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Yagos the Wanderer


Yagos is considered a mystery to the world. Since very few know who or what he is due to no one knowing anything about him at all. Anyone who has ever made contact with him seems to forget what he looks like or what he actually does. With speculation stating that he is powerful wizard who has achieved immortality or and god that walks among mortals. But he sticks out like a sore thumb and he always carries with him a large backpack that holds many odd things. Once in a while something falls out of the bag without him realizing and it can range from a weapon or something as simple as a rock. But it often hold a certain power to it with some of it enveloped in magic or some other power. With some saying that these items change the course of history with their power. Causing many people to go in search of him to achieve such power. But none can find him unless he wants to be found. No one really knows why such a figure travels the land.   But it does not mean he just wanders around doing nothing, he often helps people they cross his path. Often giving them advice or just solving a problem for them or just give you something from his bag. He will even travel with you for a while if your traveling. It’s even possible that he’ll stay in your house if you invite him to rest from his travels. You just have to tolerate his bizarre dialogue and his behavior as he act like a madman saying and doing things that seem strange. Yagos is often considered to be both a bring of fortune and destruction depending on what happens. Along with some believing that he is the embodiment of chaos to his life style. He is never in one place for too long and often vanishes without a trace. Making him one few mysteries of the world that may never be solved.

Historical Basis

It is possible that such a being exists, even though no one knows his true origins lie. Since there have been sighting of a peculiar person that appears and disappears all across the world over different periods of time throughout history.


He is know in Kineth, Dageth, Norria and the Dark Continent as he has been sighted in many places.

Variations & Mutation

Yagos tend to consider either a wizard and god or a Spirit depending on who you talk to. But his nature always remains the same. But people often paint him as a helpful stranger, a trickster, a drifter or even a merchant at times. In Dageth he is called Juminar(Lost One), in Norria, Kelvuden (The Mystic), the Eastern Land, Bemo'dro (Wanderer of the Sands), and on the Dark Continent, Hubunogo (The Colorful Traveler).

Cultural Reception

It depends on how Yagos interacted with certain people he came across. It could have been something helpful or tragic. None can really say how he will act when he is around.

In Literature

There have been a few document encounters with him by people he interacted with. These documents are often called the Tales of Yagos that are keep together in a book. The original copy was lost a long time ago, but copies can be found on Kineth and the Dark Continent.

In Art

There only four pieces of art that were created about Yagos, a song called The Wandering Yagos from the Western Lands , a tapestry in Norria, a statue in Dageth, and cave drawings on the Dark Continent.
Date of First Recording
1500 BCA
Related Species

Curious Fellow

Yagos is curious by many things that come along in his travels, often staring at things for long periods of time and often follows people that peak his interest. He can go at for weeks if he wants to, even the simplest of things he is fasinated with. But why that is the real question?

Cover image: Mystery Merchant by Agus Yunanto


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