First Vatian Civil War

The Conflict


Negations break down with Emperor Alexios Septimius Aurelius and the leaders of the Citizen’s Alliance leads to the Night of Daggers. This would soon lead to full scale conflict


Across the lands of the Empire.


  • Battle of Pern Fields
  • Battle of Metonos
  • Battle of Hetalen
  • Battle of Aluniunia
  • Battle of Heranoc
  • Siege of Seres


The Imperial Royalists are disbanded and Alexios is tried and executed for treason and his son, Titus is put on the throne as a figurehead.


The Imperial Senate is formed to keep balance between the emperor and the citizens of the empire.

Historical Significance

The First civil war was one of darkest moments in the history of the Vatian Empire and one of the most impactful conflicts in its history. The 3rd emperor of the empire, Alexios Septimius Aurelius was a tyrant in his own right showing that absolute power corrupts absolutely. But like all tyrants before him their where always those who stand against them. The Citizen’s Alliance was that driving force. The war was like any other war, but it was to decide the fate of a people and an empire. Years went by as the fields, towns, and cities became filled with the dead of the empire’s sons. It should have end after the alliance took most of the control of the Empire, but Alexios refused to surrender and fled to the military outposts on Dark Continent in hopes of raising troops and hiring mercenaries. This alone extended th conflict for two more years and after that he was finally defeated and captured. A year later he would be tried and executed for treason and his son would take the throne. The Imperial Senate would be formed and the empire would experience a more just government for it citizens.


The Imperial senate still exists to this day with guiding the empire in the most troubling of time and ensure that the emperor's power is kept in check. What’s more it showed the Vatians that even they could turn on one another if tensions escalated within the empire.

In Literature

The war is common knowledge throughout the empire and it is often taught in schools at a young age. Journals have also been written by many who experienced the war at first hand, such as Tiberius Oppius Opimius, Proteus Marius Colias and Patricio Tullius Augustanus.

Technological Advancement

The war helped the empire realize that they need to be prepared for a war with an organized force, since the empire was not even prepared to face themselves in battle. Naval, siege, weapons and armor were improved to better suit their needs in the field.
Conflict Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The Citizen’s Allance is victorious



60,000 men
80,000 men


47,000 men


Liberate the empire from the tyranny of the Alexios The Bloody
Wipe out the traitors in the name of the emperor


  • Continent of Kineth
  • Dark Continent


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