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Commune of Voltas

We formed this nation, so those gifted with magic could live a peaceful existence without fearing death from ignorant nulls that see them all as monsters. Even now, they try to plan our downfall despite us leaving them alone it just shows you how they can accept us being masters of our fate.- Exarch Astra Anders


Council of Exarchs: The highest ruling body in all the commune comprises the more distinguished and gifted mages of the commune who are elected to govern the commune and decide what is best for the people.   Assembly of Archmages: A elected body of mages created to deal with the bureaucracy of running a nation and dealing with issues that may arise in daily life in the commune. Only they can elect Exarchs to join the council.   Guardians of Voltas: The main military branch of the commune and have say in the government as they are needed to defend its borders from constant threats that desire to raise their lands to the ground.   Mage Academies : The academies are responsible for teaching future generations of mages and where they will go when they graduate, making them a significant part of the commune.


Being a Member

  For centuries our people have lived in fear of those who wish to destroy us for a power we did not choose to be born with. Never had we thought that we would have a place we would call our own where could live in safety and be hunted for the rest of our lives. But then were given a chance at that dream and we took it and with it a nation that we would live in peace and safety as we learned to train with the magic that we were born with. With it, we built a society far more advanced than most of the world could imagine. We shared our knowledge and did not hoard it for ourselves all for the greater good of our people. In doing so we learned that through cooperation and understanding we could set aside differences, through the one gift that we all share, magic, and accepted one another with open arms. We were shown a proper path that showed us the truth, that we reserve the right to exist in this world where everyone else turns on one another to satiate their desires. This land is our own and we will not give it up because of the greed of others and those who dare to due so will suffer our wrath at the fury of the power that they fear. Divided we were weak and easily taken, but now we stand united stronger than ever before and will vanquish all that stand in our way and never give up what we have earned from our hardships. Each one of us knows with our magic we shall do our part to create a society that is worthy of our people and show the world what can be accomplished with it.  

What People Think of You

  The Voltas Commune despite being isolated and neutral in most events to leave alone by the rest of the Western Lands. However, despite these attempts to remain in peace with the nations, they would periodically come into conflict with them as many sought to exploit them due to them having their society mainly running on magic. Though there would be also some who wished to destroy them as well as they believed that those born with magic having their nation was a threat or considered it unholy as magic was considered a power that wicked and had to be destroyed. But the Kingdom of Hyperia was its biggest rival and wage war with one another due to the kingdom believing that the island of Voltas belongs to them due to their maritime society and culture believing that anything the seas of the isles belong to them.

Public Agenda

The commune's sole purpose is to remain independent to ensure the safety of its magic-born population and to avoid destruction from those who seek to destroy them.


The commune's greatest power is that of the magic that its population has at its disposal allowing them to create Magic Items, magic defenses and cast spells to defend themselves when the moment arrives.


A Dream of a Home

  Magic has always had a troubled history in the Western Lands, especially for those born with magic as well. Leading many to suffer the oppression of Null, those born without the magic that sought to rid those with it. Tens of thousands were killed in these so-called purges of purification and those that survived went into hiding to survive. Eventually, they decided that they were tired of hiding and wanted to fight to create their nation where their people could live in peace, this conflict would be known as the Arcane Rebellion that would be crushed under the might of many nations that fought to wipe out the mages and that dream of a homeland seemed to be lost with the rebellion death. However, one man would keep that dream alive and would help that dream come to life with his aid and guided his people to a place they could finally call home. This man would be known as Fedoran the Guide and with his magic, he would raise a new island from the sea for his people to live on and away from all who sought to wipe them out. This new island would be named Voltas and soon tens of thousands of mages would call this place home, things they thought they would never have in their lifetime. It would take some time to build the new island from the ground up, but with the age of their magic, the once dead chunk of land would be like any other island with an abundance of green and fresh soil for the people to live off the land. But during that time they would plan for what society they would live in now that they were on their own and away from the constant danger that was once all they could ever think about. It was amongst themselves that they decide that their society would be that of cooperation and understanding with one another to create a better life for themselves and future generations that were to come. For this to happen they elected a council of some of their best and brightest to lead them into this future, with Fedoran being the leader of this council as his vision seemed to have everyone's bests interests at heart. With the creation of the Council of Exarch came the creation of the Commune of Voltas, the first nation to ever be formed and ruled by those born with magic  

Ruled by Magic

  By being able to use their magic freely the mages of Voltas had a better understanding of their powers and how to best use them fo their society. Allowing them to create a highly sophisticated society that centers around their magic and what they could use for their society. They used it for everything that anyone could imagine, cities that took centuries for most to build would be created in a matter of decades and crop yields would become abundant more than most farmers could ever dream of. From the smallest and biggest of places, magic would find its way into their society to ensure that could prosper and that is what they did. It would also design how their society would be given as well with each person born with certain types of magic being able to pick a variety of choices to contribute to society. For everyone had their part to play in keeping it running for the good of all. That is how the commune would be known for its many wonders that were accomplished by their willingness to contribute to their nation in any way they could. Though this would cause them to isolate themselves from the world with very limited communication with it due to the harsh treatment of those with magic living outside of their borders. Along with restricting most nulls from entering their island home as they believed that they had no place in their society and fear of spies and saboteurs were common amongst them as an attempt to bring down everything they built. Leading to the only magic-ruled society to remain in a constant state of isolation as a means of self-preserving their way of life from destruction.  

Conflicts of Survival and Decline

  The Commune would last for almost a thousand years with their society living in relative peace on their island home, however, wars and raids on their lands were quite common as many attempted to conquer their lands and destroy their society. While their magic would crush these invaders in their tracks it would not always be the case and conflict would be set on their lands only to be pushed back with time. But the damages done would often be significant and it would only get worse as the centuries went on and on as the world around them started to advance itself with new technologies and machines of war. Leading them to an arms race to advance their magic and the capabilities that would be done with it. Along with causing problems within their society as many of it, people began to see the outside world as being more and more hostile and believing that the only way to achieve peace was for the world to fear them and forge an empire to enslave the nulls as they were inferior to them. This did not go well with those that followed the teaching that founded the commune and by going down this path the mages would be no better than the nulls that sought to destroy them. Leading to rebellions and a civil war that would almost destroy their island and would take years to rebuild. It seemed that their people would face destruction at this rate as they were so few and the enemies were so many. However, things would change as they began to seek out allies in a desperate attempt to save their people from annihilation.   The commune often made allies with those who accepted magic within their lands with the Kingdom of Ferosia being one of their oldest allies as many of its people were born with magic in them, along with many cities in the Eastern Lands allowed mages to live in peace. But their assistance would be limited as they tend to stay out of wars unless they could wage them closer to home. But then we hope seemed to be lost, a beacon of light seemed to have been lit in the most likely of places, the Vatian Empire for the first time in its history a mage would sit on its throne and rule with this individual being called Alexander Aurelius. His rule would see magic more accepted within the empire and the lives of those born within it to be improved leading to open diplomacy between them and the empire. Along with mutual understanding and cooperation with one another as the commune saw the ever-growing empire as the best chance of survival. Soon the commune would send support to fight in the empire's wars and so did they in return to crush all who dared oppose them. But in doing so it had led them to become dependent on the empire to ensure their survival and later on they chose to become a vassal state for the empire and sealed their fate. With time their society would change as the empire manipulated it and bring an end to the once great nation and everything that they stood for in an ever-changing world.


Two centuries after the commune became a vassal state to the Vatian Empire, much of the state lost its autonomy and would be more and more swayed to the imperial interests over them. By the time anyone realized what was happening the empire would annexed the commune and annexed the island nation with the Province of Hyperia, disbanding the once independent nation into another territory of the empire.

Demography and Population

Due to it only existing mainly on one single island the commune's population can only hold so many people. But despite this, they have managed to create a large population and it has grown to number more than a hundred thousand people that live within its borders.


The Commune solely exists on the island of Voltas and the water surrounding the island. The island itself is considered theirs by birthright as it was raised from the sea through magic as a haven from those hostile to those born with magic.


The commune due to its unique position that is have been brought has caused into to create its standing army that is used as a defense force to defend its lands from invaders and secure its borders from attacks.   Guardians of Voltas: Mages that have sworn an oath to defend their homeland from all those that wish to see harm come to it. With each of its members being capable soldiers trained in the art of magic.

Technological Level

Magic has allowed the to commune reach new heights never before seen in history as its power has allowed it to do everything that is required for their everyday needs. Allowing them to build and make things at a much more rapid pace would take longer by normal means. Even creating magical defenses to protect their borders from attack and secure them to ensure that the island is protected. Along with machines that were powered by magic when to avoid exhausting their magic. However, this reliance on magic has to led the commune to be unable to do anything without magic both manually and scientifically as they lack the knowledge to do so. Causing any further developments with magic is somewhat limited as it can be taken only so far.


There is no official religion within the commune as many of its people despite all having magic come from different cultures and backgrounds along with gods. This led the state to accept all regions within it as a means to keep the population happy and to avoid zealotry as it was one of the main reasons that magic users were hunted down in the first place and the fear of it reversing to call on hunting down nulls.

Foreign Relations

The commune has been isolated to avoid conflict with other states outside of it, but there have been some wars with them at one point or another, and this has led to strained relations with some of them more than others. But they have been willing to trade with other states for things to ensure that their society keeps on running. But out of desperation, they had decided to become vessels of the Vatian Empire and now follow imperial laws while maintaining their autonomy.

Agriculture & Industry

Almost everything in the commune is run by magic one way or another to help keep their society running. Allowing it to grow food and build things at a faster rate.

Trade & Transport

Ships would be used only used for trade with neighboring states. While inside of the commune the magic and beasts created with magic are used to transport goods for them.


Mage Academies

  Due to magic being the center of their society, the commune has created a series of schools that trained the future generations of mages to become productive members of society. These academies varied in different occupations a child could take once their reach adulthood ranging from building to the military that they would enter around the age of eight once they were properly trained in controlling their magic once it finally manifested within them, but if there have also been cases of forced manifestations happing much earlier than anticipated with some children entering these academies. Everyone is allowed to receive an education no matter their wealth or status as it is based on the foundations of their society that knowledge should be available not everyone no matter what walk of life they come from.


Much of the infrastructure that was created by the commune is a product of magic in many different shapes or forms from its towering cities to its well-paved roads made with magic earth and fire that have yet to age with time. Even its borders are regulated with magical defenses to keep it safe and ward off attacks. Even sky towers were capable of holding off attacks from the air. But its most sacred places were its magic academies where you mages could learn to wield their magic.

Here We Stand

332 BCA - 617 CA

Geopolitical, Magocracy
Alternative Names
Arcane Commune, Voltas Commune
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
Assembly of Archmages
Judicial Body
Council of Exarch
Executive Body
Council of Exarch
Official Languages
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

Life by Merit

All of you are here because you have proven yourselves capable of doing the job right, that is something to be proud of, and let this moment be a shining example of what hard work can get in life. - Wise Employer
  Unlike most places in the world where people are born into roles in their society due to wealth and bloodline, the commune took a different approach to better their society. They instead allowed their people to earn their positions through character and skill no matter their background and history to prove that anyone willing to do their best was capable of living their life the way they wanted. This of course depended on what magic they had as well to better figure out their role in society as well based on what they would be best at. In doing so the commune was a far more productive system to allow their nation to succeed while others failed and fell to corruption. Along with creating laws that could remove individuals from their positions as well if they were no longer capable of maintaining their position to ensure the right people continued to hold the right jobs.  

Darkness of Magic

We must always remain vigilant when dealing with our enemies for they will not always come from the outside world, they will sometimes come from within our very borders to destroy everything we stand for. - Veteran Battle Mage
  The commune may be using their magic for much of their history to do good, but it was not the case for everyone that lived in it. Some wanted to use their magic to gain power and control over all things around them. Some would even fall under the influence of Dark Magic and caused great trouble throughout the commune's history, even at one point causing a civil war to breakout known as the Council War that almost destroyed the commune and brought nothing but needless destruction with it. The people try to keep themselves on the right track and use their magic for the good of society it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the rest of the bunch if they can.  

A Better Life

To create a better society, we must be willing to look beyond our ambitions and look to helping one another for all to prosper and to achieve something greater. - Mage Professor
  Despite the ever-looming threat of destruction that existed over their heads the people of the commune live good lives. Due to its values and its willingness to better the lives of its people, problems such as poverty and unemployment were almost none existent. Everyone has a part in keeping their society together making it easier to earn a living and live in a relatively peaceful place. Though there are problems of people of certain occupations looking down on other jobs considered beneath they are not too serious to cause any problems. Making the commune one of the more prosperous societies ever seen in the world as like-minded individuals who put aside their differences for the greater good to achieve something greater than themselves.  

Unyielding Defense

Our defenses must be maintained at all times or raiders may get past them again with the blood of the innocents paying the price. - Guardian Mage
  To ensure that their island home is properly protected from outside threats, the Commune and its many skilled builders created a large defensive network around it. These defenses are designed with strong magical defenses and are capable of attacking if necessary to ensure no one can get past them. However, if anyone does manage to get past the border defenses then they will have to deal with stronger ones the deeper they manage to get into the commune the likelihood of escaping becomes less and less. Though these defenses have one weakness, if magic is used against them they can be destroyed or deactivated if someone knows how they tick and will allow anyone to walk right past as if they were not even there.

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