Stuffed Bread

You're going to be late for work; you better take your stuffer to go if you want to make it to the shop on time - Merchant's Wife

A Two In One Meal

Do you mean to tell me that this has two meals inside of it, not just bread? That is one of the greatest things that I have heard in my life! - First Time Eater
  Stuffed Bread, or by its nickname Stuffers, is considered a well-known comfort food throughout the Western Lands, mainly in Ardania for it being easy to make meal often eaten on the go. The idea of stuffed bread is a simple yet complex dish that can come in wide varieties if one makes it. It is just bread filled with things from meats to fruit, so it is tasty as a meal or snack. It was often used as a meal for people to take with them if they traveled often or were often too busy to sit down to have a meal. Rather than just eating plain old bread, they placed another food inside to be more filling. This, of course, can be enjoyed at the table, right out of the oven. It has become so common that most people will have it multiple times a week, depending on their income, to get more out of their meals. Most of which the upper class is better equipped to make and enjoy as fresh as possible.  

Breaded Goodness

This is my stuffer, and no one is going to take it from me; I paid for it, so it belongs to me and only me. I have been waiting for a month to have this, and I will stab any one of you thieves if you think you can take it from me; come on, I dare you to try it. - Obsessed Customer threatening to do bodily harm
Stuffed Bread can often be found anywhere, no matter the person's social status. This is due to the dish's simplicity, considering that it is just bread filled with something else. Making it accessible to the highest and lowest forms of society because of this. It is even easy to sell as they can be premade and given to anyone who buys them. This meal can be stored if need to since bread takes a few days before becoming stale, and the bread protects the filling to allow it to be fresh even after a few days. It can also be eaten hot or cold to enjoy a tasty meal no matter where they are. However, you will only find the best types of these meals amongst the nobility as they have access to the more exquisite ingredients to make them. Just be sure to eat them with some protective cloth or over a plate when dining because they can be very messy if not too carefully.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

Types of Bread

There are so many different kinds of bread before me that are filled with tasty treats. I don't even know where to start to satisfy my task more than my hunger. - Indecisive Diner
  Meat: For those that can afford it, meat ranging from beef to pork is added to the bread with a spice or a sauce to become a savoring meal to enjoy no matter the time of day.   Breakfast: A typical morning meal that is often filled with multiple foods just as vegetables, eggs, meat bits, and herbs, to become a delicious meal to start the day.   Fruit: Often seen as a dessert, berries are often used to fill it up to allow for a sweet flavor to be made with them and are commonly made during celebrations   Vegetables : Vegetables can be done in several ways placed in the bread, sliced, crushed, and shaved being the most common, and sauce can be added to enhance the flavor.   Jelly: Jellies can easily be placed into the bread even after baking, and with so many wide varieties of them can create a soft chew flavor that anyone can enjoy.   Cheese: A favorite by cheese lovers, it is often served hot with melted cheese of any kind inside of it to allow for a rich taste of flavor and gooeyness.  

Thickness Types

You know, I was glad to get this thick stuffer for the road; even if the bread is a few days old, the filling is still fresh the day it was put in. - Grateful Traveler
Thin: Bread is baked very thin to have a crispy texture and favors the filling commonly used for cheeses and desserts.   Medium: The average type of bread with it balancing out all of the filling placed inside with the beard.   Thick: It is often a thick layer of bread rather than filling, and it is often used on the road to allow it to last longer and not break easily.

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