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By the blood that runs through my veins I swear to keep watch over the lands that border into the unknown where untold dangers make their home. For those who dare to trespass with wicked intent shall face my cold steel and pay for every moment they step on these grounds. - Excerpt from the oath of the Banor


Only those who are born into a noble family who hold the title can inherit it and receive it after the previous holder either abdicates or dies.  
  • Must be trained in the art of war
  • Is capable of running estates and supervising settlements
  • Knows how politics work
  • Has experience in the wilderness


You can only hold the title is a family member has the rank or it is given to you my the ruling monarch. If you are to inherit it you must be chosen to by the current Banor to be their heir.


Banors once appointed must travel to the capital and swear fealty to the ruling monarch. In a small ceremony with several high ranking members of state as witnesses, the monarch says the oath of fealty and the anointed Banor repeats in. Afterwards they both share a drink with one another to make it official.


The Banor must protect their lands from danger that come with living on the border. Along with keep anything out that may be a threat to the inner regions of the kingdom.


Maintain lands, collect taxes, main troops, enforcing the peace, protect the people living on their land, act as a judge if crimes have been committed.


A noble Banors have lands and have a say in the political circles and due to the military forces they greater influence in politics. They are one of a few nobles that are allowed to maintain a large standing army due to living on the borderlands.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Banors often wear tradition armor called Iron Leather which is durable and light in their domains due to the dangers of that may come on to their lands at any time. Along with animal furs and skins as they lands are which in with them.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The only way to have the titled removed is to commit treason against the crown or commit a crime that requires the title to be removed.



The origins of the Banors date back to the time the banner lords rule Ardania in a time of conflict and chaos. But out of all the lords that ruled these lands, the banner lords of the borderlands where the most feared and respected for their skill as warriors. For the faced both their fellow men and the dangers that lie outside of Ardania. They were frontiersmen in a land that was still savage and untamed, but they did not flee their lands and chose to face their threats head on. This lead to many military tradition among those whole lived along the border and these warriors soon became experienced and disciplines ones at that. This would soon change their purpose when the kingdoms formed, those who chose to serve their kings were allowed to keep their lands in the borderlands and where given the title of Banor which is derived from the old word Banoder which means border.  

The Wardens of the Borders

The Banor became a vital part in safeguarding the kingdom’s from all threats that lie outside of the kingdoms. Making the highly valued politically and militarily as time went on. Their lands be some of the most fortified areas in the Ardania and their troops were vital in times of war for their training and experience. But in time of danger that came from the beyond the borders they were the first ones to confront them. May it be barbarians or beasts they fought them with all of their mighty. Even their lords would come and face these threats rather hiding in their estates. Making them as hardened as the land they live on and cared little for the flattery of the lords that lives in the inner regions of the Kingdoms. For they were lords of action rather then words.   When the Kingdom of Ardania was formed the duties of the Banors hardly changed, but their role became much greater and more resources were poured into their lands. Eventually this would lead to the association of all Banors working together in their regions to creating a more unified defense against all threats. Which would later form the Border Guard and would work together with the Banors as an effective fighting force. This would create greater power for themselves as well as time went by and the kingdom would be safe.  

The Fall of Protectors

The Banors would meet their end thorough as a greater force had invaded the kingdom. The legions of the Vatian Empire were both disciplined and strong, but the Banors did not give as the War of the Raptors raged on. One by one they fell and not a single one of the submitted to their will, choosing death over dishonor. They did like warriors rather become slaves. Now the Banors are all but gone was the empire one the war, but they put up a bigger fight then most others did and vanquished many of them before they fell. They will always be remembered as by Ardanians as the last true defenders of their lands.

Cultural Significance

The title of Banor is a title of honor and respects as their duty is far greater then most. For they defend the realm from all foreign threats that may come to it. It is a title of warriors as skilled in the art of war and can hold their own in a fight.
Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
His lordship/ Her ladyship
Alternative Naming
Border Wardens, Border Lords
Equates to
Source of Authority
Length of Term
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