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Voltas is an island that is never as its seems, what do you expect considering it was risen from the sea. - Hyperion Sailor


The island resides on the northern borders of Hyperia, where it rose from the sea. Making it much closer to the mainland of the Western Lands as well due to that fact. But all of the natural beauty that covers the island was not normally created.


Magical Environment

  The island follows its own rules with everything in it as it is magically made, meaning the natural laws tend to not apply here. With plants and animals acting differently than they should with the natural habits and the changing of the seasons. But to ensure that this did not ecologically collapse, the mages of the island made sure that everything on the island had a perpose in order to preserve the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Cycles

Like all the islands that apart to Hyperia it will often go through the storm season during the summer and it will be hit by theses storms. Making many try and hunker down when one them ca e as they are powerful and violent.

Fauna & Flora

Magically Created

  Everything that is on Voltas was created with magic one way or another from the largest of trees to the smallest of animals. This was done by accident by the original mage settlers that would inhabit the island as they were growing life on the island and the magic that was used would seep itself into the land and much of the plant life that grew afterwards. After realizing that the changes to the island were now irreversible they decided that creating magical beasts was the only way animals could exist on the island as ordinary ones would have have difficulty adapting to the environment. Leading to all the plants and animals being create artificially in order to preserve the ecosystem.

Natural Resources

Due to the magical properties on the island it has become a source of magical materials for anyone who wishes to obtain them. Making the plants, animals and the minerals found on the island to have more magical properties than they normally would be found in a place.


A Miracle of Magic

  Out of all the islands of the Hyperia, Voltas has one of the most strangest and fascinating histories that one can find. Originally it never existed as it had yet to come up from the sea to become an island in the first place, the one credited for this would be Fedoran the Guide. A mage whose powers in magic were so great that it raised the island from beneath the waves to become a brand new island. The island's name is derived from an old Dionian word meaning sanctuary and would become that as many born with magic in them would mirage to the island and call it home from now on to escape death and persecution on the mainland. The newly dubbed Voltasians would band together and found the Commune of Voltas, the first nation to be solely ruled by magic. Along with much of the life on the island being created with magic in order to breath life in the once dead rock. making it one of the most magic potent region in the Western Lands.  

Clash of Ownership

  Since the creation of the island and its claiming by the Commune of Voltas would set in motion a series of conflicts that would span centuries for control over the island and the new lands it had to offer. Though many of theses wars would come in many different names, all would become referred as the Voltas Wars. All of theses war would be started by a foreign power that would try to conquer the island and put it under their control only to be defeated by the Commune and driving them away from their homeland. At a certain point most gave up their chance to take the island and considered in impossible to achieve due to the magics that the Commune had at its disposal, all except for one that is. The Kingdom of Hyperia long time rulers of the Hyperian Isles saw the raising of the new island as rightfully their due to traditions and faith claiming that anything from the sea belong to them. Making them apart of most of the Voltas wars in their many attempts in seizing the island and failing in all of them. But the these wars would eventually force the Commune to become a vassal state under the Vatian Empire in order to protect themselves and later on they would be disbanded and the island would come under imperil rule till this day.


People that travel to the island are often looking for things of magic for one way or another. Considering that the island is practically made of magic it brings many of theses individuals that search for what they need. Along with magic users that seek to learn the arts of magic or to just find a place to belong amongst their own kind.
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Hukon, Island of Magic
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Magic Population

  Despite no longer being independent, Voltas still has a thriving magic population, making it an ideal place for anyone who wants to learn magic more here and train under those more experienced. Often through some of the magic academies that exist on the island. Keeping some of their traditions and customs alive, they date back to the Voltas Commune. Allowing for Voltasians use their magic as long as they obey imperial laws revolving around magic.  

Under Imperial Rule

  While under the empire's control, Voltas has seen very little colonization by Vatian settlers like most other regions, as many immigrants soon find themselves unable to deal with the unique magical wildlife that is located on the island. It was causing difficulties for many of them to adapt to the environment as they lacked understanding of the magic that is a part of the island. This led to only a select few that decided to live here. It is those who have professions when it comes to involving magic. This is why the empire uses the island for all of its magical needs in terms of resources and mages that can create magic items and can be used in military services across the empire. Often using the remaining magical academies as recruitment centers for mages to serve the empire once they graduate.  

Rising Tensions

  Despite the inhabitants being mostly pro-imperial since the island became a part of the island, the inhabitants have become more restless with the empire's decline in recent centuries. Much of it has to do with Battle Mages and other magic users to serve in its armies. Considering that many of the natives are tired of having their children die in foreign wars that seem pointless, there have been of them that believe that their island can be independent once more. Led a select few to seek the Hyperion League to help them achieve that goal. This, of course, has been problematic the as Voltasians and Hyperions have a had a troublesome history with one another as they had been killing each other longer than anyone can remember. But the hatred of the empire seems too much struggle to set aside their difference for now.


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