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We are the ones how to reveal what is hidden in darkness, we are the ones who burn it away with the purest flames, we are the defenders of the lands of men for those who would see to destroy it. If we must dirty our hands we shall gladly do so for we shall be cleansed of our sins once our time comes through the will of the Exalted. Let all who follow the path of false gods and darkness fear us, for we are the Inquisition and you shall receive no mercy from us. - Oath of the Inquisition.


The Inquisition is divided into several different offices that are responsible for the works of the Inquisition, These are the Inquisitorial Board, Fists of Cleansing, Deafened Wings, Inquisitors of Truth, and the Chroniclers of Remembrance.  
Inquisitorial Board: The Board is the leadership of the inquisition and is made up of veteran Inquisitors that are responsible for assigning missions and are in charge of trials conducted by the Inquisition. They are influential in political circles as well.
Fists of Cleansing: The military branch of the Inquisition is made up of highly trained soldiers that are often called when dealing with armed forces that they are often after.
Deafened Wings: Spies that have eyes and ears everywhere to retrieve information about possible investigations and threats. Along with the usual assassin assignments on targets that can’t be touched by the Inquisition.
Inquisitors of Truth: The ones there truly given the title of Inquisitor. Once they are given an assignment are sent out to investigate possible cases that may involve dealing with possible threats and call upon military aid if needed.
Chroniclers of Remembrance: Those responsible for keeping records on past cases and books that involve magic, supernatural, and paganism. By keeping records of these things it making dealing with threats much easier the facing them blindly and unprepared.


The Inquisition has always been cautious of those around them as they have always been. Their duty requires secrecy and investigation to achieve their goals. Making themselves suspecting anyone they might think may be hiding something. Trust is considered a foolish concept and everyone is to be suspected.  

Being a Member

  It is not for the faint of heart for someone to join the Inquisition as what life you once belonged to them when you become one of them. Of course, they don't just let anyone join them as their line of work can't afford to have those who are faint of heart and second guess themselves too much. One must have one of three traits or all three would be preferable, fanaticism, intelligence, and perception. These are what make someone a candidate to join them in their pursuits to rid heresy, paganism, and corruption from among their midst. It is a holy commitment that one must follow as their work is for the betterment of the world by ridding it of all the taint that is hidden away in the darkness with only the light of their fire to burn it away for good. No one is above suspicion and everyone is a suspect with their as deception and lies are their sworn enemies and must be exposed for the greater good to be achieved. No matter who costly or gruesome it has to be to achieve it. That way no one will be giving you a pleasant greeting when you show up like nothing ever good happens when a member of the inquisition comes around as someone will most likely be arrested or killed by the time their investigation is over. Never shall anyone be as feared and despised as a member of the Inquisition and not even its members are safe from their gaze either as they often watch its own members in case they ever turn rogue or fall into the corruptions of darker forces at work. It is a thankless job if there ever was one, but a necessary one to ensure that the Western Lands do not fall into another crisis or dark age like so many times before. Sometimes lesser evils need to ensure that the greater evils cannot rise to power and cause more destruction to everything around them. You just have to ensure that you follow protocol when you have to, make sure you are thorough in an investigation, and deal with all the paperwork in your field reports and you will be fine and not investigated and tortured for the slightest chance that you may betray the order. At least the salary is good and you won't have to worry about money problems ever again you with them. It's best not to ask for your resignation from your post either as the information that you may know is something that they do want to be left out to the public and the deeper you get in the harder it is to get out.  

What People Think of you

  Since the founding of the Inquisition, much of the Western Lands have been afraid of it due to the tactics that often cause the demise of someone around them whether they be guilty or innocent in their eyes. No one is safe from them whether they be a beggar or a king when they start to search for the evidence you best hope they never find anything or you may never see the light of day again like so many others before them. Why might you ask that people tolerate such people in the first place well it is mostly them being backed by the church and the fact they are capable of wage war on their own if anyone ever gets any ideas. So it's best not to try to do anything stupid or you will most likely be branded a heretic and hunted for the rest of your days until they finally catch you. But it's mostly because they are willing to terrible things for all the right reasons no matter how extreme they may be. As they have saved the lives of tens of thousands and even more depending on the scenario. They have even been reforms to the organization as a whole to keep them under wraps to ensure they don't go overboard. Though many have doubts that it will actually stop them from doing their usual work behind closed doors and away from prying eyes. So the fear lingers and stays with them and even the simple mention of them can cause a panic if they decided to show up unannounced.

Public Agenda

The main purpose of the Inquisition is to seek out and eliminate are signs of heresy, paganism, dark magic, and corruption whether they were done by the hands of mortals, the supernatural, or gods.


The Inquisition is a large number of resources throughout the Western Lands, with several strongholds and offices in several regions. Along with soldiers and agents that are stationed with them. Along with their v=backing from the Church of the Spirit and Flame they almost unlimited resources at their disposal.


Born from Dark Days

  After the events of the Vampire Revolt of Vatia and the destruction that is created, the Church of the Spirit and Flame a336f) and the destruction that it created, decided that nation of the Western Lands were ill-suited to dealing with threats of supernatural and magical threats from within and out. To ensure that such an incident never happened again they gather dedicated soldiers, priests, scholars, and profession of many different occupations from the Inquisition. Their purpose, to purge any signs of corruption from any threats both supernatural and religious. As they were a part of the church they were allowed to go anywhere across the land without being stopped by the borders of other nations as they had ties to none. From no more than a few hundred members soon became thousands over time as they traveled across the land searching and purging anything that might be a threat to the land.  

Purging and Cleansing

  For many centuries they have been sent out to clear out the dangers that sought to destroy the lands of men, with fire and steal they went and lift nothing put the ashes of their enemies in their wake. There have been many cases that have caused them to do questionable things in the name of their god and the greater good. Burning entire settlements, torture, massacres to name some of the few. Making an organization to be feared by even the powerful due to powers granted to them by the church. Their agents are always hidden in key locations across the land and search for anything that dangerous. Even the slightest sign that is found can have a full-scale investigation begun in a matter of days to find the cause of it. No one is safe from, whether they be peasants or kings no one can ignore them. If you have nothing to hide you will be fine, but if they have anything discriminating on you, then it best to pay to what go you follow, because you will not head to a pleasant place. You're property and belongings will also be confiscated as well to find anything else to declare you guilty. To them no one is innocent in their eyes and anyone affiliated with them will be interrogated to see if they are guilty as well.  

Clashes with the Law

  It would not be the first time that governments would try to restrain the Inquisition from doing anything severe in their lands since they need them intact to run them. They are always seemingly in the shadows watching them from a safe distance, making anyone afraid of speaking about certain topics that might have them end up in chains. Though they had privileges that allowed them to do what they pleased, many territories and kingdoms wanted to halt them until they were permitted by the government. But often they were ignored and did as they pleased. Causing several incidents that are just known as the "Divided Opinion Incidents." With some cases causing full-on battles and skirmishes in the attempt to bring the inquisition to heel. These of course would lead to diplomatic bickering and further investigation to see which side had the right to do what they had to do. But it would remain the same for centuries as they fulfilled their duties.  

Major Incidents

  Though the Inquisition seemed controversial at the time they were nonetheless good at one they did. Even revealing a few cases that could have been disastrous if left unchecked. The Hellfire Incident, Necromancer Rebellions, and Darktide Summoning were some of the few. Even some threats were even stopped before they even started. But the biggest case that ever happened to the Inquisition was the God's Bane incident. Which was considered an atrocity of the highest calibers as a group of cultists found a way to kill a god and planned to kill The Spirit and Flame with it. Causing a massing manhunt and several invasions of key areas occupied by the cultists. Thousands were killed or hundreds arrested by them, but in the end, the cult was destroyed and their power to destroy a god with it. Though they stopped one of the worse catastrophes from ever happening, it left a bloodstain that never left them and never forgotten. Causing even the church even to question them in their actions.  


  The absolute power that the inquisition had for centuries had to be limited to better protect the land and its peoples from destruction. The church created a series of laws known as the Inquisitorial Laws for the Inquisition to follow. The end to what seemed to be a long and reign of terror seemed to be over. No longer would people be taken from their homes without just cause or their home invaded for that matter. Nor would unnecessary methods to gain evidence or suspect either. They even had to work with the nations of the Western Lands when in their territories. After that, a certain peace was created from this new Inquisition as fear of them subsided as they were now put in their place. Time also changed as the nations of the west improved over time and threats became less and less common as the time when on. Making the duties of the Inquisition to be less necessary and are often on standby when they are needed once again.

Purifica Corrupta (Cleanse the Corrupted)

Founding Date
302 CA
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Holy Inquisition
Parent Organization

Sworn the Secrecy

Everything the Inquisition knows is for their eyes and ears only as they tend to come across things that could plunge the world into chaos if they were to fall into the wrong hands. As information that they have learned over the many centuries of their order are often that of the arcane, occult, and other things that have no place in today's world. Some of these things if ever revealed could even change history and topple the foundations of many organizations if they were to get out. This is why most of the information that they find through their investigations is found in Archives of Investigations under lock and key and heavily guarded at all times. Where they will be left in darkness and only seen if any information is needed to ensure that a case succeeds.  

Extractors of the Truth

When the Inquisition is on a case it means that no stone will be left unturned to find out what is the truth and what are the lies. Though it often requires means that most other people would not try due to ethical reasons or laws. But due to their status of being above the laws of nations and caring little for ethics, they go about their business without much of a care for consequences. Meaning intimidation tactics, harsh interrogations or torture is not beneath them if they have to use them. Which they often do as most people don’t like their little secrets from coming out at and they have to be forced to do if anyone was to get anywhere at all. Though confessing will not help them either if they are in the middle of a conspiracy and they will suffer for their crimes no matter the outcome.      

Flame of Retribution

When someone is held responsible for a form of crime from occultism to forbidden magic and is arrested by an Inquisitor their best is to end their lives by just attacking them and hoping that they are killed in the attempt as they will meet a fate worse than death once brought into their custody. But first, they will have to go to trial and have all evidence against them will be presented to the Inquisitorial Board and a verdict will be declared. These trials often last depending on the information at hand and those who obviously guilty are commended before they even reach the stand. While most courts of law will often have those guilty of a heinous crime receive imprisonment or execution, the Inquisition take it to another step. The idea of a punishment is to make the guilty suffer as long as possible for their wicked deeds and it often is never quick for them. Some are starved to death only given a little food and water to keep them alive as long as possible, others are thrown in a cell where they will never see the light of day and spend the rest of it in darkness. The worst cases are they will be burned at the stake where the inquisition have to manage to find a way to keep the guilty awake as long as possible without losing consciousness from suffocation and the worst sentence imaginable is that of crucifixion where they would be left exposed to the element and suffer for as long a possible. All of this is to ensure that they are made examples of to ensure that all who dare serve the darkness and evil in the land will be shown no mercy and given no quick death for they are far beyond it for their crimes.

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