They say that only the strong can survive out in the wilds, those fools forget that strength is not every. It also take wit and guile to survive in this harsh world and we should know we live a place were a single footstep can get you killed! - Joroda of the Boar Clan
  The Kurdel are interesting bunch with their perspective on life and that they live in one of the most dangerous place in Kineth, the Mirelands of the south west with are compromise of all sorts of kill plants and animals let alone the ground can swallow you up if you find yourself in the areas that are covered in bogs. Yet theses people some who manage to survive with ease and are quite the archers as well

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Fenya, Heso, Kemila, Weni, Alenda, Jeda, Kelin

Masculine names

Reden, Hentre, Lorum, Deka, Seves, Venane, Petumo

Family names

Family names are of the clans they hail from such as hawk, boar, serpent and so on.


Major language groups and dialects

Kurdelese Twik Tok Heto mok

Culture and cultural heritage

It is said that their original ancestors came to these harsh lands when the beastmen tore apart the western lands. These lands were not of course were not always the Mirelands and were often on the run with the beastmen not far behind. I a desperate plea for help they prayed to an god that would listen, that god would be Redivi, the god of storms, and he would flood the land with violent storms that drove the beastmen away. They were not as grateful since the land was now swampy and crop would be harder to grow. Angered by the people he saved he created beasts that would hunt them till none were left. The appeared Ket, the god of the wilds and taught them to survive their dangerous new home. Their culture would be revolved around hunting and foraging to this day forth.

Shared customary codes and values

The will to survive is all that matters to them, to able to handle yourself in the wild often earns great respect from them. They also believe in individuality, in order to have someone strive to the best of their abilities by improving themselves to better survive. Including keeping what they earned by themselves such as food they caught or the belongings of a dead enemy as they have no need for it.

Average technological level

They have no real advancements other their creating weapons and building that are sophisticated in dealing with their harsh environment

Common Etiquette rules

It always important to speak in Twik Tok when arriving to a settle when arriving at a settlement or they will consider you hostile, Twik Tok is often consider a of language understanding and brings no hostilities. Once properly said you are allowed to enter. When greeting someone mud must cover you hands and a series of hand motions must be done by both participants. This is know as the meet and greet. when meeting a spouse it is customary to share a passionate kiss since its possible they might return next time due to dangers of leaving the settlement.

Common Dress code

The clothing style is mostly based on furs of the animals that they kill. It also help identify which clan they are in. If they wear buckskins, they are from the deer clan, eagle feather eagle clan and so on. Men often wear long sleeve shirt with hide on top of it and women wear long sleeves with a fur coat on covering it to identify themselves. Both wear pants and shoes that are warped to keep as much warmth as possible. Men also wear a band made of carved wood with marking from the tribe they are from, women do the same, but are bracelets made of bones. Hair is keep long and clean by both and is regularly groomed along with men with facial hair.

Art & Architecture

Most homes are built out materials that are easy to acquire such as mud to make their homes. Most building are houses with a few other places such as storage and meeting halls. All are designed to be off the ground due the terrain which would sink the building into the ground or be flooded during the raining season. Some are even made large enough to hold hundreds of people at a time if it becomes too dangerous in an area. Most art designs in their cultures are mostly made of wood since many materials that are nessacry to make such things such a tapestry and pottery are none existent due to their enviroment. These are often made into totems, carvings, jewelry and other tradional art. It can even be seen on weapons this in their culture a weapon is a part of the welder and should be made to their designs. Material are furs and bones since they really are the only thing they can get their hands on because of the terrain.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The long mlie Draruka Tattoos The great hunt The feast of beasts The union of one

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The first step of all those born into the world is that they must be strong to survive their first years of life. Those who are born healthy at birth are given the love and warmth of their mother, those who are born sick and weakly are cast aside from them and are tested if they are able to survive on their own for a day from their mother, if they survive the day after they are born they are considered worthy to earn their mother love. After several days they are taken from their mother by the village leader and covered in mud and it would be allowed to dry as sign of rebirth. On that day, when the sun was at it apex they would held up towards the sun and the elder would ask the parents the name of the child which would shouted towards the sky as a to spite Redivi, the storm god that another child of the Kurdel has been born into the world and he failed to wipe them out. The child would then be bathed and be born into a Kurdel, a true survivor of the wilds.

Coming of Age Rites

The Path is what all children must complete if they are to be adults, but their is no age requirement to take it, it is all about the will of the one who wishes to take it. They could be twelve and they will be allowed to do so because they figured out the truth of the world, that it is cruel and everything is out to get them, making it more of a reason to face them and survive. To know what true fear is like and be able to over come it with what you have. They are sent out on their own with nothing and used their knowledge to survive on their own, they build their own shelters, catch their own food anything else to survive. They have to do this for an entire month to reach adulthood. Most come back changed and never see life the same again and other din't come back at all. They are survivor and they are given their dues as being truly excepted into the clan and given men are given a band and women are given a bracelet to the women.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The dead are often given to the marsh buried as much as possible or thrown into the wet ground with rocks attached to them so they don't rise back up. Nothing is done to the bodies and they are left as they are. This is mostly due to them worshiping the god of the wilds, with his teaching that the dead should be used to bring forth new life rather than be turned to ash or left to rot in a coffin. Their flesh can be used to feed animals or help new plants grow. All the village comes to say goodbye to them and at least say one thing about them, it doesn't matter if they are good or bad, just to remember who they were and keep that with them to the end of their days. Knowing that their memory will live on and eventual fade as all things must.

Common Taboos

They believe that everything must be earned, not given making that they do not take gifts or charity from anyone and will only take it if they believe they have earned it. They are not friendly with outsiders either since most want to take what resources have. But the most unforgivable thing that hate the most is laziness since all must be will to work to survive and those who do not work are just another mouth to feed on food that might be necessary for the whole clan.


Beauty Ideals

Fitness is what matters to them. If they are physically fit it means they are healthy to reproduce and know to take care of themselves. Tattoos are also attractive to them since it shows they strong willed since they willing to go through such pain to get them telling them that they do not easily give up when their is a goal to achieve.

Gender Ideals

Gender is non existent in the clans, the only thing that stands makes a difference is the concept of child bearing. Everyone has to play their part for the survival of the tribe. Each one does their part with they skills they are taught and do it right.

Courtship Ideals

There isn't much to seeking out a mate in their culture the most subtle way is through whistling is certain tunes of that of birds. This of course only happens during the autumn season before the winter arrives so the children are born in the spring when food is plentiful. Once both participants match each others tone they seek each other out and fornicate. Of course there are some cases where there are other challengers who want the same mate whether they are male or female. A fight would then ensue to decide who has the right to mate, the fight also known as the Duel of Wills is often a no rule fight mean anything goes, but must be done with no weapons. Meaning that dirty fighting is allowed since you have to do anything to survive, even to reproduce. It does on until either challenger surrenders or dies in some cases. Then its over after that and they go at it until the female is pregnant.

Relationship Ideals

Marriage is like a necessity, rather then a requirement to them this survival is all that matters to them. Both must have skills to help one another survive with one partner going out to search for food and the other tend to matters at home such as crafting and protection. This can be done by either spouse, but the male must god out to search for food when the female is pregnant. The bond between the two can differ with some quickly lone another if they were close before or with time if their were no mates available. What ever the case may be they will stick to each other no matter what.
Languages spoken


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