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Demetris Gregory Cirillo

Enchanter Demetris Gregory Cirillo (a.k.a. Blue Inferno,)

I have looked into the power that is magic and lost an eye. Because I was arrogant and foolish to believe that I had complete control over it, now I want to ensure that one else thinks the same and ends up in a worse state than I'm in. - Demetris

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is physically fit from all of his travels, often being able to keep his pace for long hours.

Facial Features

He has a well-groomed goatee that took a lot of time and effort to maintain.

Identifying Characteristics

He has an eye patch where he is missing his left eye that has nasty burn marks that have blackened the skin around it.

Special abilities

Infernus Pyromancy : He has magic powers of fire magic at his command, being able to do anything with it the powers of fire. However, to an encounter Demon, this fire is much hotter and comes out a blue color due to this.   Mark of Ruin: A demon marks him with its dark influence and is drawn to the presence of dark magic, often making it feel like its burns whenever it is felt by it.

Apparel & Accessories

He often wears fancy clothing infused with magic that he owned before he began traveling, but it now has armor pieces found around it that add better protection from physical attacks.

Specialized Equipment

Metal Magic Staff: He has a magic staff of his design that helps him control his magic better as it is infused with runes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Enthralled By Magic

  Demetris' journey began like so many mages before him when his magic first manifested when he was a boy. Despite almost burning down his house and being shunned by his parents, he was only fascinated by magic. It was his lifelong goal to learn everything about it and master it, which he would begin to do when he was sent away to the Imperial Academy to learn how to control his power. His skill as a pyromancer far surpassed anyone of his age and solely began to study all he could to understand the remarkable. It would also cause problems for him with his classmates and teachers, as his obsession with it began to question his sanity and obsession with the dangerous power. To him, magic was a tool that could benefit everyone if people only accepted it into their lives. In time his skills and mastery of pyromancy would give him a high position in the academy and access to higher forms of texts that studied the magical arts. From here, he would learn the arts of Item Enchantment and delve deeper into the arts of magic rituals. However, despite his intention being good, his desires got the better of him as he came across a text filled with Dark Magic.   From this, he learned in secret ways that magic could be achieved that most mages would never be able to do. On one fateful night, he prepared a ritual that would increase his power tenfold, not truly understanding the price he would have to pay. During the ritual, he would accidentally summon a Demon that would grant him power n exchange for his soul, but he was terrified at what he had done and sent the demon away not before it took his eye and left its mark upon him. Upon his colossal mistake, he covered up the evidence of his ritual and told everyone that he had lost his eye in an enchanting accident. He would later hand in the dark book to the headmaster and was interrogated to see if the power of the dark arts corrupted him. He could barely escape being caught for his mistake and continued his studies until he finally graduated. But swore to himself that he would ensure that he would never abuse the powers of magic and ensure that he would stop others from making the same mistake.  

Hunt for All Things Dark

  Demetris would become a skilled Enchanter once he offered his service to others, making himself quite the fortune for many of his jobs with his other enchanting coworkers. However, he refused to make anything that could be used as a weapon knowing well the danger of magic items and his past experience. He often tried to forget that night with the demon, but his lost eye said otherwise, constantly reminding him of his mistake that would haunt him for the rest of his days. But he would not realize the power of the mark that was placed over him until one day; he felt a dark and terrible burning sensation coming from his eye, only to realize that the mark sensed the presence of dark magic. His first encounter was with one of his enchanter colleagues, making magic items with the dark arts to increase his power. He ended up in a magical duel with him and defeated him with a new power that had only seemed to awaken, with the color of his fire turning blue, being far more powerful than his old fire.   Another effect of the demonic mark that was left on him all those years of age. After the enchanter was arrested, he vowed to himself to hunt down other using dark magic and put a stop to them before they brought ruin to all. He soon left his career and has traveled the Western Lands seeking out and hunting the followers of the black arts and their creations as atonement for the mistake he made and bringing down many since that day with no means of stopping. He would also help others that shared his goals, such as the Inquisition and the Black Order from time to time when he needed to. But now he travels to the south into the wartorn lands of Ardania as he now senses the presence of something truly wicked that must be stopped before it is too late.


  • Pyromancy
  • Enchanting
  • Magic Rituals
  • Alchemy
  • Magical Knowledge


Enchanter: For almost a decade, he has been Item Enchanting for many different people over the years, making him skilled in the art and well paid for it.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Learning to control his magic at a young age
  • Becoming a skilled Enchanter
  • Hunting those that follow the ways of Dark Magic

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Being a social outcast during his time at school.
  • Shunned by his parents for having magic
  • Accidentally summoned a Demon
  • Losing his eye to a Demon and having been marked by its power


  • Never Abusing Magic
  • Never turning away from the presence of Dark Magic
  • Helping others that are drawn to the power of Magic


Religious Views

He was never a religious person when he was younger, but it changed once he encountered a Demon; now he seeks forgiveness before The Exalted for his sin and goes to a Lumas when ever he comes across one in his travels.

Wealth & Financial state

He has a large amount of money from his years as an Enchanter that he keeps on him to allow him to travel better.
Year of Birth
1499 CA 33 Years old
Long black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
185 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
You will never know true evil until you look it straight in the eye
Magic is a power to be feared, for it can do terrible things if the wrong person manages to get their hands on it.
Power is designed to corrupt all to a fault. Only a few ever realize this truth to avoid being a slave to it.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages


  Demetris wishes to help the world by ridding it of the influence of dark magic, and with power left on him by it, he wishes to ensure that no one else tries to do harm with its evil power. Including stopping those from making the same mistakes as he once did.  

Mental Trauma

  His encounter with the Demon he summoned has left a deep mark on him physically and mentally to this day. Often being reminded of it every day as his missing eye and the power that was left there will always remind him of it. He often has nightmares of the Demon from time to time, and since his quest to hunt down the servants of Dark Magic, he has been haunted by the things he has seen being done by them with their terrible craft.  

Philosophy and Morality

  For much of his young life, Demetris believed that magic could solve all the world's problems. But after he learned the evils that come with magic, he vowed that he would never abuse it again and stop it from corrupting others that were just like him to avoid the destruction that comes with it. Believing it to be his duty, knowing of the evil, he almost made a deal with it, making himself a reminder of all of the price that comes with that power.


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