Gladiatorial Games

Ah nothing like a day at the games to relax from a nice day's work, I just hope I don’t get any blood on me this time it's hard to get out. - Spectator
  If there is one thing that Vatians enjoy is a good blood sport and gladiators are the ones capable of bringing a spectacle for all to bear witness. Though the origins of this sport have changed quite a bit since its founding it has not lost the thrill of a fight that keeps its audience at the ends of their seats and makes them want to want to see their favorite fighters clash with one another.


Entertaining the Masses

  It was a simple concept when it was first brought up in the early ages of the Kingdom of Vatia began expanding its borders. Though this often leads to problems with its neighbors and its outlining territories were lawless due to lack of infrastructure. Causing unrest with the populous as they often feared for their lives in these troubled times. Not to mention they had very little entertainment besides theaters and getting drunk. Then someone realized they had many prisoners of war and criminals in their cells that could serve better uses than be just executed or just die on some slave pit. It was here that the first gladiators were sent into large cages to fight one another to the death. This of course did not get them to fight that much as they did not want to be treated like animals to please those who imprisoned them. But when they were told that they would be set free if they one a certain amount of matches they just killed each other. This brought about much attention from many of the kingdom's citizens as they watched others killed each was quite amusing to them and they could enjoy their time off with entertainment. It wasn't until later that people wanted to see more than people fighting in cramped cages. Some small areas would be built in settlements to allow the fighters to move around more freely when fighting and they would be given better weapons and armor to allow the fighting to last longer and both fighters too but up a better fight. Though their armor would often just be a helmet and shield with the rest of their bodies exposed to allow the spectators to see more blood. Bets started to happen in these areas as well to see who would win the fights and many people made good money off of it. Creating many people realizing the opportunities that could be made with such a sport that was gaining much traction amongst that population. With time that more and more arenas were built and more of the imprisoned were forced into the arena to fight each other. But it would be more extravagant than they were before with armor that was flashy and exotic weapons would be used to make the fights more entertaining than ever before. It was from here n the gladiators would become the center of attention to tens of thousands that wanted to see them.  


  With the rise of the Vatian Empire so did the changes that came with the sport as slaves would often be used as there were only so many prisoners that they could use to fill the arenas. It was from here that professionals would create schools to aid them in becoming skilled fighters to fight in the arena and sponsors to finance them to make a profit on them. They also became larger than ever before as larger arenas would be made for them to fight in. Along with many free men wishing to become them to earn fame and money through contracts. Some women would even join as well to spice things up as exotic warriors. They became more theatrical as well many would be used to display battles of old and display fighting would be filled with flashy moves to keep the attention of the crowd. Everyone was content with how things were going, except for eh people who ended up dying that is. So enough though the games would be changed forever with the rise of the Exalted faith that would come into the empire. With the Church of the Exalted having great distaste in the bloody sport and wanted it removed. But a compromise was instead to save the games from being removed completely. As official matches would no longer be fights to the death but until one fighter submits or is unable to continue. With official rules being used to protect them from the abuses of the games. Though that did not go for the same for criminals and other undesirable elements as they would go through the same things as in the times of old which the church took exception to as criminals should be punished by any means for their crimes. It was from here that officially matches would be crowd friendly and protect everyone involved. While "Death Matches" would often put those in them through much suffering for the crimes that they had committed.


Beginning of a Match

  The rules of gladiatorial games are simples as can be as there are often two sides fighting until one remains. But many ceremonial aspects must be honored as well to ensure that sport doesn't just end up to a straight-up fight with them fighting one another to a bloody pulp. It starts with opponents kneeling in front of the host to thank them for allowing them to be here as they watch from high up in a private booth with front row seats to the match. They then salute one another by raising their weapons above their heads as a sign of respect for facing them. Then a referee will be present to check to see if both sides are prepared to fight one another once they agree the match begins.    

During Match

  Fight lengths vary greatly on training and weaponry for those who are fighting. The same goes for armor and which attributes fighters prefer such as strength and speed. During the match, they will often use the tactics they train to gain any advantage they can to win along with using flash moves to rile up the crowd. Terrain that they fight will also beside who will win a fight as well and it is not uncommon for their surroundings to change instantly to add drama to the fight or add animals to it. It is until the match reaches that the fighting stops, with the referee often being involved to stop it. This is often to stop the stop fighter from receiving any major injuries as they are as it will, be expensive to replace if they are killed or unable to fight anymore. This only happens with official matches, not blood matches as the goal is for them to kill one another. After the referee calls an end to the match it is officially over with one side surrenders or it seems neither will win.  

Ending Ceremony

  Once the match is over the fighters will be presented in front of the host and he will decide who the winner is or he will declare that both of them are victorious which is not that uncommon to happen depending on the skill they have in fighting. If it is a blood match though and the fighter is at their opponent's mercy they can beg for mercy by raising their index finger in front of them. If the host raises an open hand the fighter will be spared, but if it is closed with their thumb sticking out they will immediately be killed. It is from here that the winner or winners shall receive praise and the love of the crowd for their skills and will receive their rewards from the host themselves to honor them and leave the arena.


Anyone can be a gladiator if they want to may they be free or as a slave, man or woman or even of another race entirely. All they need is a sponsor that will pay for their training and a trainer to train them in the area of arena fighting to ensure that they can put on a show in the arena. These sponsors can be can very from nobles to businessmen to see them fight and earn money for them from the number of people that they bring in to see them fight.


The games will often happen whenever a match has been set up by an arena and the gladiator's sponsor. These events can be set day or night or even in the middle of winter if they want to. When someone wants a match no one can stop them. But the biggest competition that gladiators can be in is the Clash of Champions which would take place every five years with only the best gladiators competing in it to become immortalized for all time.
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Rise of Champions

  The areas have brought about many fighters in their existence as they fought to please the crowds that watched them. It was from here that many standouts made them champions and celebrities of the arena. Gaming them flame and glory every time they fought and so many of them enjoyed it that they did not want to leave at all even if they were a slave or not. They made quite the living as they fought all across the land and were paid very well too. Those that finally retired lived in comfort for the rest of their days, while those who meet their end in the arena became legends within the halls that they fought in and immortalized beyond compression.  

Money Maker

  Anyone knows that money can be earned with gladiators if you know how the game works. That goes for trainers and those who bet on the gladiators themselves. It is all up to the gladiators themselves in the end as they can make a man rich or have empty pockets on how long they last. But everyone knows that a good trainer is what ensures that a fighter knows how to fight to gain the upper hand of their opponent and the cheers of the crowd. Those who make it will find themselves handsomely rewarded for their services with money and other luxuries to ensure they keep on fighting. It is considered quite a lucrative business for those who finally manage to gain attention and spectators for their fighters as everyone knows that people will do anything to get a good show out of something.  

Extravagence for All

  To be at a gladiator match one should always expect the unexpected as they might surprise you. A match is not just a clash of two or more trained fighters but it is a performance to entertain all who watch them. Meaning that many different things will be used to gain the attention of the crowd. Arena at times will be changed to like certain places to retell victories of the empire from long ago or tell the story of a hero being triumphant over his enemies. Often wielding exotic weapons and armor to captivate the minds of the spectators despite being unconventional. Along with some more fascinating things as well such as frightening wild animals that are exotic from other lands to fight. Even at times fighting said animals or on chariots all the while trying to defeat their opponents. The arena will not be the same either as many of them have been able to change the terrain with machines that can change it in mere moments to cause the fighters their skill to gain the upper hand in a fight. Nothing is ever boring when at the games as they aim to please all who wish to watch them.  

Match Types

  Duels: The most common type of matches as two fighters will compete against one another until one will triumph over the other. Fights like these will often be against experienced fighters of some renown as they clash against one another. They are often great crowd brings as everyone wants to see who is the better fighter in the arena.   Team Battles: There is nothing more appealing to them more than one gladiator fighting one another. As the fights will last longer and the winner is more unclear than with just two fighters. Often having different fighter types competing against one another in a clash of steel. These fights can be unpredictable but they can really show if these teams will fight together as teams or just go it in alone to just see if they can win.   Beast Slaying: When wild animals aren't being used to execute prisoners they are used to fight gladiators to spice things up. The animals will vary from what the arena has and they will often be from some far-off land to add an exotic feel to them. But these beasts are often not trained so they will do what they want as they often eat their trainers. So they just feed them Human flesh and hope for the breast as most of them are predators. It will often have several gladiators to fight them as one person is never enough to kill it.   Reinactments: Nothing is more memorable than to reacting the past glories of the empire through battle in the arena. it is from here that fighters will be dress distinctly from one another to represent one another for the crowd to know who is who. With them often being large scale with dozens of fighters clashing with one another. Though these fights will not always favor one side as the fighters' skills will determine the victor.   Executions: Gladiators can execute prisoners of the state to please the crowd and show off the might of the empire. Though it is often one-sided as prisoners while given a chance to fight back will be about the match by their trained executions with any of them being rarely killed by them. Not to mention they are given no armor and their weapons will be old and rusty to cause real harm to them.

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