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Coin Legions

Always remember to never turn your back on a mercenary they will easily stab you in the back if someone pays them higher than you - Legion Officer


Formation of a Coin Legion

  Coin Legion is somewhat complex to a certain degree as they are divided into certain divisions that are required of them. Often depending on what sort of mercenaries were hired to sever in it ranging from infantry to calvary. But the ranks of their forces are easily identifiable. But most of them range from two thousand to four thousand and are divided into standard cohorts like any standard legions.   Tribune: While second in command of a standard legion, a tribune placed in a coin legion is the acting commander of it and represents all of the interests of the empire.   Praefect: the second to the acting commander of the legion that ensures that supplies and order exist amongst its members and keeps a watchful eye on the mercenaries that work under them.   Gold Captains: Mercenaries that have proven themselves to be skilled officers and are capable of keeping their men in line to ensure that they don’t do anything stupid.   Centurion: Centurions are the backbone of any imperial army and even mercenaries will fear and respect them carry out their order without hesitation.


Alright I will be in command of you this day forth. But this will be your only warning as long you are in this legion, you will all follow the rules or you will be punished. That means no drinking on duty, no fighting, no intimidation of civilians, and especially no women in camp. Anyone will be punished for whatever crime they have I commit, do I make myself clear? - Strict Tribune

Being a Member

  Well, it seems you have decided to find your fortune by doing grunt work for the empire. Being a mercenary it shouldn't matter where you go or who hires you for a job as long as they pay well. But when working for Vatians, they tend to have those they employ to fight for them follow their rules. Of course, that is just about it and we can water ever else that we want as long as we don't cause too much trouble. Then of course there are their watchful eyes, some officers that make sure we follow all of their orders and do not get any funny ideas. This means that we have to make sure we don't do anything stupid when we're around them or we suffer because of it. Where ever we go we make sure we do our job like we signed up to do in the first place and we do a good job at it too as when don't mind getting our hands dirty at all. Many of us have seen war and don't care what we have to do to get it and are greatly compensated for our work. The empire hired us because they cant have their glorious tin men everywhere and we don't mind as long as the coin is good. The only thing to worry about is to make sure that you are still alive when your contract expires.  

What People Think of You

  Everyone looks down on mercenaries that are common knowledge, as they work for anyone who can pay them well. But they don't say anything when they need to hire someone willing to spill a little blood when needed. Even the empire is willing to do it with the coin they have to spare to ensure its interests are protected. All of these legions are controlled by them and are kept on a short leash to ensure they don’t cause trouble. As for their time in service, they just try to do their jobs while trying to be on their best behavior. But they are often looked down upon by the citizens, nobles, and military that they happen to cross by due to what they are. Sure they are there to protect them but being what they are doesn’t make people change their opinion of them.

Public Agenda

The purpose of the Coin Legions is to act as another part of the military to serve as a fighting force to defend the empire and protect it when its standard military forces are unavailable.


Each legion is supplied with weapons and armor to ensure that they are well equipped to carry out their duties.


Protection For Hire

  The creation of the coin legions was more out of desperation rather than a necessity when they became official within the Vatian Empire. During this time the empire had survived its second civil war, but the damage caused by it had greatly crippled its military capabilities and left it vulnerable. The amount of time that would be needed to fully restore it with manpower and resources with estimated to take decades a best before finally reaching its former strength. But they could not wait for that long as their enemies would job at the chance to attack and capture its territories the moment they had the chance. So to ensure that the empire was secure from threats they looked for other sources to seek trained soldiers. Their most desired choice was that of mercenaries as they were common and could easily be bought for the right price, leading to mercenaries beginning to hire to defend the interests of the empire. However, the mercenaries having no allegiances except to themselves, lead to problems when it came to reliability. Even at times deserting their posts when they felt like their pay wasn’t good enough or their assignment was too dangerous. Some cases involved them raiding imperial territories and holding imperial officials hostage for ransom. Many wanted the mercenaries gone, but they were necessary for the empire's survival, so the plan was created to ensure that these mercenaries were loyal to the empire. This would bring about the creation of the first coin legions that were subservient to the empire.   What made these mercenaries loyal was their being reorganized to fit Vatian military doctrine and were not bound to any mercenary bands. Along with special privileges that the mercenaries had in their service to the empire, such as keeping large spoils of war from defeated enemies and fixed levels of income depending on their ranks in the legions. Causing these mercenaries to become competitive with one another and keeping them focused on their duties to ensure their payments are kept in check. Their numbers did not waiver either as word spread of the riches to those who were willing to fight for the empire and quickly came to fill their ranks. With many of them being skilled fighters these mercenaries were able to defend the empire from any threat that came before them. Ensuring peace for many decades as the empire began to rebuild from the chaos that left it in ruins. During this time coin legions were seen across many of its territories even more than its Imperial Legions for a time. Creating armies that were loyal to their employer as long as they were properly being paid for their duties. This would not last forever though as the empire eventually recovered and their services were not as needed as before. But the usefulness would keep many of these legions active as the empire continued conquering and expanding meaning that more soldiers were needed to watch over these new lands.  

Vital Reforms

  The Coin Legions would eventually change as the centuries passed as the benefits and rules that they had followed had to be changed with the times. Led to reforms to have better control over them and ensure that they were bound to service until they were allowed to leave. Among these reforms came a better understanding of how to better use the skills of these mercenaries for better uses in the field due to their backgrounds and experiences. Allowing them to open up to various weaponry and tactics that would not be available with the empire and would greatly aid them in battle. They would also begin having standardized armor and weapons to ensure that were efficient and went through constant drills and training to ensure they did not become lazy and complacent with their current assignments. Imperial officers were also placed into the legions to ensure that their services remained in the best interests of the empire. In doing so the legions were made into a more skilled and manageable force to handle evens their numbers began to shrink as their services were not necessary as before.  

Increase in Service

  After the War of the Raptors the empire suffered larger casualties than expected in the conflict, leaving it lacking in manpower to keep its territories in check. Considering the amount of time it takes to produce Legionaries, more Coin Legions have been reformed to keep the peace. Now many mercenaries have flocked to the empire once more to earn their fortune in an empire on the verge of crisis. Along with the increasing demands that come with it to keep its lands in order. With many of these legions being under the control of their mercenary leaders rather than imperial officers as they are needed in the Imperial Legions now more than ever. Allowing them to follow their own rules to keep the peace and committing horrible acts such as mass beatings and brutal executions to keep the reveling masses in line.   This has caused some in the empire to question the lack of oversight may cause more harm than good if the legions causes more conflicts rather than preventing them. Many demanded that the legions should be returned under proper military control to ensure that they don’t do anything foolish. Their diversity has also become a problem as most of them are from beyond the borders of the empire and lack understanding of Vasili and how their military is properly managed. Even more troublesome is that many of these mercenaries are in fact Norrians. Many of them had left their homeland after the Northern Wars of Unification that created the Kingdom of Norria. Most of them claim that they have chosen self-imposed exile rather than following the new High King Darius Harkon, but as war with the kingdom draws ever near they question their loyalties in service of the empire.

As Good as Gold

Founding Date
512 BCA
Military, Mercenary Group
Alternative Names
Gold Legions, Hired Legions
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
Related Species

Active Legions

  Ascar Plains: Four Legions   Hyperion Isles: Three Legions   Thundering Coast: One   Ardania: Two Legions  

From All Over

Anyone can join the legions no matter where they come from. Making many mercenaries from across the world come to the Western Lands to seek their fortune in serving the empire. Allowing them to bring their experiences to create a more adaptable fighting force. Though language and values may divide them from time to time with only a coin bringing them together.  

Doubted Alligences

While mercenaries fight for coins no matter who has hired them, this does not mean that they don't have a past. The empire has never been liked by many and has conquered many lands, forcing its rule on others. Some of those lives ruined by it took up the role of mercenaries to just survive and live after losing everything they have. Making many of those who join the legions if they have alternative motives for joining rather than just for money. As none who holds a grudge wants to work for someone they hate making it all the more important to search for deception before it causes too much damage.  

Adaptable Tactics

Due to their various backgrounds and skills, the mercenaries of the legions often employ their knowledge to better their chances of success. Along with their experience in battle can pick up things quickly if they know their enemy better. Their tactics will vary as well depending on what units make up the legion. Allowing them to operate differently from normal legions and to conduct how they want to fight as long as they respect imperial authority.


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