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Sir Dayne of Wayne

Sir Dayne (a.k.a. Iron Wolf)

Life is a struggle, but Dayne seems to want to put an end to all that. He has become something that was thought to have vanished from the world, a knight of justice. - Captain Jacob Morris

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A Born Fighter

  Orphaned at a young age, Dayne was alone in the town of Wayne for as long as he could remember. His early life was centered around the orphanage he lived in with all the other children that no one wanted. Life was not easy there, but two meals a day and a roof over your head was something to be great full for. His chances at adoption were slim though as no one in town wanted another mouth to feed. This was not all free either as he was made to work around town when he was old enough to keep the orphanage running. His status as an orphan however did not give him the best reception either and was often made to do hard labor and the more messy jobs did not want to do. Even the other children pick on him because he looked like a weakling due to him being smaller than the rest of them. But even as a young boy, he was a fighter through and through, often picking fights with anyone that crossed him and was rewarded with black eyes and bloody noses to remind them of his strength. Despite feeling sore at the end of the day from working and fighting he knew he could do more than most kids his age. At age ten he was much stronger and faster with few being able to keep up with him. The older he became he decided to leave Wayne as he believed he had nothing for him here and joined back-alley wrestling matches against other children to earn more money to start a new life. He dreamt that he could find a better place for himself if he wanted to. That changed when he caught the eye of someone who saw the potential in him for greatness.   One day after one of his matches he came across a guard harassing women and it was getting worse by the moment. His first thought was to turn a blind eye and avoid trouble, but seeing the outcome and his own history of being powerless, intervened before it became worse. The guard not taking a liking to the boy interfering with his affairs struck Dayne with a hard punch to the jaw, only to be surprised when he didn't go down. Instantly, Dayne's years of fighting quickly overpower the guard and broke his arm as he continued to give him a good thrashing. The commotion attracted a large crowd along with several guards in shock to find a young boy beating a guard to a pulp. The guards quickly went in and tried to arrest him, though he was fourteen years old, his small size and his speed made it difficult to apprehend as he fought them off on his own and took a few more down in what was a spectacle to the crowd watching. It took five guards rushing him to finally subdue him and started to publicly beat him rather than arrest him for the trouble he caused them. It did not phase him at all as he use to take a beating and defiantly bit one of his captor's hands to break free only making them even angrier. The guards were going to beat him to death and no one in the crowd was going to stop them due to the consequences they might face if they did. At that moment a Knight within the crowd by the name of Sir Henry Fulstein walk up and threw the guards off of Dayne not caring for the consequences. Putting a badly beaten Dayne between him and the angry guards that were still after him. Despite protest from the guards, Sir Henry ridiculed them for ganging up on a child and cruelly beating him.   As they demanded to hand him over for the unprovoked attack on one of their own, the women that Dayne saved spoke out about what happened and how the young boy was trying to help her only for things to escalate. The accused guard denied the allegations, however, he quickly changed his tone as the crowd growing in confidence from Sir Henry's intervention began calling the guard out on other crimes he had committed. It was from here that the guards quickly took him away and took off with their wounded, as for Dayne, he was safe and placed into medical care from the severity of his beating and was unconscious for several days, despite his injuries he was lucky that none of his bones were broken. When he finally woke he was met with Sir Henry who was standing watch to ensure that no guards came back for revenge. He then offered Dayne a position as his squire which he found quite odd considering he was an orphan not of any noble heritage. This was quickly cleared up as Sir Henry saw potential in Dayne for his actions and disregarding the risk of saving the women in trouble, for a true Knight cares little for their own safety and is willing to do what they have to bring justice Where ever they went. He wanted to properly harness that potential by being properly trained to make it come to life. At first, Dayne was a bit hesitant at the idea of becoming a Knight as he never saw himself ever becoming one, but it aligned with his goal of leaving town, there was also a grudge against the guards he did not want to deal with when Sir Henry left that made him accept the offer. When he regained enough of his strength to travel they both set off into the world to become a Knight.  

Makings of a Knight

  Dayne was concerned about his position while under Sir Henry's employment as he did not know a single thing about becoming a Knight nor half the things he was being taught. But being a quick learner he did what he was told and it often had to do with a lot of chores. Such as cleaning equipment and feeding the horses, along with learning to read and write as he never taught. This was annoying to him as he had to do it constantly as they travel, he also learned how to fight with weapons and properly ride a horse since he never had such skills. It showed him that Sir Henry was much kinder to him than anyone else he ever knew. Despite him being an honorable and a defender of the common folk, he had his shortcomings as well, for one he was an alcoholic, often acting like a drunken idiot and getting into trouble. Dayne especially had to keep an eye on him to ensure he didn't do anything stupid or robbed blind after one of his drinking nights. He was also considered humble depending on the way you look at him as he often acted like a Hedge Knight, sleeping in barns and the wilderness rather than in a tavern or some lord’s estate. Often saying that a Knight does not need warm beds and whatever nonsense he spouted.   Despite Sir Henry being in the service of the king, which would have made life easier for them he never used it to his advantage unless it was necessary. The fact was he was too frugal to spend any of his money on just about anything besides alcohol unless he had to. But his heart was in the right place and truly believed in the ways that a Knight should think and act. They would travel often as well as he and Sir Henry went across many places in Ardania seeking to aid others when they need it and vanquishing villainy where it could be found. It was from these travels that Dayne realized that his problems were insignificant considering the hardships that so many other people had gone through during their travel. They went on many adventures as they faced the likes of wild beasts, bandits, and anyone else who deserved it. But corruption was the greatest threat they faced most of all as it seemed to be everywhere they went. They even took on another companion who would also become Sir Henry’s second squire by the name of Theo Trelian, a former blacksmith who appreciates often got into trouble with anyone trying to take advantage of others. He was welcomed with open arms by Sir Henry, While Dayne never saw eye to eye with him most of the time, he nonetheless accepted him as his brother in arms as they would continue on their travels.
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After several years of travel with them only resting in Sir Henry's home in Ironmound once in a while to constantly improve their skills. He became much stronger than he was before as he was no longer small, having quite the growth spurt, towering over both of his companions. It also creates a strong friendship between the three and Dayne realized several things since he had joined him. That the world did not care for rules and to do what was needed in order to win. As well as only depending on yourself and never turning your back on anyone in need no matter what. From his journey, Dayne became more and more like a Knight that Sir Henry wanted him to be, learning all he could from the Codex Chevalier among the other things that came with being a Knight. His years under the tutelage of Sir Henry would make him prove himself time and time again to take up the mantle. Even creating a rivalry with Theo to see who could out-compete one another as they continued their journey together and went on more dangerous quests when their skills were good enough. Eventually, his time with Ser Henry would come to an end as he finished his training and with nothing more for Sir Henry to teach him. So they returned to where it all began, to the town of Wayne, and upon arrival, he knighted him in the center of town for all they see. From that day forth he would be known as Sir Dayne of Wayne and they would part ways Sir Henry and Theo set off once more to finish their journey together and it was Sir Dayne's time to decide his own path.   Not long after Sir Dayne was knighted, Sir Henry left to return home as well in Ironmound as his adventuring days were behind him, for his age finally caught up to him. Theo also went his way when he was finally knighted, he took after his mentor seeking to do good in the world. As for Sir Dayne, he would stay and live in Wayne for a time as he grew wary of his years of training and travel and want to stay put for a while. He didn’t seek to swear fealty to any lord or prove himself to serve one either as he was not ready for that kind of responsibility. So he just bought himself a house with the money he earned on the outskirts of town and worked on it. However, he would soon find out that things in town had gotten worse since he left. The king’s laws were affecting everyone in town, and officials used their power to take advantage of the people who were unable to resist. Wayne got it worse than most due to their Norrian heritage despite being citizens for over three centuries. Sir Dayne would intervene to put a stop to it when he saved a man being beaten for being unable to pay his taxes and was reminded of when Sir Henry saved him and intervened like his mentor before him.   It was here that all bore witness to him standing before the several armed crownmen and ordering them to release the man and leave town. They just laughed at him and one of them tried to hit him with a club. Despite being unarmed, Sir Dayne quickly bested him, then the rest came after him and when they were broken and beaten, they soon fled when Sir Dayne revealed himself as a Knight. It was from here that he would be praised as a hero for his deed, but instead prepared himself to fight than bask in glory, for those men who would come back with their compatriots, so he waited for their return armed to the teeth. Though no force came rather a noble named Rupert Durand came to see the rebellious lone Knight and was surprised to see Sir Dayne waiting for a fight. It was from here that the despicable acts in town would be revealed and as Herrshal of the region would see it would never happen again. It was from here that Sir Dayne and Rupert would closely become acquainted with one another as both sought justice and grew to admire one another. It is here that Dayne pledged his sword to Durand for he was a worthy lord that would help defend his people. Wayne and surrounding settlements have better conditions than others due to the Herrshal's intervention, creating a momentary peace that would only last for a short time as rebellion would soon come.  

Trials of War

  When a lone rider came into town declaring a call to arms to all loyal to the crown and that Roderick's Rebellion had begun it was quite the shock to many. Sir Dayne was conflicted as well as for the past three years since he defended the town and the surrounding settlements from the abusive officials, he had heard disturbing reports of the conditions and treatment of settlements far beyond the borders of House Durrand's territory and saw the rebels were just angry people who had enough abuse from their supposed leaders. But fearing the consequences of the rebels winning and the untold destruction he took up arms for the kingdom and rode to Rupert's holding. It was here he join his lord's march to war. It was from here that they would head out with anyone willing to join them many of them Iron Blood warriors from Wayne due to Sir Dayne's speech of why they should fight the rebels. Sir Dayne would be placed in House Durand's cavalry force known as the Silver Wings as they march ever forward to battle. Though for the time being they would be in skirmishes here and there and were cut off from any crown forces or other noble houses as they were in complete disarray from much of the kingdom rebelling, being forced to use hit-and-run tactics to deal with any rebels that tried to attack them and waited for any form of an army to fight when they did.   It was a noble scout that discovered them and informed them of their defeats at the Battle of Stone Hill and the Battle of Hesten with the surviving noble forces going to Lansburg to defeat a rebel force growing there. Sir Dayne would see his first real battle as the Battle of Lansburg shook him to his core from the amounts of bodies he had witnessed on both sides. He himself almost being one of them as his horse was killed forcing him to fight on foot in a chaotic clash of steel. Despite being a crown victory, Lansburg would haunt him for the rest of his life as half of the force he came with was wiped out. He vowed to himself to do whatever it took to end the war as soon as possible. Soon after winter came and Sir Dayne ask Lord Durand to build a fighting force to wage a guerilla campaign against the rebels while the armies were stuck during the winter and he agreed. Afterward, the Wild Blades were created made up of Iron Blood warriors and anyone else that could be spared. During that long winter, he would deal any blow to the enemy earning the nickname of the "Iron Wolf" for his predatory nature toward his enemies.
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He was always on the front lines with his men, putting his life on the line more often than anyone should. Continuing his campaign for months even after winter was over, not rejoining the army until the Battle of Evergreen Forest moving with great haste as Wayne was only a few dozen miles from there and hope that the fighting did not spread there. A chaotic clash ensued in the forest with him becoming injured and forced to stay in Wayne until he recovered. By the time he fully healed, the war reached its final days. He would be at the final battle of the war, the Battle of the Three Hills, and fight along with his former master, Sir Henry one last time. As Sir Henry had joined the royal army one year prior to serve the king and was glad to see him after so long, despite his age he still knew how to fight. Together they set out with lord Rupert to take one of the hills that were believed to have the whole rebel army on it in an attempt to trap it in a pincer movement. Only to realize it was only a part of it as they clashed and saw the rest of it attacking the royal army from two sides.   On that hill he watched his friend struck down by one of the enemy leaders, Orion “ The Giant” Madok, a giant of a man that ran through Sir Henry's armor with his great sword. Rage filled his heart as he lept on him like a rabid wolf and the duel between the two warriors ensued both unable to deliver the killing blow as Madok's reach with his great sword made it difficult to reach Sir Dayne as his flurry of strikes kept Madok on the defensive. This duel would eventually end as both saw an opening to end the other, as Sir Dayne readied to strike, but Madok was quicker went to deliver the killing blow. Only to be shocked as Sir Dayne used his left hand to block the strike, resulting in much of it being severed from his arm. Despite the pain he was in, Sir Dayne disemboweled Madok with his killing blow. As he fell to his knees, Sir Dayne picked up his great sword as best he could and brutally kill him by chopping off his head after several strikes. After the duel, despite being wounded came to Sir Henry’s body and held him in his arms weeping for the man that was the closest thing he was to a father as the battle came to an end.   He took his sword to remember him and took Madok’s greatsword as a trophy. It was after the battle he was shocked to see Sir Theo with the captured rebels. He told him it was the right thing to do as it was their duty to fight those oppressing the people even if was a king doing it. Both claimed that the other betrayed the values they were sworn to uphold until Theo was taken away and would never learn of his fate. Afterward, he would be greatly rewarded for his service by the newly crowned Peter II after deposing his brother for his actions that started the conflict. Along with Lord Rupert as they returned home with Sir Dayne returning to Wayne which was mostly intact from fighting. He would gain land and money for his services and use much of it to rebuild the town and the surrounding settlements to improve them allowing for them to prosper for many years. He would also build himself a new hand made of iron that would function properly as he continued his duties as a Knight. Despite the good that he did in ending the war, he wondered if he did betray his values or even on the right side from all the things that he did and witnessed forever haunting his dreams.  

Another War and the Will to Survive

  Sixteen Years would pass over Wayne and Sir Dayne had left all his worries in the past. He was rarely called by lord Rupert unless necessary and during these long years of peace, he finally settled down with a merchant's daughter named Mara and had two beautiful girls named Hilda and Krista. Wayne had grown and knew prosperity thanks to him and he was content to see all that he had done finally do some real good. He was often called a respected and honorable Knight by many who knew his name, except for those who rebelled. However, the peace he help create would shatter with the War of the Raptors as he had to leave home once more only this time to repel invaders. Due to his success in rebellion, he would be ordered to commit a guerilla war against the Imperial Legions of the Vatian Empire. But he would have to adapt as Legionaries were far more dangerous than armed farmers for him and his Wild Blades.   Sir Dayne would not take part in most of the battles of the war as he continued fighting to disrupt the empire's forces and supply lines. But he would take part in the Battle of the Dark Forest delivering a crippling blow to the empire as he and his men cut down as many foes as they could, along with capturing weapons, armor, and supplies and destroying whatever else. Along with participating in the devastating defeat at the Battle of Renton field which he barely escaped from. He realized that the war was lost as the Kingdom of Ardania could not compete with the industrial might of the empire. He presumed that lord Rubert was dead and abandoned his post with his remaining men and went to Wayne, only to find it in ruins and his home of Oathbound Keep ransacked. Only to discover the bodies of Mara and Hilda stripped naked and hanged outside of the keep. He thought he had lost everything as he collapsed to his knees only to be met by his youngest daughter Krista running into his arms in tears who managed to hide from the imperials raiding their home. At that moment he swore a Vow of Vengeance, one of the most controversial of Knightly Vows to not rest until the empire paid for its crimes with blood. As quickly as he could he and anyone who managed to survive the slaughter fled to the Great Forest being much safer for them to hide from them despite the dangers inside of it.   After some setbacks in leading several hundred people to safety, they managed to reach the forest with only minor casualties. But he was at a loss as he had no idea what to do as they had no means of escape nor the ability to fight. Sir Dayne was now conflicted for he wished to get the survivors out of the country and once he was done would stay behind to claim his vengeance, but he did not wish to abandon his daughter for she was the only family he had left. All seemed lost to him until he was found by a beacon of hope as a patrol of Rangers would find them and lead them there Warden-Commander, Carne with their group of survivors. Together they would travel to the ancient ruins of Del Toren and find safety in its walls. Later on, many more people would join them and from this gathering of lost souls would be the formation of the Brotherhood of the Wood with Sir Dayne being part of Circle of Unity, the leadership of the brotherhood. He would also found the Wayward Raiders, made up of any experienced fighters that could be spared to wage large-scale operations on the imperial occupiers. He lead them into battle with great success as he killed as many imperials as he could when in battle. He never showed mercy to anyone he faced as his desire for vengeance seemed to be unquenchable as the years went by. But he has not lost what is important to him as he wishes for his daughter Krista to have a life once more before the war. The only way for that to happen was to keep on fighting until finally, Ardania is free once more, being far from done with spilling blood. Only time will tell if will he ever be able to stop if that day finally arrives for him or if will it consume him altogether.
Current Status
Raiding the Town of Ironmound
Current Location
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Year of Birth
1488 CA 44 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Abandoned at birth
Current Residence
Dark Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
When you're outmatched in a fight use everything you have to win.
What is an honor to a man who would slit your throat in the middle of the night
I often wonder if anything I ever did has made a difference to what has happened in recent years, If I was able to change one person's life for the better then I could be at peace.
If I am going to die, I might as well see my home free of tyrants seeking to put us in chains before I meet my maker.
The Exalted
Aligned Organization
Sexuality   Heterosexual

Physical Condition

  For someone his age, he is still fit as he still manages to move in armor and can hold his own in a fight. He is still strong, but he is not as fast as he use to be.  

Body Features

  Soft tan skin  

Facial Features

  He has a rugged face with a wild well-grown beard.  

Identifying Characteristics

  Several scars are on his body, a few on his face, and a missing left hand.  

Physical Quirks

  Taps on the pommel of his sword when he is anxious.  


  Going on many heroic quests   Helping many people on his journey   Being granted his knighthood   Become a respected warrior and officer   Winning two martial tournaments   Defeating Madok the Giant   Helping the town of Wayne flourish   Forming the Brotherhood of the Wood   Forming the Wayward Raiders  


  Almost being beaten to death   Failed to save Sir Henry from dying in battle   Unable to save the kingdom he swore to protect crumble   Was too late to save his hometown and his people   Unable to save his wife and daughter  


  Weapons Mastery   Horsemanship   Farming   Warfare   Guerilla Warfare   Smithing   Codex Chevalier   Court Customs  


  Odd jobs and labor   Squire to Sir Henry Fulstien for several years   Served under Herrshal Rupert Durand   Brotherhood of the Wood  


  His hatred for the Vatian Empire is something that he cannot let go of and seeks to bring every imperial he comes across pain and death for the crimes they have committed to his people and his family. But he is not fully consumed by it for he wishes now to ensure the safety and freedom of his people from Imperial occupation. Most of all to see that his daughter is safe so she may live a life without fear that the empire has brought to his homeland.  

Mental Trauma

  Sir Dayne is still haunted by the dreams and memories of the wars that he took part in and the things that he had done in them. Along with those he was unable to save them mainly Sir Henry and his wife and daughter. Causing him to follow a dark path that may consume him if he lets his hatred consume him.  

Morals and Philosophy

  He is the definition of what a knight should be in the world, always being honorable and just, defending the weak against all those who a wicked in the world. For it is a sacred duty that all must do rather than a requirement to help one's, fellow man. It does not matter where this evil may be or who it is he is the will to fight it no matter what challenges it may be. He despises the ways those who buy their way into their positions rather than earn them to properly prove themselves. As hard work pays off and can make oneself greater than they were before they started like he once did.  

Religious Views

  While not religious during his youth, it quickly changed when he became a squire and would soon become a devout follower of the Exalted as a beacon of hope to all lost in darkness. But he does not share that fanatical fervor of many amongst the faith to persecute those who follow other faiths due to his Norrian ancestry as his people once followed other gods as well. Never considers them wicked like so many others do as they share values that even he follows so why would they be considered evil?  

Appeareal and Acessoires

  Knight Armor: A modified armor that sacrifices protection for flexibility and stealth, perfect for conducting hit-and-run tactics.  

Specialized Equipment

  Dutybound: Once belonging to Sir Henry Fulstien, the longsword continues to fight for honor and justice where ever it goes.   Battle Axe: Based on Norrian design, the axe can be used to chop wood as well as cut down men if in its reach.   Great Sword: An old and massive sword that belongs to the Madok the Giant, it can easily cut down many foes with its long reach.   Prosthetic Iron Hand: A full-functioning hand to place his severed left hand with complex parts to allow him to grip things.  

Family Ties

  Daughter: Krista  


  Honorable   Respectful  


  Quick Tempered  


  Never lets his guard down   Refusing to give up his beliefs   Abandoning someone in need  

Intellectual Characteristics

  Philosophical   Humble   Courageous  


  Vasili   Ardanese


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