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Grim Hunters

Never have I seen Rangers in my time that are more capable and able to work more effectively in any situation they end up in. Though their methods seem at a time may be questionable they can get the job done and that's all that matters. - Galas Curts, Warden-Commander of Oaken Tower


Sergeant: Each group has one to ensure the order is maintained on an assignment. Ranger sergeants are notorious for keeping their cool under stress and inspire their men to keep on fighting even when things look grim.   Corporal : Responsible for keeping supplies and equipment and assigning duties to rangers they are assigned to on and off assignments. Along with organizational planning and ensuring that orders are fulfilled from their sergeant.


Being a Member

  Let me get things straight to why you are here because things are not going to be easy for you. Rangers are considered those who defend they Kingdom of Ardania by venturing into the Great Forest to deal with any threats within them. They are skilled to deal with the dangers that may be in store for them while they are considered to be good allies, but terrible enemies to face in a fight. With the hunters, it's a completely different story as they are considered one of the most skilled fighters of all of them despite only being recently formed in a few years. Its members have been put through a lot of harsh training and have been through the wringer in more ways than one. But the result was worth it as they have honed their skills to a whole new level by it. You can't just join them like any other group in the Forest Guard, you have to prove that you can cut it to be able to stand by those whole work alongside you as your comrades. Each member brings something to the table that can aid in the squad to ensure that the mission reaches success and their chances of all coming home are higher than what they should be. Along with learning new ones along the way to become better than they were before. For there can be no room for slip-ups and mistakes while in the field for it may cost you your life another member of your squad. As you are a team and a team has to know how everyone works and thinks to get things done. It is why when things got to hell they can turn the tide in their favor no matter how terrible it gets as they have trained to live through it and get through it like it was nothing more than a bad day on the job. It is also why their name has to mean it as well as the Grim Hunters shall bring doom to their enemies and bring forth to all when even when things get grim with no hope shine for they have to be that hope. It is how they keep on going for if they fail no one else will take their place and that is not an option that they are will to take. For they shall make the impossible possible to ensure that hope never fades as long as they keep on fighting. For not just the kingdom should be protected, but even those who live in the forest as well for they must protect all who are under their watch to protect the peace that they cherish.  

What People Think of You

  The Grim Hunters have been considered some of the best Rangers of the Forest Guard that they have ever produced as very few people can match them from their extensive training and the skills that each of them gives them an advantage in a fight. They have earned the respect that they deserved for all their years of service and the dread that they had brought to their enemies. For they have brought peace to all who need it for it is something worth fighting for no matter who it is or where they come from. It is from here that they have made many allies and enemies alike.

Public Agenda

The hunters are to carry out assignments and orders given to them by the Forest Guard to ensure that the peace is kept and any threats to it shall be eliminated.


Ranger Armor: Armor that aids them in the field of stealth and camouflage to remain undetected by the rangers that use them in their forested environment.


A Rought Start

  When the hunters were first formed they didn't start well with one another due to their lack of cooperation. Mostly because they didn't understand one another and being a new Ranger team with new members in their ranks meant that they lacked experience and most did understand the true meaning of the duties of a Ranger. That and their newly appointed sergeant Carne was not one to order people around as he often did things himself. But being a leader meant that his comforts meant nothing when he had the lives of others in his hands. Though he wanted to endure that, he did it on his terms by selecting each one based on their potential and background to ensure that they would be able to keep up with him. For he was ambitious to make his squad as good as him or even better if it was possible.
This meant there was no room for hesitation or weakness under his command for it would get them killed while in the Great Forest. Though his young age made his men question why a boy was leading them and thought it was all a joke. It was not until he used his skill on them to bring them to heel that this was not some ordinary boy that they were dealing with. It was from here that these recruits would be put through literal hell while under his command as he wanted them to avoid any slip-ups that could cost them their life or those around them. Though the methods were unethical, such as unlocking Primal Instinct they made them better than they were before and skilled by the time they were finished after months of hard training. Though it would take time for them to truly prove that they were capable of carrying out dangerous assignments.  

Making a Name

  Much of their early life was nothing worthy of recognition by most except those who knew what they were doing. Keeping the peace was what they were originally assigned to do and they did just that. It was through them that better relations with the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal were made possible and things such as smugglers and outlaws in their region were nothing to worry about. Which got them a lot of attention especially when those arrested were brought in for questioning as they referred to them as "The Grim '' due to who they acted and so enough they started being called the Grim Hunters and it has stuck to them ever since. But they would face a greater challenge from a threat that rarely left the Great Forest and had an appetite for flesh. When reports of Wulver starting to attack outlining settlements across the forest border many considered it a dangerous time as Beastmen rarely left the forest and were hard to fight. But it would be the hunters who would truly uncover the carnage brought by the Wulver Pack Tribe known as the Red Fang as they had a chance encounter in the forest while on patrol.
As they had gone mad and began to feast upon all they saw as prey and attacked them. Their skills were the only thing that kept them alive and repealed their savage attackers. It was from here they would become crucial in what would be known as the Wulver Border Raids that would last for several months with harsh fighting from the beastmen as they reign destruction wherever they went. The Grim Hunters would find themselves behind enemy lines for a time as the Wulvers separated them from the safety of friendly lines and hunted like animals. But soon the hunters would become the hunted as they suffered losses to the point that they retreated and they made it back with no losses. Making them more valuable to the conflict as they were far more skilled than anyone ever realized. It was from here that they would be sent in and work alongside the local forest tribes to fight back against the Red Fang till they found their main encampment and launched a joint surprise attack against them. It was here that much of the tribe was wiped out along with their mad leader Rackvarg being killed by Carne himself and ending the conflict as they were now leaderless and scatter. Turning them into highly decorated members of the Forest Guard in their short existence. But it would not be the only threat they faced.
Most people did not expect to see any more trouble in the forest the raid end a year later, but it did anyway as Luthor Edilburg , the infamous bandit king himself managed to flee from the Vatian Empire after he was defeated in the War of the Crooked King and made his home in the Great Forest. He and the Marauder Brotherhood had begun causing trouble as they began to rob the estates of the wealthy and giving them to the needy. Gaining a following not seen since of Roderick Wesler and his fight against the elite of the kingdom. They were also difficult to find even by many of the kingdom's best trackers as well often ending up empty-handed and many men were killed in the search. It was not until the forest guard was called up that things started to change. Though the Bandit King had much experience in his craft the Grim Hunters would route out whatever grip he had in the region and slowly began to have a grip on him. After weeks of searching and fighting, they finally found him and a large-scale assault was committed on his camp. The bandits were easily dealt with by the hunters, but Luthor managed to escape only to meet his end by journeying into forbidden ruins that no one returned from. Once more the hunters were rewarded for their efforts but rather than receiving promotions and being separated, they stuck together for they could do a lot more good rather than apart and taking more responsibilities and that was what they did until the war came.  

Through War and Death

  While the hunters were experienced in combat against all sorts of enemies nothing prepared them for the storm that lied ahead of them when the Vatian Empire invaded the Kingdom of Ardania which would be forever be called the War of the Raptors. They would be found in the very first battle of the war as well at the siege of Fort Hightower when they were going to inform them of the empire's attack from the narrow bath after interrogating imperial scouts that they had captured, only to be trapped with the defenders as imperial forces began preparing their siege. It was from here that they along with other ranger groups and defenders would commit daring raids on the imperial camps in the night through sabotage, killing officers, and stealing supplies for the defenders to cause panic and confusion amongst them.   Their skill with their bows also aided them by hitting the enemy from far distances despite being out of shooting range. Doing so aided in prolonging the imperials from capturing the castle for over a month to allow the kingdom to prepare its armies to fight the empire. Though they would have to retreat in a hurry when the imperial finally led an all-out assault to break the castle once and for all. If it was not for the heroic effort of their leader Carne to stay behind and destroy the castle it would have been under imperial control. Miraculously all of its members survived the siege with only a few minor injuries and would soon be fighting a long guerrilla war against the empire throughout the war.   it was from here that they would be in constant action as there were assigned to cause as much chaos behind enemy lines as many other rangers to while the kingdom fought its many legions while causing them to be caught off from their supply lines and make their forces lose hope. It also made them a target as the empire was now sending its forces to hunt them like many other rangers throughout the war as a game of cat and mouse ensued for years, but they never caught them. But despite their best efforts, the resources of the empire seemed endless the more damage they caused as it would be replaced soon after. It was not long before the war was going in the empire's favor. It was from here that they changed their strategy by gathering information while conducting their raids and ambushes. Not long after a clever ploy of being disguised as imperial Legionaries and some prisoners they managed to capture an Imperial Agent of the Imperious Oculus and gain vital information that helped them in the war effort.   The information would be passed to the higher-ups that the imperials were playing to bring in more forces through the Great Forest in an attempt to overwhelm the kingdom's forces duringThe Long Night which would arrive in an in less than a week and cover the land in complete darkness. It was from here that the hunters would take part in what would be known as the Battle of the Long Night and help gain a decisive victory against the empire and throw its plans out of control for a few more years. Continuing their operations more and more as the kingdom fought more with enthusiasm against the empire. But unfortunately, it would not be enough as the empire would finally win the war after two more years of prolonged fighting. It was in the final days of the war that the hunters would meet their end as the empire would finally wipe them out once and for all ending the elite force and all of their achievements fade with them.


The hunters were wiped out excepted for Carne from an ambush by imperial forces during a secret meeting of Ranger leadership at the village of Whitewood which had escaped much of the war during the time. The reason they found out was because of Darren Nettle who became a turncoat and betrayed the hunters to save his own life and would later be killed by Carne during the ensuing battle.

Strike Fast, Hit Hard

1522 - 1528

Military, Army Squad
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  Brave Heart: Given for their service for ending the Wulver raids and standing in the face of dangers.   Cross of Honor: In their services for the Battle of the Long Night and the imperial threat.   Ranger's Sigil: For keeping the peace by dealing with all threats and maintaining relations with the forest tribes.   Protector's Medel: Given for their services in putting an end to the threat of the Bandit King and his allies from terrorizing the land.  


Carne : Commanding officer of the Grim Hunters and Its founder, trains every member under him personally to reach his skill. Despite being difficult to deal with the means well to all under him.   Position: Wolf   Rank: Sergeant  
Darren Nettle: Second in command of the hunters, tends to be a bit arrogant at times and getting into trouble, but he means well.   Position: Snake   Rank: Corporal
  Philip Lumbren: Second-generation ranger and a heavy hitter of the group. Tends to follow the rule by the book and ensure that everyone does as best as he can.   Position: Bear   Rank: Way Finder  
  Loran Lusca: As fierce and as sly as any ranger around as she is a crafty woman to look out for. She takes crap from no one as she proves to them that she can be fought as much as any other man.   Position: Fox   Rank: Way Finder  
  Arnold Masterson: A man of small stature that makes up for it with an astounding understanding of his surroundings. As he can remain undetected, always watching and listening for trouble to protect his comrades.   Position: Stag   Rank: Way Finder  
  Emma Weaver: The last member to join the hunters and the brains of the group. As her plans have helped her team out in the most desperate of situations.   Position: Owl   Rank: Way Finder  

Tactics and Stratagem

  The Grim Hunter skills of use in the field are that of stealth and speed in their movements to gain the advantage of the enemy. By doing this it allows them to be caught off guard and cause confusion amongst them. All in which they will inflict as much damage as possible and vanish before the enemy even knows what is happening. Though this is often only used for larger groups to slowly tear down before it is finally time to deliver the final blow. This is often one of the few ways the hunters have been able to become effective in their field as they excel in guerrilla warfare unlike any other rangers in the Forest Guard as they know how to properly use what they have to their advantage.  

Among Friends

  The hunters also have another advantage as well as their missions have aided many who were in need at the time. Having them gaining many allies over the years to aid them when they need it. Many of them are residents of the forest mostly in the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal and border settlements that are indebted to them for stoping many threats that would have brought them suffering. It is from here that their services and skill in battle are used to their fullest to gain them numbers for larger fights in store for them, along with giving them shelter and aid when they need to rest from the dangers of the wilderness that they always have to keep on guard for  

Unorthodox Methods

  The hunters are not your average band of Rangers to ever be formed as they do not follow the methods that most methods do. For a long time, the Rangers have not changed with the times and have become stagnant due to it remaining with tactics and policies on how they operate. That changed when they enter the field and turned everything upside down. As they became more friendly with the natives of the forest and have no regard for standard protocol when they are suppose to. Causing quite the uproar with higher-ranking members of their order. But they have proven themselves successful when they are on assignment through their methods no matter how different or strange they may be. It just proves that they are necessary for the Rangers to change and all for the better as all things must change with time to survive.

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