Order of the Saints


The order is divided into twelve different groups that follows one of the twelve saints and their teaching to better understand them and pass that knowledge on to the people to live more faithful lives. Each one is head lead by Saintsworn, a true follower of a saint and below them are Disciples that dedicates their lives to learning the teaching of these saints.

Public Agenda

The Order was created to spread the word and teachings of the Saints of The Spirit and Flame as they were devoted followers in one aspect or another. Who show what it truly means to follow their Saint through their exploits.


The order has their own building where they can study the teaching of the Saints, along with artifacts, writings and documents that have one way or another belonged to or were about them.


Holy Origins

  It is said that Speaker of Faith Hector was the first to come up with the idea of having the Saint of the church to be honored and having their teaching learned to allow the faithful to become more devoted to The Spirit and Flame. But secertly he wanted for other to remember his friend Saint Keenan, who was killed trying to save lives and others did not give him the respect he deserved. This of course had priests who were studying them came up with the idea that they should be revered for their deed and dedication to their god. This of course would be the foundations of the order itself. Though many people in the church saw this was heresy and wished for these priests to be killed for their ways. If it were not for Hector that would have happened, but he saw the potential in this order as Saints were dedicated to The Spirit and Flame and their ways where that of their god and no one else. After being allowed to continue their practices each group of followers meet one another and founded the order and made their place in Marusia since then. Allowing all to join them to learn the teachings of the Saints and spread their ways to all who wish to learn about them.  

Paths of the Dedicated

  Once in the order nothing else matters to those who are in it expect the Saints and the The Spirit and Flame. This often involves relics, records and interpetations about their lives. Which often has Desicples traveling across the lad to seek knew knowledge into their existence and to spread their word to those who listen to them. Anything that they do find these bring back to the order for documentation and further study. When they are not doing that they are debating on what made the Saints what they are and the impact of their choices. Often using these as a way to find enlightenment for their followers and choosing to live that way of life believing it is the way to worship The Spirit and Flame. Once satisficed with their answer a Disciple will often try to better themselves in all the Saint's way and leave the order to live their lives out as change individuals.

Divine Origins

Throughout the history of the Church of the Spirit and Flame there has been certain individuals that have made their mark in the eyes of the church and the people around them though their actions and deeds. Which have been considered rightous and holy in their eyes. After they died they were granted the title of a Saint so that they would become an example to the faithful to strive learn from them in order to become more devoted then ever. Soon after many Saints were made a group of priests decided to become devoted to theses Saints and follow their teachings. To better learn on how to be more faithful servants to their god.


Saints are not worshiped, but instead praised by those who follow them. They instead learn, interpet and spread their teaching to those who listen and often try to live their lives to better understand them.



The Saintsworn are priests that are leaders of each group of disciples as they are the leading experts on the Saints that they follow. Enterpeting their writings, lives and actions to better guide their disciples into true believers. They are often appointed the Speaker of Faith since he can decide if a preist is determined enough to follow the steps of a Saint. Once they have been selected they are given a certain item the represents that Saint and a blessed to continue their studies.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Though they are but a part of the Church of the Spirit and Flame they have some say in some places of government as their teaching can help shed light on certain circumstances. Along with their deeds in following their Saint they have gain the love of the people they haved help over the years.


Their are nine Saints that have ever existed with each one having their own followers, these groups are,  
Disciples of Saint Ganacus
Disciples of Saint Minerva
Disciples of Saint Hespus
Disciples of Saint Juno
Disciples of Saint Kenan
Disciples of Saint Heckon
Disciples of Saint Logos
Disciples of Saint Veronica
Disciples of Saint Brunestes

May the Saints Guide Us

Founding Date
368 CA
Religious, Holy Order
Parent Organization


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