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I sometimes wonder to myself why any person would believe that owning another person and treating them like an animal was ever a good idea, to begin with. - Ardanian Farmer
  Slavery is an old and twisted practice that forces others against their will to become a person's property for them to serve them for the rest of their days. It is a concept that has existed for thousands of years and continues to flourish to this day, mostly on the continents that are dominated by Humans


People to Products

  Slavery has always been something that has lingered for thousands of years and has been found in many cultures Human and nonhuman alike. But all remain the same as any person can become one. Being forced to work by the will of their masters and are given no rights as they are not citizens, but the property of their masters. They have not thought as people and be done with as their masters wish it. Most are treated and live in terrible conditions as are only meant to work and not be given the comforts that their masters have. Most slaves were once free before being taken from their homes often through war or kidnapping only to be sold with no chance to live life like they once did. A slave must obey or suffer the wrath of their owners instead. They become nothing but tools to be used as much as possible until they die are no longer useful. Many ancient empires had their societies built on slavery such as the Paranth Sultanate who was one largest slave empires to ever exist in its time.   Many Human nations still practice slavery to this day as they come and are often found in many places in large numbers even larger than their native-born populations at times. Making them essential for many economies to ensure that the production of resources and services are kept in check. From labor to entertainment slaves can be found in any occupation that some free can do, but often with very little or no pay at all. Then some are born into slavery as products of forced breeding by owners to boost slave populations without buying them. Often never understand what freedom is nor will most ever see it in their life. As for the nonhuman regions, slavery is practiced but is not as large as it is nor is it essential for stability, but often exists for certain reasons such as cheap labor. But in the end, it is all the same as many will die and never be free again. While many have risen up in slave rebellions many of them are completely crushed and many are put to death with it seemingly being the only way a slave will truly find freedom.  

State of Deline

  In recent centuries, slavery has begun to slowly decline as it is considered unethical and unjust to treat people as property. One of the first places to truly outlaw slavery was Ardania and has remained slave-free for more than a millennia now. Along with other states gradually trying get rid of it, such as the Vatian Empire or at least some of its population. But has been offered stiff resistance as it is one of the large slave-holding states in the world. But movements have been created and secretly help slaves escape and find freedom in other lands. The rise of industrialization had also helped in halting the production of slaves as machines can do work better than forced labor. Though some people as resisting the change as they believe that slavery is their right and cannot see a world without it. But with the newly formed Kingdom of Norria completely outlawing slavery ridding an entire continent of it. Making many people see that it will eventually fade from the world as terrible proactive may finally end after several millennia.



    Slavers are often found across many parts of the world as they go out and seek out new stock to sell. This stock would often be anyone they go their hands on through raiding settlements, kidnapping, buying of prisoners of war, or people from their families that need money. Once they have acquired enough captives they could set out on long journeys to the nearest slave market they could find. It is during these long "slave marches" that new slaves were forced to take are often put through abuse to ensure that they are broken by the time they are brought to the market. Even when resting they will often be mistreated and be forced to do whatever their captives told them to do. Many of these slaves would often die before they ever reached the market often from over exhaustion and malnourishment. This can also be said for slavers who decided to take their wares overseas to other parts of the world in search of profits. Condition slaves ships are terrible for the slaves on board and many would die from disease due to the cramped spaces they were forced to go into. Once they finally reached a slave market, they would place their stock for show and wait for someone to buy them and earn the money they get from the purchase.  

Slave Markets

Slave markets can be found in many settlements, often port town and port cities are the most popular as so many people from all around want to see the slaves coming in. There are markets inland put they are not a large as the ones that since slaves come and go with the ships often making those from other parts of the world exotic for people to buy and sell them. Once they arrive they will often be placed in slave pens or just cages until a slave auction is ready. Conditions in them are horrible and abuse is common in them. Once an auction starts bids will be made for the slave, prices will vary from gender, age, and knowledge they hold which will vary the price for them. Once a price has been accepted they will be given to their new master and will do whatever they say. It is from here that a slave will serve one master for the rest of their life or be sold several times.  

Life in Slavery

  Being a slave is not glamorous to think about, they are forced to do whatever job they are told to do or be punished. The occupations will differ from master to master with many of them being servants in a household or doing jobs that no one wants to take such as collecting garbage or cleaning. Slaves who find themselves as laborers will often meet an early death as conditions in mines and fields are often unbearable as they are forced to work for long hours and are abused greatly by their overseers. None of them have any right and if their owner wants to they can be killed without consequences to them as they are their property. Often slaves who have higher education are treated better especially if they know medicine or mathematics. Allowing them to be healers or tutors to the children of wealthier families. But they will still be a slave and will be treated any way their owner sees fit for them. They are not allowed to marry unless their master approves and if they have any children they will be born slaves. Some try to run away to find freedom but they will often be brought back and punished according to their master. Their lives all depend on the will of their masters and the possibility of freedom for them is often small with hope fading away with every day that passes. For they are often doomed to live their lives as another person’s property and never know freedom again.
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Breaking of Wills

  Those who are forced into slavery will often go through a harsh and brutal practice that will result in breaking them to ensure that they are obeying their new masters. It is the breaking of their free will to make them more docile and accepting of their situation of becoming slaves to ensure that they avoid any more punishment from their captors and masters. This will often result in brutal methods that will result in them becoming treated more like animals more than people. This will often be more mental rather than physical in most cases as slavers want their slaves to be in good condition when being sold at the market, but beatings are common when they need to be used. The rest of it will often be starvation and exhaustion for many hours at a time until they are told to eat or rest. Anyone who is caught looking defiant or disobeying their captors will often be punished for it as they are given without food or water, or just beaten. This will often go on for weeks to months depending on how far the slavers are traveling or resting to train their slaves. After going through these brutal conditions, most who have been captured are often broken and a fragment of their former selves as they do what they must to survive and listen to the commands of their captors and their future masters as long as they live.  


  Labor: Labor is often the worse occupation a slave can be placed in, the hours are long and the working conditions are often brutal as they are expected to work with little food and rest throughout the day. Their overseers are as terrible as they come as they will often be whipped and beaten for them to work harder. Leading to many slaves dying from accidents, exhaustion, and being beaten to death for them to work harder.   Entertainment: Slaves that trained to perform for their masters often for guests and customers in shows for money. They are trained to perform tricks, dance, and play music among a variety of other ways to keep the people satisfied. Gladiatorial Games often contain slave gladiators as well and are considered some of the most popular entertainers due to the danger they are put in.   Pleasure: Young and attractive slaves will often be used by their masters for sexual services for themselves or others as prostitutes to make money off them. Despite being against their will ranging from young adults to children they are often taken care of the most and treated fairly for many years. But after a certain age, they will be discarded when they are no longer suited for pleasure once they reach a certain age   Household: A household slave will be tasked to do chores and services around their owner's household. This can be watching over their master children to accounting if they are taught or have any knowledge of it beforehand. A slave that has certain sets of skills or has a higher education is often treated fairer than most household slaves.   Military: While only done in a few places slaves will be trained to fight in armies rather than regular armies, believing that slave soldiers would be more loyal to their master rather than free soldiers. Often taken at a young age these slave soldiers would be trained in the art of war and set off to fight in their master's wars. Some slave armies are given privileges to keep them satisfied in their service, while others are just treated as slaves still are subjected to physiological training or used certain items to keep them under control. Leading many of them to needlessly die in battle for their master ambitions.  

Slave Variations

  Human: The most common type of slaves used across the world as they can be found almost everywhere. Their ability to do any task given to them makes them easy to deal with.   Nonhuman: Nonhuman slavery can be tricky depending on the race that is enslaved as they are limited to what their race is capable of from just being strong laborers to exotic treasures to show off. They can often be harder to quire depending on how dangerous they can be as well.  

Slave Owning States

  Vatian Empire   Principalities of Heledu   Kingdom of Helos   Orc Tribes of the Black Plains   Shadow Holds of Urna'tase   Jantani City-States   Madali Kingdom:

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