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Basic Information


The often take the form of humanoids often having two pairs of limbs, with strong muscles and bones. but many of them are different depending on their type and depending on their type they may have wings, horns, and tails.

Biological Traits

Demons are divided into seven different groups that embody a certain type of sin. These groups alter them physically and mental to what they embody. These groups are wrath, gluttony, pride, sloth, greed, lust and envy.  
  • Wrath Demons: Destruction is their very nature as they fuel by it as they insight violence and cause mayhem where ever they go.
  • Pride Demons: Egotistical to the core they only seek to increase their power and influence any place they want through servants and figureheads.
  • Envy Demons: Often condescending they often revel in the pain of other to make themselves feel superior and cause chaos where ever they go.
  • Sloth Demons: Deception is the basis of their being as they manipulate the minds of those around them with suggestive thoughts to those around them to do there bidding.
  • Greed Demons: Anything they want they will take to feed the desire to take what they believe is theirs often using any means necessary to do so.
  • Lust Demons: Seduction is apart of their very nature as they often seek out both sexual and desirable partners to enslaves and control.
  • Gluttony Demons: These demons do only one thing and that is eating and this can influence the area around them causing famine and disease to take hold as everything dies around them.
  They also are ranked by the power granted to them that gives them certain rights and abilities that they use as they please. These ranks are lesser, greater, superior and high.  
  • Lesser Demons: They are not a significant as most demons as they often have to follow more powerful demons to ensure that they survive and have a chance to gain power through deals with mortals.
  • Greater Demons: Often requiring a sacrifice a summon them, they have more power that they grant to those who summon them. Allowing them to manipulate people and the surroundings around them even more.
  • Superior Demons: Demons that often find a way to bind themselves to the world through a host or an object to remain on the plain without being forced to leave through rituals or spells. Their powers are immense and can defeat even the mightiest of priests and magic users.
  • High Demons: The biggest and baddest that are second only to a devil, their powers make them difficult to defeat as even normal ways to rid away demons have little to no effect on them. It take highly forbidden magic to bring such being to the mortal realm and cannot be controlled. Often requiring holy relics or divine magic to deal with them.

Genetics and Reproduction

Demons are created through two way from standard reproduction on a male and female and the corruption of a mortal into a demon.   Natural: often done by two demon of the same sin, it is said that it takes years to actually produce an offspring.   Forced: Also known as the Hellion Taint, it slowly curropts the host into a demon as they deal with demons for too long and their demon power slowly alters them physically.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Demon do not require to eat to maintain themselves, but they will still eat food if they want to, either by stealing it or hunting it.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Demons are entirely hierarchical with the strongest ruling over the weak in their society. They must follow their masters will or face punishment. It is also a society of cut throat politics and back stabbing to achieve advancements.


Demons are often summoned by those involved in dark magic and the occult to serve them. These demons often make deals with them in exchange for something they want. Demons never do anything without wanting something in return once their contract is fulfilled. They will serve those who summon them as long as it benefits them in the end.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Those who often deal with demons often try to take their power to increase their own.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Demon belong in another plain of existence known as the Seven Rings where each demon type resides in.

Average Intelligence

They are as intelligent as any sentient race, but they very in intelligence depending on the sin they embody and rank in their society.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Demon sense are more advanced and are able see magic, hear sound from great distances and smell living things around them.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Each demon is given a unique name that represents them and no other demon can have that name.

Gender Ideals

Gender matters little in demon society, all that really matters is how much power a demon has over others.

Average Technological Level

Demon mostly have advancements in demonic magic and do not require anything else really.

Major Language Groups and Dialects


Common Dress Code

Demon often wear clothing that makes them feel superior with lesser demons wearing little to no clothing to higher wearing armor and full clothing. How they wear their clothing is depending on what sin they represent, not their gender.

Common Taboos

There is only one law that demons are not allowed to cross and that is never to allow for demon of different sins to reproduce with one another. For they create far more powerful demons in the process known as the Tainted.


Demons have existed long before history was ever recorded. With then being created by one of the two supreme gods, Akamond, god of Chaos. With it saying that demons spread chaos where ever they went in the world. It was not until the was of War of Armageddon that the demons were cast out from the world and sent to their own personal domain, the Seven Rings. Akamond was killed during the war and the demons for a time were left disorganized for a time. That was before the seven devils rose to power and divided the demons in seven different groups to maintain order. Since then demons have been trying to become more powerful and return to the mortal realm that they once lived in.   To do that they make deals with mortals to give them certain items or corrupt them. With most of these people being occultist or those who delve in dark magic. Some are even free to travel across the world once they free from their deal, while more power demons are power to travel the world by being powerful enough. Demons have always caused trouble across the world no matter where they pop up. For all that matters to them is power in the end.

Historical Figures

Red Devil
Blue Devil
Green Devil
White Devil
Black Devil
Orange Devil
Yellow Devil

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Demons tend to find the mortal races to be nothing more they things that they can dominate and used for their own schemes. Often offering them deals to grant them what they desire, only to claim their soul later and use it for their own purposes. But once in a while they will produce hybrid offspring with them that will exist in the physical world.
Scientific Name
Class: Supernatural
Conservation Status
It is unknown how many demon exist, but texts that date back thousands of years say that they are numbered in the hundreds of thousands.
Average Height
2 - 100 feet tall
Average Weight
60 - 1,200 lbs
Average Physique
Demons are much stronger and faster then any other mortal race.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Red, black, green, orange, black, white, blue.


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