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Fedoran the Guide

High Exarch Fedoran Obern Julinas (a.k.a. The Guide, the Savior, Earth Speaker)

Fedoran was than just a greater wield of magic, he knew how to wield it, how to use it to help others, and founded a nation of magic to escape persecution above all else, creating a legacy that will forever honor him even after the destruction of Voltas. Caraban the Thinker

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

His old age has made him frail.

Facial Features

Long white beard

Identifying Characteristics

Burn marks on hands and arms

Special abilities

Geomancy: magic that is center around manipulating the earth around it. It is a balanced form of magic that can be used offensively and defensively.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears the traditional clothing of a magic caster of the commune

Specialized Equipment

Earth Whisper : A magic staff with a powerful magic stone used to enhance magic spells.   Spellbook: used to aid in casting a spell.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A Rude Awakening

  Fedoran was born like any other Dionian, he loved to learn and experiment with things in the search for knowledge. He would travel across the land in his people’s caravan from place to place, looking for work and research whatever they could find. That was until he turned nine years old when in found out he was born with magic. It was in a bandit raid that it would awaken inside of him to save his people from harm. Though it caused severe burns on him as he was not trained to withstand the Price of Magic and shortly fell into a coma for a week before waking up. He was lucky that his caravan didn't leave him to die that day as magic was considered wild and dangerous by everyone in the Western Lands and harboring a magic-user was dangerous to everyone involved. But Dionians were a people that did not turn their back on their own and saw it as an opportunity to look into the magic itself as very few people ever studied it. This of course turned the young Fedoran into a lab rat to a certain extent. It also caused him to be stuck in the caravan when every they were stopping at a settlement to avoid him being discovered. The test they did on him did not help him control his power either as the slightest use of them caused him pain. Then one day he finally left his caravan to explore on his own when no one was looking and it would lead him to his destiny.  

Into the World of Magic

  It was in the city of Aldering that he would come across one of his kind, a magic-user known as Oliver Osten in an alleyway. It was all by accident really as they were both hiding from guards looking for those with magic. Once they found out they both could use magic, Oliver leads him to a haven of magic users and began to properly learn the ways of magic. This took a while to do as he had to return to his caravan before anyone noticed he was gone. Once got the hang of it he didn't have to fear it anymore or harming others accidentally. He wanted to learn more but he had to move on with his people as they always did. His friend however revealed to him a hidden network of safe havens across the land and what to look for to find the continue his training. He made to keep all of this a secret as no one could know about any of it and carried out his life as long as possible as he learned magic more and more as each haven he came across. Becoming more and more powerful as the years went on until finally, he was old enough to travel from his caravan. He knew that staying any longer would endanger his people if he was discovered and wanted to learn more of the magical arts on his own and after saying his final goodbyes he set into the world in the search of knowledge.  

Harsh and Wonderous Travels

  Life was not easy for him on his journey as he was constantly dealing with the fear of being discovered as a magic-user. Often having to travel in the wilderness or on roads that very few take to get anywhere. He managed to get by making potions to sell to anyone willing to pay for them and found refuge in havens he came across. All the while continuing his research on the arts of magic and its properties. Often traveling to places where it was rich and abundant to truly understand it. He made many discoveries that aided in the understanding of magic and the first magic-user to create magic items with it to an extent. His staff whisper was one of the many items that he was able His understanding of alchemy allowed him to create magic potions that granted him abilities and powers along with them. What he knew he shared with other magic users to be able to better their lives where ever they went and it helped them greatly. But after many years of wandering, he saw a hard truth in front of him, the persecution of magic users across the land. He wanted to change all of that in any way possible, which would turn him into a legend.  

Helping a Desperate People

  He knew that there were thousands of people with magic all over the Western Lands that were suffering under the laws of the countries that they lived in with no rights to them. It did not help either as that purges happened just about everywhere to eradicate magic. It was from this that Fedoran knew that these lands were not safe for his people and had to leave to find someplace safe from all of this suffering. This would take some time that he did not have a rebellion of magic users known as the Arcane Rebellion broke out in the Kingdom of Servori and began to spread rapidly in other places as well. There he would meet his friend Oliver once more and many others to try and get them to stop this madness before it got out of hand. But many refused to listen as they tired of being treated like animals and wanted to have a land of their own. Rather than leaving them to their fate he instead stayed with them to help keep them alive as best he could as a healer and surgeon when he needs to be. At times he fought alongside them to save lives when the enemy was getting too close. But most of all he was a teacher, teaching what he learned of magic to the children while their parents were out fighting. Hoping to steer them on the right path so they did not make the same mistake as their parents did. But soon the rebellion's days were numbers as their numbers were few against many and many began to follow Fedoran as his wisdom began to make more and more sense as time went by. It was with those who followed him out of the conflict would find a homeland of their own. Those who stand behind met a horrid end as the rebellion was crushed and all were killed.  

Founding a Homeland

  At first, Fedoran did not know what to do in securing land for magic users as there was no place that wasn't full on the Null already. Then he got the idea that he had to make it himself. As a Geomancer, it wouldn't be that had to do but creating enough land fit thousands of people and future generations was a lot harder. Getting to the sea with thousands of people following you more and more each day was another problem. Which meant they had to scatter in small groups and meet up near the sea to go unnoticed. After many weeks though most of them managed to get their unharmed and waited for what Fedoran would do next as he had yet to arrive at the meeting place. This was due to him helping others escape the death from a massive purge known as the Great Inferno in the Kingdom of Dulthen where they were meeting in. By the time he finally arrived the kingdom's army had arrived to wipe out the large mass of people there when they found out they could use magic. It was at this moment that Fedoran made himself a messiah to the people following him as he used all of his power to raise an entire island from the sea itself. It was then that he made a landbridge to get everyone to the island safely and away from the army that was coming. Of course, only a small amount of them tried to follow them as the rest of them in their right minds decided to stay away from such a powerful magic user that can raise entire landmasses by themselves. Though Fedoran was at his limits with his magic as he was lucky to survive an ordeal as the Price of Magic would have certainly killed him if he did properly prepare for it. After a long walk across the bridge, he caused it to collapse, causing their pursuers to fall to their deaths as to become an example t those who would try to harm his people any longer. The land that he rose from the sea was not a sight to see as it was lifeless and barren as far as the eye could see. But he knew with all the people's combined magic they could bring life to the land and make a life here. It took some time but with everyone helping one another the land became a paradise that they all could live on it. It was this that the Commune of Voltas was founded soon after as the first nation to be ruled by magic users and Fedoran would be chosen by the people to lead them into the future.  

Building the Nation

  It was at this time Fedoran would help build the nation into a state that would flourish through magic and not so easily conquerable by any would-be invaders. As High Exarch he would form the Council of Exarchs, made up of the wisest and smartest magic users to properly run the nation. Along with helping to create the values that the nation would stand for so they would not lose their way. This was very important as Commune itself would be tested many times as many in the Western Lands would see this nation fall before it started for what it represented. But as long a he was in charge he was not going to let that happen. That statement would be true as his power and knowledge would give rise to new generations of spellcasters that would defend the nation from harm, even found the Earendal University, the first school for magic on the Continent of Kinath and a Haven for all with magic to live in peace.  


  He would rule over the Commune for over seventy years as he lived much longer than most others through his understanding of magic aided in extending life without the use of dark magic. Once he finally did pass though he left a legacy that would aid in a better understanding of magic centuries laters as it slowly spread across the continent and more schools of magic and a better understanding of it finally brought an end to mass persecution of his people. Bring a satisfying end to a long life of struggle and achievement.


  • Alchemy
  • Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Science
  • Magic Casting
  • Magic Control
  • Magic Combat
  • Magic Item infusion


  • Magic Researcher
  • Apothecary
  • Exarch

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Founding the Commune of Voltas
  • Raising the island of Voltas from the sea
  • Winning the battle of Kelnen
  • Discovery of Magic Potions
  • Founded the Earendal University
  • Formed the Council of Exarchs

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Failing to stop the Arcane Rebellion

Failing to save Gran Ferodil

Mental Trauma

He has been haunted by the lives that he could not save when he tried to reason with them to escape during the Arcane Rebellion.

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Logical

Morality & Philosophy

Fedoran himself understood that people were afraid of magic, but did not believe it was time to help them understand it at all as they did not want to learn. So he believed that the only way for those born with magic to live away from persecution was to find a place away from them until the time came for them to accept them. He also believed that magic was a gift to the world for the wonders it could do, but it had to be taught properly to those who knew how to use it to avoid abusing it.


  • Using Dark Magic
  • Resorting to Violence

Personality Characteristics


He believed in a world where those born with magic where accepted by those without it.


Family Ties

  • Wife: Marina
  • Son: Gilman
  • Son in Law: Gerim Dumer
  • Daughter in Law: Sera Hall
  • Daughter: Kimil
  • Granddaughter: Philadel
  • Grandson: Arumil
  • Grandson: Jeral
  • [/
    • Great Grandson: Tobias

Religious Views

He worships Dion, the god of knowledge, but is accepting of other faiths.
374 BCA 269 BCA 105 years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
162 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
Magic is both a gift and a curse, but only we can decide what it truly is.
There is always room for learning as no one can know everything in their lifetime.
Known Languages
Dionese Vasili Artuni Helneu


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