Alexios Septimius Aurelius

Emperor Alexios Septimius Aurelius (a.k.a. The Bloody)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He is considered to be physical fit and agile due to his short body shape.

Body Features

tan skin

Facial Features

bears and facial scar

Physical quirks

Always use his left hand to do everything

Apparel & Accessories

He often dresses in armor for his own protection and makes in colthing look menacing to those around him. He always were colos that intimidate people such a red or black. Skulls can often be carved into his armor as well.

Specialized Equipment

He is skilled with swords, sheilds and knows how to move in armor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A promising destiny

  Alexios was the only child of the Emperor Lars, the second emperor of the Vatian Empire, Lars was a good ruler during his reign and many people belived that he would become a good ruler as well when his time came. He was treated with the utmost respect by those around him and would be well educated by some the best teachers in the empire at the time. But he would be more interested in the military aspects of the empire and after years of training he became an exceptional warrior and tactician. But the praise he was receiving would cause him to believe that he was the center of the world and no one else matter. Causing some situation when someone did not give him the proper courtesy he believed deserved.  

Life on the frontlines

When he reached the age of sixteen, he requested from his father that he participate in military campaigns to further expand the empire. Lars would agree to this and he would be given the title of commander and be placed in the 9th Legion, though he rather wanted be a General. But his father told him that he should learn from more experience men to learn to be a better military leader. He obeyed his father begrudgingly and would under the command of General Kratos Arminus for many years. He would respect the man and listened to him, he would also meet one of his most trusted and loyal friends, Patricio Tullius Augustanus as they fought along side one another for many years. War would change him as years past and he would see all those defeated, making his egos grow more and more. He would eventually be given command of the 9th legion as well after Kratos retired from the military. He would make Patricio his second in command and together they would be a force to be reckoned with as they continued more and more campaigns. By the time he returned home he had carved himself a fine patch of land for the empire, but it would be stained with blooded. His methods of conquest could be considered savage and merciless with many only being reveled after his death by those who feared for their lives if they spoke out against him. One of his favorite methods was to setting fires inside settlements with oil and trapping the enemy inside, with no place to escape many would eventually suffocate or be consumed by the flames and burned alive.  

Tyrant on the Rise

To many Alexios was consider to be very dnagerous as he grew older, even for the slightest mistake could casue him to go into a rage and take it out on anyone who got caught in it. His father tried to correct him with his actions, but leaving him alone for to long had turned him into a monster. He started consolidating power within the nobility as many of them believed in his thinking and they started to remove threats slowly and quitely. As Emperor Lar's time grew shorter in the world, Alexios had more power over him and had gain support of most of the nobility and the military. Even some laws were made by Alexios without him realizing it as his health deteroirated and was unable to do anything. It was even said the he was murder by Alexios in his sleep because he was tired of waiting for him die. By the time Alexios became emperor, his power was absolute and reign of tyranny would have a hold over the empire.  

Reign of Terror

As the crown was placed on his head the whole empire would be brought into a time bloodshed and oppression. Laws were past to restrict the rights of the lower classes. The Imperious Oculus was used as secert police to arrest anyone who stood agianst him. Several years would past and the people were treat as slaves as the nobility was given more power and influence over the masses. But not all would bow to him. There were some who would not be silenced and opposed his tyrannical rule. But he would not have this and began a political purge of the empire. In one night, over a hundred political leaders were murdered by his assassins arcoss the empire, later being called the Night of Long Daggers. But not all his enemies would be killed and they would escape only to raise up arms against him. Starting the First Vatian Civil War in the process.  

Days Numbered

  At first the war could have gone either way for both sides of the conflict, but after the Siege of Lustina, Alexios would lose his hold on the empire, along with his close friend Patricio Tullius Augustanus and was forced to flee to the Dark Continent, were he would gather mercenaries and soldiers stationed their to fight for him. He manage to turn the tide in his favor for a time, but he would lose the war as he would captured during the Siege of Seres bring to the end of the war. With his allies and resources scattered to the wind he could nothing but wait for the envitable. After several weeks of house arrest he would be tried for treason and executed. His body left out for display and his head mounted on a pike for a time and would be placed in the royal tomb after several weeks. This would be the end of absolute power of emperor as the Imperial Senate would be founded afterwards.

Gender Identity





He was taught by the best veterans and scholars of the empire to be the best emperor by his father.


He spent much of his youth in the 9th legion in campaigns to expand the empire.

Mental Trauma

Alexios during his youth was almost killed in an assassination attempt on his life during one his campigns when an enemy soldier disguised himself as on of his men and scared his face before he was cut down. He does not trust anyone other then those loyal to him.

Intellectual Characteristics

strategic, couragous

Morality & Philosophy

Power belongs to those who are born with it and use it as they please. Those born under you are mean't to follow every command you tell them for your word is law. Their opinons and goals do not matter to you for your goals and ambitions are all that matter. To against the rule of those destined to lead you is considered treasonous.


To allow some below his station to rise up the ranks to gain power. Never takes off his armor when dealing with people that he does not trust.

Personality Characteristics


Alexios only wishes to ensure that his power is not taken away from him and could do what ever he wanted. Along with keeping those who he though were beneath him in the place.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Very good at strategy and bad at small talk

Likes & Dislikes

Likes hunting and dueling. Dislikes long conversations.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient and collective

Vices & Personality flaws

Thinks that he only matters

Personality Quirks

Clenches his fist whem angry.


Keeps everything spottless and baths regualary.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
emeperor of the Vatian Empire.
1269 BCA 1236 BCA 33 years old
Circumstances of Death
Executed by the Citizen’s Alliance
short and Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
A lion does not mingle with sheep
The powerful are destined to be on top
What is an empire without an emperor
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

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