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Birth of the Moon

Though the sun lost some its power it gained something else in return as it was no longer along as he gazed upon the beauty of the moon in her fair form and never thought of a life without her - Excerpt from the Birth of the Moon


A long time ago when there was only the sun that shown brightly in the sky. All loved the sun as it gave them warmth and protected them from the darkness that dwelled outside of its domain. Though the sun was happy with its existence it felt incomplete that no how hard he tried he could not seem to get rid of the emptiness inside. Which caused it to feel a great sadness that it made it descend from the sky almost leaving the land in complete darkness when it set. Freighting many people that their protector may one day leave them if this problem if it was not solved. It was from here the people asked the sun what was wrong with the sun and the sun said that it was lonely. It was from here that the people tried to find a way to cure the sun of its loneliness, but no matter how hard they tried there was nothing within their power they could do for the sun was eternal and they would one day perish. Then a stranger who overheard the conversation spoke out and ask if the sun was so lonely why not create something out of its image as he had great power and could do many things. The people liked this idea and brought it to the sun and he was thrilled about it. He would give up half of his power to create a second sun to share the sky with him. The people were also thrilled as there would be more light to banish the darkness that dwells beyond. But little did they know they were playing right into the scheme of another with much darker plans in mind.   The stranger who suggested the idea was the darkness that all feared disguised to deceive all as he had heard of the sun's woes and wished to use it to weaken him to rule the world in complete darkness. All he had to do now was wait for the time to strike and lay hidden until that day arrived. That day would arrive not too soon as all gathered to see the birth of the second sun. But the only way for the sun to do so was to give up a part of himself to give it life and did not care what happened as long as it was no longer alone. As the sun began to create its partner and was near its completion, the darkness leap from the shadow that it laid hidden in and snatched it up carrying it away into its lands where no light could enter. All were shocked by this and fear soon grew amongst them as now the sun was too weak to stay in the sky eternally and had to rest to regain its strength and forcing it to set leaving darkness to cover all as darkness ruled completely over them for a time, leading to a time were fear ruled over all lost in it.   It was not until a young girl by the name of Lunara went out to reclaim the light that was stolen away to help her people no longer be trapped in darkness. She knew the way as the darkness did not take all of the sun's light as bits and pieces fell from it as it was being carried away. Allowing her to gather it and follow the trail while collecting its pieces to light the way. Despite the fear that the darkness brought further, she went into she continued on her path for the sake of her people. But the darkness knew of her plan and tried with all of its power to stop her and he sent forth many things that would terrify a grown man. But it would not cause her to turn back as she slowly collected enough light to guide her through the dark until finally reached where the light was hidden away. It was not an easy task for the light had been hidden in complete darkness with no way of escaping it for it was too weak. It was here that the darkness believed it had one for the girl could do nothing to free the light he had sealed away. But he was wrong for the young girl did something that shocked it completely.   Lunara using what light she had collected on her journey and absorbed it into her and with the power of her will and innocence it became more powerful than before. With the combined power of the light and Lunara it broke through the darkness and merge with the rest of the light. But rather than being another sun, it changed into something else entirely, it was not as bright and it was pale compared to the sun. But it was beautiful and its lights held back the darkness for it would no longer rule the night alone as it cowered in fear as it retreated back into its shrinking domain. The people and the sun soon witnessed this new light that came from the endless darkness in wonder for its beauty that it showed for it was a light to guide them through. To the sun it was perfect no matter how different it was him for. The light called itself the moon and took the form of a women as the sun took the form of a man. But all wonder where Lunara was as she did not return from her journey. Sadly Lunara was no more as she fused with the light in order to bring forth the moon as was now apart of her. It was from here that the people were sadden by the sacrifice of one so young. But the moon told them not to be said for she will always watch over them from now on and with the help of the sun they created the first star in the night sky representing her and would be one of many that would light the sky in the night as the children of the sun and moon. It was from that day forth night and day would come forth with the sun protecting all in the day and the moon guiding all were in the night.


It is a common tale that many Elves know amongst their different races.

Cultural Reception

The Elves even after their division still hold onto the story as it is a reminder to them of who they once were and that they were once one people.
Related Species

Strong Connection

  Even after thousands of years, many Elves hold this as one of their sacred stories as it is a reminder of their heritage. Though many of them don't believe the story to be true at all it does still hold values that they hold dear. As heroes can rise from the most unlikely of places and are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good.

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