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Blood Cult


The Cult is lead by a high priest known the Blood Sage who generally specks with Paraka as his most fanatic follower. Going farther down the chain are Blood Priests who spread the word of Paraka and commits sacrifice in his name. Blood acolytes are those who have just joined the cult and tend to do all the dirty work. Followers are at the bottom who give themselves to the cult to do what ever they want.

Public Agenda

Please the Paraka the Blood god and let his power reign over the world.


The cult itself has diminished in numbers since the time of glory days, but still have some sway in a few circles to get what they need. Such as nobles, merchants and warriors.


The cult itself was formed thousands of years ago like may cults of the forsaken gods. The original cult mainly consisted of vampires before they were hunted down. Now many of them are now made up of the mortal races to gain power for themselves and their god. The cult itself though has faded into obscurity since the Night War and are beneath the notice of most. Making it easy for them to move around without gaining much attention.

Mythology & Lore

It is said that Paraka ascended to godhood in a pool of his own blood. After he arose his bloodlust became unquenchable and killed all those who cross his path when he would so meet Silva, the goddess of the undead and fall in love with one another. The soon created the Dracular which existed for thousands of years and later wiped out by Humans and Elves. But in the process many contracted the Blood Taint and became the first Vampires.

Divine Origins

The First of the Vampires heard the call of Paraka in their veins and quickly worshiped him as their god and benefactor. Through this they would create the Blood Cult and whorshed him and follow his teachings. As time went by the vampire population decreased and mortal race began to take their place until there were no more left. This of course does not mean they anything different from their predecessors with many of them being as frantic as any vampire.

Cosmological Views

That Paraka is absolute for he controls the blood in our veins and to against him is to go against the very thing that gives us life.

Granted Divine Powers

Those follow Paraka are often gifted with the power of blood magic if they have enough magic running through their veins.

Blood is Absoulte, Blood is Eternal, it is the Will of All

Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Cult of Paraka
Notable Members

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