Sea Guard

Our job is simple really we just sail around all day until trouble shows up, then we beat into submission so no one else has to deal with it. - Veteran Guardsmen


The Sea Guard is divided into three groups, the Banors that make control the coastal lands, the Coastal Sentinels and the Marines. The Banors are the ruling body of the Sea Guard as they own the land and fund it. Along with using some there forces to form the ranks of the guard. Coastal Sentinels are the troops that are stationed inside of the forts and and towers along the coastline that responded to any threats that may attack along it. The Marines are the special forces of the guard and are sent out to deal with threats and patrol the region they are in charge of protecting.


Let it be known that these waters are protected from all things that may bring harm to theses shores and the waters that are connected to them whether they bare blade of fang. - Captain Gergory Kelmer
  The Sea Guard is the only force of dealing with threats out on open sea and coastlines near the Kingdom of Ardania. No matter what they face they will hold their ground even though they fighting monsters and criminals that that will show them no mercy.  

Being a Member

  You have chosen a duty that most men would never agree to for they are fighting a place that could turn on them at any moment. For the man lives on land and not the water and it is full of many things that they will never know. That is what truly scares them most of all as the sea is not your friend, for it is something they can never control. Which is why it is imperative for those brave enough to traverse it to keep watch over it for anything that might come from it. To endure the hardships that come with constantly traveling at sea that lesser men would not survive from. Those who have chosen this life have abandoned all notions of living inland again. But those who make up the guard were born on the coastline and islands that surround the kingdom with many of the coming long lines of fishermen and sailors that are use to these sort of things. Then their are the Banors that rule here that maintain the buildings and equipment that ensure their success. Ensuring that when the first sign of trouble is seen an alert can be signaled and a call to action can respond to this threat.   The task is never easy as those who sail on the sea to patrol it have a lot more ground to cover than most other border guard forces as you need know you maritime skills to know where you are going. Things can turn out quite bad too if the weather changes or the ship is damaged being some of the cases. But fighting out at sea is not as easy as one thinks as the waves keep you off balance whether your fighting men or monsters. Those who are stationed at the forts and towers have an easier job though as they are able to stay on land and sleep on a bed. But it can be boring to stare out into nothing but endless blue hoping for something to show up. Often placing bets on things that might come from the sea to attack the coast.  

What People Think of You

  People find the Sea Guard as an honorable duty to have as they protect coastline and ships from anything that may bring harm it. Especially those that live by the sea can feel safer when they are around. It is imperative that this region is secure for the kingdom as it the only access that it has to the rest of world as all other ways are too dangerous to traverse on land. If it was not trade would cease causing economic ruin and food that comes from it would stop leaving many to starve. Making it all the more reason to keep watch and protect the assets of the kingdom and its people.

Public Agenda

To defend the coasts and seas that border the Kingdom of Ardania from any harm and preserve order.



  Two hundred Ships   Seven thousand troops  


  Twenty three coastal forts   Four harbors   sixteen outposts  


  Deck artillery   Monster hunting weapons   Boarding gear


Time of Peril

  Last of the Border Guards to be formed, the Sea Guard was formed to ensure that the shore lines and the trade routes of the Kingdom of Ardania were secured from any threats. But they would be ideal in their duty as they were facing many threats during their founding. Most notably pirates and raiders from the Hyperion Isles that terrorized the region. As the kingdom at the time had no experience in naval warfare they instead hired mercenaries to train their troops to master the art. With time they managed to make it work to their favor and out of the ranks came the first of the Marines, who were able to adapt to the ever changing condition at sea. When they were first seen combat their training and discipline devastated the untrained raiders that raid their shores. They soon became a vital role in the safety of the kingdom's borders and interests at sea as they drove back those who plunder their lands. In that time outpost and forts were also created to ensure early warnings and proper defenses in case of attack. Along with creating footholds on some of the small islands of the isles as well.

Hunters of the Deep

  While pirates and raiders were a common thing that the Sea Guard faced, they soon had to adapt to face other threats that were face more dangerous, this other threat would be sea monsters that would make their way to Ardania’s shores and make them there hunting grounds. Turning them into monster hunters in the process as they learned have to hunt the beasts. Even special equipment and a special task force was created call the Deep Slayers to deal with these threats. Though it took time to properly be able to master the hunting techniques, they soon became good at it. It also made some money for them on the side as well as they sold the meat to nobles and the bones to used for all sorts of things like tools and building material. Though the heads were often kept as trophies to memorialize past victories.

Offensive Defenders

  While these the Sea Guard was often used to protect the borders of the kingdom, they were not always used for that purpose. During the kingdom's conquest of islands in the Hyperion isles they were used as the vanguard Amphibious assaults to create a landing fronts for their forces. This made the Marines of the guard famous as they adapted to aquatic naval landings and broke through enemy lines with speed and precision as one by one the islands fell. They were also crucial in the taking of the island of Toren, one of the three major islands of the isles. This would secure dominance in the region for the Kingdom of Ardania for centuries. Making the Sea Guard one of the only Border Guard forces to be used in offensive warfare in the history of the kingdom.

Enforcers of Law

  As time went on the Sea Guard began to take a different route as the world slowly became less chaotic. While their purpose was to defend the borders of the kingdom they also needed its laws in force as well. They soon were in charge of dealing with smugglers and contraband. Though pirates and raiders were not as common they were still a threat and now they would have to go to trial for their crimes rather than being killed outright. Turning the Sea Guard into law enforcement as conflict was fading away in their region. This of course did not make them soft as they were still as tough as nails and no one wanted to mess with them as they always came down hard on those who broke the law for even the slightest of offenses as they liked to keep things in order and show people that nothing would be tolerated while they were around.


During the War of the Raptors, the Sea Guard fought against overwhelming odds as they battled the imperial navy of the Vatian Empire as they attempted to halt a navy invasion on shores of the Kingdom of Ardania. Though they managed to cripple the invasion force, much of the Sea Guard was wiped out and were unable to recover. When the war ended they were officially disbanded even though they were wiped out at this point.

Calm Seas are Safe Seas

578 BCA - 1528CA

Military, Coast Guard
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Adapting to the Terrain

While the Sea Guard was still a force to be reckoned with this did not mean their was not room for improvement. They began to adapt using designs and tactics that were used by their enemies be come more effective in battle. Such as using different ships depending on the situation or using weapons that were more easy to use at sea. Making more flexible when dealing with threats when time arrived.    

Sophisticated Equipment

  Due to fighting in a aquatic environment, the Sea Guard had to modify their equipment to suit their need as they were both fighting at sea and on the coastline from any potential threats. With a little bit of creativity they managed to invent many ways to get around these problems such as ballistas that could be mound on ships or traps to discourage raiders from landing.  

Advanced Communication

  Since they had cover large amounts of territory at a time on open water, communication was a important necessity to keep everyone informed of events. Which is why several systems were made to ensure that no one was left in the dark. Light houses would use signals for nearby ships and pigeons were used to deliver messages to certain locations quickly. Allowing for forces to quickly respond if they are needed.

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