Citizen’s Alliance


The Alliance is lead by a council of leaders of the four factions that make up the Alliance Tiberius Oppius Opimius, Publius Nigilius Priscian, Proteus Marius Colias, and Silia Tuditana. Theses individuals would lead the alliances all the way through the war. Which each of them are using their skill to keep the alliance from falling apart.

Public Agenda

To liberate the empire from the tyrannical rule of Alexios Septimius Aurelius and bring a fair and just government in his place.


The alliance’s resources came from all throughout the current territories of the empire. But since they where going against the emperor, their resources where at best at a minimal amount to keep it running. Each of the groups that banded together to form the empire one way or another did their part for the alliance. Noble would fund the armies and offer troops, military officials would recruit and lead the armies, citizens would do just about anything from foraging to raid supplies. Government officials would try to gain more support in order to persuade others to join. Though resources where tight they still soldiered to the best of their abilities.


One would have the faintest idea what the empire would be like with out Imperial Senate keeping things in order now a days. But back when the empire was still in its infancy the the emperor had all the power and did as he pleased the first two emperors of the empire were fair and just. But when the third emperor Alexios Septimius Aurelius to the throne the people suffered while the wealthy prospered on their misery. Those who did speak out often where often silenced permanently. Even those inside the palace did not speak of it outright without being spied uponed. Years past and things got worse with the people and the government. It was not until finally someone had enough of this madness and would defie the emperor himself! His name would be Tiberius Oppius Opimius and he and his close friend and ally Proteus Marius Colias would search for allies and secret in order to deal with Alexios when the time came. A few years later the First Vatain Civil War began and the war rage for years with many of lives lost on both sides until finally it came to an end and Alexios was captured. A year later he would be tried and executed with many of his loyalists for treason. But the alliance knew that the empire need an emperor in order for it to survive, Alexios’ son would be placed on the throne and would be a figurehead for his entire reign. After the Imperial Senate was formed, the alliance official disband with its members going their separate ways.


Four years after the First Vatain Civil War ended the Alliance officially was disbanded as it agreed upon by its leaders that it would when power was given to the Imperial Senate after it was completely organized.

Melius est enim mori, quam liberam servitutem(It is better to die free than enslaved)

Founding Date
Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
The Alliance
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