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Great Blue

There are only two types of people that want to cross the Great Blue, madmen and the adventurous, but I doubt they will ever be seen again once they set out as very few return. - Sailor


Endless Water

  Due to the fact that no one ahs returned from a voyage beyond the ocean many believe that there is nothing out there. For centuries people had though that the ocean lead to the end of the world and everything would fall off once they reached the edge. But that is considered a myth now that science has proven that the world is in fact round. Many have concluded that their is no bodies of land that can be found, not even islands which is strange as islands can are often found everywhere else. But most have concluded that if someone where actually make the journey they would end up some where in the Continent of Norria or the Continent of Dageth. Though no one is certain on how long with would take the journey and those that try end up like all the rest. Thought their have been claims islands by some ships that were smart enough to turn back before entering the ocean none of it can be proven.

Localized Phenomena


  Large storms are common as many lands that border the ocean often experience them or at least the edge of them. Along with creating strong winds that can break sails with ease and waves that rise so high that they appear to be mountains. Getting caught in one of these storms.  


  The ocean currents often clash with each other to create large whirlpools along with any winds that are strong enough to create them. Once a whirlpool is created than it can last for months or ever years until it loses its momentum. Ships that manage to get into one are unable to escape as the current is too strong and it will plunged it into a watery grave.  

Water Spouts

  While not as common in most other oceans and seas, it can be a breathtaking and terrify sight to see when a tunnel of wind begins to suck up water from the sea and spin with at high speeds. Any ships caught by these will most likely be torn apart by the force create by it.

Fauna & Flora

Ocean of Monsters

  The Great Blue in its vastness is not so empty as one might believe as it contains its own marine life like any other body of water. However the sea life here is far more dangerous than most other bodies of water. As it is in fact a nesting ground to sea monsters that make their dwelling here. Many have come to believe that Great Blue is a nesting ground for monsters of ginormous size and will often make their way from theses waters into other part of the world. Considering that many records show that sea monsters appear in oceans that border the Great Blue far more often than most other places and attacks are more likely to happen in these regions as well. Though the speculations on how many types of these devils of the deep is to be speculated but tales of krakens and the mythical leviathans are not far fetched as they seem despite very few sighting of them.


Endless Ocean

  The Great Blue gets its name because everyone believes that their is nothing else beyond it and just endless ocean. Many would be captains and explorers have tried to prove this belief wrong but all have failed to do so and are never seen again. Making it another belief that the ocean is curse and swallows ship that dare enter it. There are very few records about this body of water because of it leaving only speculation and myths that surround alleged endless ocean. Over the centuries there have been less and less attempts to cross the ocean and all have conluded that it is not possible to do so.


Very few people ever try to cross the ocean due to the fact that anyone that does are never seen again. But those who want to see if they can reach the end of it and find something are willing to try. But the means of getting there may be few in number as no one is willing to meet certain to satisfy someone's curiosity.
Alternative Name(s)
The End of the World, The Eternal Blue, Sea of Teeth
Inhabiting Species

Tales of Wealth

    while many believe that their is nothing across the Great Blue their are some that believe that stories that some where out there is uncharted lands rich in resources. Those that are more down to earth believe that their are some islands that have yet to be charted and hope to use them as small outpost to be used as trade routes to allow to reach the other continents more easily. Though no matter how many have tried to find these so called riches, none have succeeded or living to tell of their failure.  

Waters to Avoid

by jonas
  Due to the danger that come with enter this ocean even being on the edge of it most ships and their crews try to avoid it at all cost. Often making sure that they remain on course and avoid entering it. The fact that ships that accidentally enter it might encounter the many dangers that come with entering it. While those who enter it are never able to return, those that sail upon the edge of it have will often have quite the tales that can keep a grown man up at night.

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