together for the only way someone was going to listen to you was to earn their respect. Which also caused him to have a great hatred for it too as he always looked down on those who had it and saw to taking what he believed that they never even deserved.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
1490 CA 1525 CA 35 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Disappear in adandoned ruins
Long Ginger
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
189 lbs

Cover image: Bandit by Alexander McDaniel
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