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Ranger Armor

Here's the thing about trying to find a Ranger, you don't find them, they find you and you better hope you aren't against them or you'll be dead before you even see them - Soldier
  Rangers, the surveyors of the wilds and bring balance between civilization and nature. For many centuries they have given the oath to watch over Great Forest to keep the dangers within it from bringing harm to others. But very few can face them on their turf and will often never see them not sense until one of their arrows or blades ends up in them. But regardless of their training, the Forest Guard had made sure to create an armor that allows them to blend in with their environment so they may come and go unnoticed without alerting anyone and carry out their tasks.  

Silence of the Woods

  Unlike most types of armor that are mainly designed to protect their wearer from as much harm as possible often being bulky and cumbersome making anyone wearing it to be heard for miles around. armor that is used by Rangers is the direct opposite, adding a degree of protection and keeping its wearer as quiet as possible to remain undetected to avoid their presence being known. Due to this armor design, many people often refer Rangers to as ghosts as they are able to appear and disappear into the wilderness in an instance or watch someone from afar without anyone knowing they where there.  
  Cloak: A cloak is considered a Ranger's edge when they are out in the field. Considering it aids them in their camouflage and keeps them warm in cold weather. But rangers tend to go another step due to the tasks that they have to undertake. Often adding cloth, netting, burlap, or twine to create a stronger sense of camouflage to become harder to detect when in their forest environment. Making it essential for them to wear if conducting scouting or setting up an ambush. Once used properly a ranger can remain undetectable from a certain distance may it be far or close without anyone even being able to see them. It can also be used as bait in some cases to lure someone towards them as it is separate from their armor if they need to remove it.  
  Ranger Armor: Rangers are tasked to deal with problems that most civilized people cannot properly understand when they are out in the wilderness. As keepers of the peace between them and the inhabitants of the forest mean that they have to deal with delicate matters without causing incidents or full-scale wars for that matter. This is why they tend to just watch and observe most of the time and only interact when they have to. This is why their armor is built on stealth rather than protection to remain hidden at all times. With every piece of it designed to absorb sound rather than make it. Making them almost undetectable to anyone who is not familiar with their methods and tactics. Their color scheme also aids them as they are camouflaged by the foliage and terrain that the wearer traverses through. This is often where the nasty rumors originated from and created the myths surrounding Rangers and magic to name one of them when they just really know how to hide from people. This of course can play to their advantage as well by creating a sociological effect on the people they face. There is also the material that it is generally made out of as well mostly hardened leather with cloth with possible metal mixed in. While the leather allows the wearer some protection, it also helps control body heat and is flexible without being restrictive in body movement. Not to mention it does not make sound and does not easily catch the light like metal armor. All for the better when sneaking around and avoiding suspicion as they move like the morning mist. Of course, some tend to add a few more materials to the armor such as natural scents to keep creatures from picking up their scent while going through the more dangerous areas of the forest.  

Built For Stealth

  Rangers have created well-designed armor to allow them to remain hidden at all times from all around them. However, this did not happen overnight as mastering stealth requires time and patience along with experimenting with different methods and materials to become as stealthy as can be.   Oiled leather: Oiled leather is a good choice when dealing with outdoor environments as it lasts longer and protects the wearer from the elements. But it also prevents the leather in question from making noise when in use.   Silent Boots: Footfalls are considered the most difficult to keep silent due to the noise they make when moving around especially when moisture is in them making more noise inside of them. This is why cloth and powders are inside of the boots to keep them dry as long as possible.   Face Cloth: Controlling one’s breath is the key to remaining undetected even in the most stressful of times. Which why cloth is used to cover their face to help them control their breathing and dampen the noise that it makes.   Wool Clothing : Most Rangers wear wool clothing on their armor due to the lack of sound it creates. Even when snagging on branches or plants it absorbs most of the sound and allows them to move without the worry of being heard.   Seasonal Wear: With the different seasons that come and go all year round, Rangers must adapt to their ever-changing environment constantly. Meaning that their armor goes through a series of changes to match the season that they are in.


Rangers are the first line of defense when dealing with threats that exist in the Great Forest and keep the peace. To wear it means that they are not to be messed with as they are with. As their armor will keep them hidden for most of the time with even those with trained eyes having difficulty spotting them.  

Peace in the Wilderness

  The Great Forest is a place that is not for the faint of heart which is why most people stay clear of if they want to stay alive. That does not mean that those who dwell inside the forest believe the same thing. As forest tribesmen or hungry beasts can easily wander into one of the outlining settlements and wreak havoc on whoever crosses their path. The same can go with poachers and bandits that may make their home in the forest and cause trouble for its inhabitants. This is why Rangers are responsible for dealing with such problems before they get out of hand as they are considered a neutral party. Wherever the trouble might be they are there to solve it peacefully or through force if necessary. This is how peace has been kept between the Kingdom of Ardania and the Great Forest without constant conflict occurring between the two with large conflicts rarely occurring because of the Rangers. They are both respected and feared by many for their skill and willingness to cooperate with others to ensure that the peace is kept for all to benefit. All who see a ranger know that they keep their word whether it may be that of blood or friendship.  

To Brave the Unkown

  To wear the Ranger's cloak is not to be taken lightly no matter what. For it is a solemn oath to serve and protect all from the danger that would bring harm. For they are the ones who go beyond the borders where there are very few places that are considered safe and not all of them come back from their travels. It takes skill and discipline to deal with such dangers that come with this line of work for them to return intact. Not many want to be Rangers for that reason, but those who show that they are willing to go to great lengths to prove themselves are worthy of the title. They believe in a great cause worth more than fame or fortune, for it is about doing the right thing because no one else will. They are the only ones who will face the things that would send men running in fear and cowering under any rock they manage to find. All to ensure that average people can go about their lives without living in fear of something that might get them in the middle of the night. That type of courage and selflessness is something that is rarely found in this day in age and though with time their deeds and exploits may be forgotten with time like most things, the legacy of the peace that they have kept will live on as those who come after them will carry on the watch that they have taken like all those before them.
Item type
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Only the Rangers of the Forest Guard are allowed to wear their clothing as it could lead to hazards diplomatically if any was seen using it to commit terrible acts.
12 lbs - 22 lbs
Base Price
12 gold - 21 gold


Pauldron Havash: A Havash is a shoulder piece that has dyed cloth or fur at the edging. There is often just one shoulder to identify an officer in the field. They are not too flashy and are practical since they blend in with the environment and act as protection from weapons. Ranks can be identified by a tally mark on them, a simple yet effective method for their line of work.   One Tally/Corperal: Junior officers in Rangers who work under sergeants to ensure that the men are kept in line and that proper planning and equipment checks are made before a mission. Along with organizing assignments and duties for the squad, they are in.   Two Tallies/Sargeant: Often seen on the frontlines leading their men into battle and on assignments and are often the ones who inspire their troops to achieve victory. To be one means they must be hard as stone and can stand their ground even in the most stressful situations.   Three Tallies/Captain: Often leading more than more rangers, they are responsible for training their men to be in shape as well as strategically using them to counteract whatever foe they may face. They are one of several that serve directly under the Warden-Commander.   Four Tallies/Warden-Commander: The head of the entire ranger division under the hold they serve in. They are responsible for maintaining information gathering and interacting with other groups such as the Banor they work with. Most operations are led by them due to their experience and vast knowledge from years of service.  
  Ranger Emblem: All rangers carry around an emblem to identify them with the Forest Guard to allow them to carry out their duties and gain access to certain areas where others can't. It also helps them be identified with a crest on it in what castle they serve at.   Oaktree: Oaken Tower   Tower: Fort High Tower   Stone: Greyhold   Bush: Greenwatch Keep   Sheild: Helmen Castle  




As the name implies, stalkers serve as scouts and trackers due to their ability to become nearly untraceable when out in the field. They rely heavily on camouflage and stealth to one upon their foes at a moment's notice before they realize what is happening.  


The average type of ranger that balances out their armor and stealth capabilities. They are often on the frontlines when dealing with most threats and aren't afraid of open confrontations.  


Rangers who prefer to head into battle are more armored than normal. They are often sent in when dealing with more dangerous threats and protect their comrades by gaining the most attention. It is common for sentinels to be the first to be injured or killed due to their defense of others.


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