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Basic Information


Dryads take the shape of humanoids but their bodies are that of plants.

Biological Traits

Dryads are divided in several different types of groups based of the types of plants they are affiliated with.

Tree Dryads

The longest living of Dryads as they are the care takers of the trees and often the wisest of the Dryads. They are often protecting and growing plant life were ever it is need and at time finding a man they like to be their mate. They are fierce fighters as well in order to protect their home.
Dryad 5

Flower Dryads

They are childish by nature, often playing around more then anything else. Along with being the most beautiful and highly sexual. This is mostly due to them to having the lowest lifespan of all Dryads for only a few centuries. Making want to enjoy life and all of its pleasures instead of following responsibilities.

Brush Drayads

They are not the most social of the Dryads as they often prefer the company of their sisters or plants. They often overrun any place with plant life especially if they are ruins of settlement since they believe that they are a affront to nature itself. They have short tempers as well and can be prone to violence is left with no choice. They often plant their offspring in order to reproduce.

Genetics and Reproduction

Due to all dryads begin female they need a male from any species to reproduce. But they can also reproduce asexually by planting one of their seed in the ground and allowing it to grow.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dryads tend to grow faster then most races with many reaching adulthood at twelve years old. Depending on the type of Dryad they age differently with some remain young for centuries and some gradually aging as of they were a Human.

Ecology and Habitats

Dryads prefer forest environments as they are protectors and guardians of these lush as wild places.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Dryads do not necessarily need to eat solid food to survive, since they are plants they just need sunlight and water to survive often absorbing it through their skin.

Biological Cycle

Dryads change with the seasons with their skin changing color and other parts of their bodies blossoming or wilting away depending on the season. When winter arrives they hibernate like any other plant, only to reemerge when spring arrives. But their hibernation can also allow them to sleep in a death like state with out aging or the need of supplements.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Dryads live in a matriarchal society, often being lead by the oldest and wisest of their kind in order to keep them from straying from their path. These dryads are often called Grove Mothers are often responsible for large sections of forests and hundreds of Dryads. They are often the mothers to many of these Dyads that are in these grooves as well.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Dryads are often hunted for their beauty and used as exotic prostitutes for expensive cliental, the least fortunate are used for their powers to grow certain plants constantly straining themselves, Which can lead to death if not stopped or are harvested for their body parts in potions and other remedies.

Facial characteristics

They have well designed feminine features that make it hard some people no to stare at them.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dryads are found in the western lands of Kineth, but only in the Great Forest as it their last sanctuary.

Average Intelligence

They are known to be stealthy and are able to speak to plants and as well as the common tongue.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dryads often use their sight and hearing to help them. But they are unable to smell and instead have the ability to communicate with other plants around them.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Dryads often promote their beauty by bathing in sun light and watering selves regularly to remain beautiful.

Gender Ideals

Since they are all female their only duty to preserve nature and reproduce.

Courtship Ideals

Dryads don't use pleasantries or gifts to get what they want, they just right to business and offering themselves to their potential mate, but they understand if they are turned down.

Relationship Ideals

Dryads can differ on a relationship with some only wishing to reproduce and others falling in love with their mate, often staying with them fore the rest of their lives.

Average Technological Level

They do not use any form of technology, but they are able to transform certain parts of plants into weapons.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Dryidic Elvish Old Tongue

Common Etiquette Rules

They often hug who ever they like no matter what race or gender they are. Along with holding loved ones close to them.

Common Dress Code

Dryads often wear plants to cover their feminine features, buts all they due everything else is exposed.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Dryad culture exists around nature and live like plants often enjoying the sun and keeping all the other plants around them healthy.

Common Taboos

  • Murdering kin
  • Corruption of magic


Dryads were said to be created by the Forest god, Kurpos as keepers of all things wild and have done so ever since. The golden age was during the time of the Elves when they ruled over western lands of Kineth when forest covered the entire region. They were respected by all the races living their and did their duty well. Always keeping the forest healthy and green. That was until the Beastmen came, and the war that followed. The forests were set a flame and many of them were killed, forcing them into hiding in place few ever go. many of them hibernating and hidden away from the world waiting to for their day to return. Those who survived in the remain forest manage to carve out meek existences. But when Humans came these smaller populations were wiped out over time. Leaving the only living Dryads to remain in the Great Forest where they remain hidden and still sleeping until they can come out again. But those who choose to stay awake often are found doing their duties in preserving nature around them.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Dryads often see other races as distructive forces such as Humans amd Beastmen. But they are often facinated by them as well, espically Humans since they often find men to be curious creatures to behold. Making many of them take these men as their "husbands" and give birth to their daugthers.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Class: Sentient
300 - 2,000 years
Conservation Status
Average Height
6 - 10 ft
Average Weight
140 - 170lbs
Average Physique
They are not as strong as they look. This is due to their plant like and can be considered to have the strength of a Human female. They can also merge with some plants or transform into them if they want to hide.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Green, brown, grey.


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