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Born with a green thumb

Basic Information


They were considered small humanoids with strong bones structures.

Biological Traits

Their pointy ears are highly advance allowing them to hear thing that most others can. Their size also allows them to be able fit into place were most others can't as well

Growth Rate & Stages

Due to their small size a gnome is said to be fully grown when it reaches ten years old and their ears turn pointy when they mature into adulthood at fifteen years old. Older Gnome males are also known to grow excusive body and facial hair as they grow older.

Ecology and Habitats

Though they consider forests their homes, they live under ground to tend to roots of the trees and plants in vast underground caverns in order not to harm any of the plant life at all.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As they are unable to hunt with their small size and will often forage and eat a verity of insects, fungus and fungi by harvesting and farming under ground where most

Biological Cycle

Gnomes often hibernate underground where it is warm and cozy when winter comes and do not return to surface until the spring.

Additional Information

Social Structure

It is said that lived in tightly knit family groups with each one following their own rule, making themselves independent from one another and holding their own section of tunnel that they lived in.

Facial characteristics

Their facial features are often bulbous with a large nose with small eyes and mouth.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Gnomes were only found in the western lands on the Continent of Kinath.

Average Intelligence

Gnomes are highly intelligent able to understand multiple languages and can think faster then most other races.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

They were said to masters of herbology and could heal any plant that they wanted with just their hands as gift of healing by the god that created them.

Major Language Groups and Dialects



Gnomes consider one of the smallest creates that existed during the time of the Elves western lands of the Continent of Kinath. It was said that they were created by the nature god, Kenok as caretakers of the forests. They would often build under ground settlements in large tunnel ways known as the Under Root due to them often having roots of plants on the roofs of the tunnel. They were often stingy, but were often friendly with the other races of the forest, but would mind their own business from them. Living out their days healing the land so it would never die as it would continue to flourish. But when the Beastmen came that would all have changed, they began to burn the forest as they continued to move into the west and the Gnomes desperately tried to stop the damage as much of what could be save. The Beastmen were infuriated by this and began to hunt them down when they learned of their power. many were dug out of their own tunnels with no place to escape and were torn apart. By the time the Elves fled and the Humans scattered the Gnomes were all put wiped out with not a single one spared. The only things that remains of their culture are stories told by the Elves and the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal and the Under Root, though many of their tunnels have collapses many of them still remain functioning all across the western lands. What culture they once had was lost to time and very few remnants remains
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
350 - 500 years
Average Height
Male: 3'6" to 3'10 Female: 3'3 to 3'7"
Average Weight
30 - 40 pounds
Average Physique
They are considered strong and resilient to most since their body's muscles are tightly packed together making them much stronger then they appear.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Their skin is often a deep porcelain skin color.


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