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Price of Magic

Magic that should never be taken lightly by anyone, not even those who can use it. For Magic always comes at a price and that price often comes with pain to use our power properly - Experienced Mage


The Price of Power

  Magic is something that cannot be easily controlled as if lighting a candle with a match, for the match used in question will undoubtedly burn you while trying to light the candle. That is something that all magic users will experience whenever they wish to use their magic at all. It takes time and discipline to truly cast magic without going through pain and suffering, but the need for sacrifice is required to truly use the power that was bestowed on them. It will come in many forms for one to truly use it to the ones who have much to learn they will experience much pain for their lack of will and control often suffering from burns, cuts, and many forms of pain that come with it. But to those who learn they are capable of controlling it better to avoid the many hazards that come with it.  

Controlling the Price

No matter how skilled the caster is the price will still exist for them. This is why training is required to allow them to properly protect themselves from the harm that may come to them if they are not in control of the situation. To truly understand magic one must learn from within for it is a part of you and not some foreign substance that can be formed at will. It must be feared and accepted in both regards as that is how it should be and by doing so the magic within the caster is much easier to use. The mind must be focused as well with all thoughts centered around the magic being used in a spell as mind-driven with a single purpose is in control and does not doubt in their mind in what is to come.  

The Price of Failure

To fail in magic is something not to be taken lightly as it will lead to one's own destruction at one's own hands. The pain will differ depending on the power of the spell and the experience of the one casting it, but the severity of it is uncertain as death is always a possibility or an injury that may come from it. One mistake can cause a spell caster to become a cripple and never use magic again or they will just die quickly or slowly with no way to save them in time are their bodies have failed to protect them or their minds shattered from the power they had tried to control. But there is also another outcome that is considered a fate worse than death t anyone with magic coursing through their veins. Their magic becomes too wild and uncontrollable that it causes their very soul to be forced from their body and they are gone with only an empty shell of a body remaining, except that the magic replaces the soul and takes over. The term used for such an ungodly creature is a Hollowborn, being born from the magic that takes control of the caster's former body and makes it as their own. They are creatures they cannot understand from right or wrong and have a never-ending craving to feed on magic to sustain themselves. Causing death and destruction in their wake to satisfy themselves with only fragmented memories of the former caster to rely on to properly understand the world around them.


Power Within

  The body is the source of one's magic for it is within oneself that power can manifest itself into reality. Both the body and the mind must be trained to be properly used as conduits for magic. Depending on the body and the mind of those casing the price may affect them differently from others. Depending on those factors it will either lead to success or failure on the castor.  

Lightening the burden

  It is possible to lessen the burden on one's body and mind if the proper tools are available to them when using magic.   Spell Book: A spellbook is something that all spell casters should have on them for they contain all the proper instructions that come with the spell. Along with being written in the Arcane Speech, the mother tongue of magic that allows a spell caster to call up their magic properly. Of course, it bests that caster speaks the spell properly or suffers a magical misfire. Channeler: A proper way to avoid any kind of misfire from magic is to concentrate one's magic into a single point, often being an object that can help magic control it better. The most common form is a staff or a wand being made of any material either normal or modified to store magic in them. They allow the user to concentrate their magic into a single point and keeping the magic channeled in one place rather than in multiple places to keep the cost-controlled and down to a minimum.
Metaphysical, Arcane

Places of Power

Though magic is of another world, there are places where it has leak over into our world and has taken hold of it. These places are made of pure magic itself and be beneficial for those who wish to cast magic when they need to. The price is often reduced greatly due to the magic being used by users coming from the magic around them rather than from within them. Allowing them to use as much magic as they want until they reach a certain limit as ever places such as these can only give away so much magic until they have to recharge again and use be drained of it once more.  

Merging of Power

  Though training is a good way to successfully use magic, it can only go so far. Which is why some Spell Caster have taken the idea of embodying magic to another step by making their bodies a temple to it. Thing is often done through magic tattoos or branding that etched into their bodies to allow their bodies to hold more power in them. Enabling them to harness more power and control over the magic in them to use. But even those with magic can store so much as the tattoos can lead to trouble as pain can come with it or worse their bodies are torn apart as the magic in them sinks deeper into their bodies.

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