Born from the great fire stallion

A unique people that is known for their distinct features that help them stand out even among Humans, with their red hair that almost looks like that it is on fire. They once ruled a powerful kingdom in the southern lands of Continent of Kinath, with even the Vatian Empire trying not to go to all out war against them. Most people believe that they are not fully Human either, with many believing that the blood of Elves run through their veins. Since many go them are born with magic and are quite affiant at wielding it. Even the Price of Magic has less of an effect on them as well. But due to their ideals on racial purity of their people has caused them to be hated by many and are often

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Christa, Elke, Erika, Gisela, Helga, Ingrid, Karin, Monika, Renate, Ursula, Andrea, Angelika, Birgit, Gabriele, Heike, Martina, Petra, Sabine, Susanne, Ute

Masculine names

Gerhard, Günter, Hans, Heinz, Helmut, Herbert, Karl, Kurt, Walter, Werner, Andreas, Frank, Jörg, Jürgen, Klaus, Michael, Peter, Stefan, Thomas

Family names

Weber, Fischer, Müller, Schmied, Wagner, Schulz, Becker, Hoffmann, Schneider, Abitz, Bellin, Berg, Casper, Dale


Major language groups and dialects


Culture and cultural heritage

Their ancestors were original descended from barbarians tribes that were driven out by Vatian Empire and migrated near the borders of the Great Forest were they encountered the Ferta, a culture that was slowly dying out from a curse that was that made their people unable to reproduce. They gave the barbarians their land and formed a union to help one another survive and defended one another in time of disaster and war. But the Ferta's numbers diminishing and only lasted this long was do to them having extremely long lifespans gifted by their god, Feros. A great and powerful fire stallion that raced across the stars. The Ferta knowing that their people would soon fade want their barbarian kin to be carry on their legacy and begged Feros to bless the barbarians for their faithful comrades as gratitude for their years and keeping their people alive for this long. Feros seeing how loyal their barbarians were to his dying people, he granted them this last request and with it their, hair was turned red to match the stallions fur and granted many of them magic so that they could use it the create a greater society. The Barbarians would soon go by the name Ferosians as thanks to Feros and his gifts and would worship forever more. So after the Ferta would final become extinct and their knowledge was given to the Ferosians to create a better future for their people.

Shared customary codes and values

Ferosians believe in physical fitness and that red hair is superior to all other types. Magic is also an important part in their society since it is a tool for them to use to retain their power and society. Horsemanship is also an important part of their society since it bring them close to the horse god, Feros.

Average technological level

Ferosians technology was at one point more advanced then that of the Vatian Empire when the its was still young. It was mostly based of magic since most of the population was born with it one way or another. Along with being master horse breeders and riders, making it foolish for anyone to face them directly in the field of battle. But much of their building are crude at most and are only build for shelter.

Common Etiquette rules

It is common to salute a fellow red head when greeting them and to spilt on the feet of a non red head. Kneeling before the spouse's wife as a sign of respect. Feeding ones horse before they eat. Always keep one's horse sheltered from the elements.

Common Dress code

Men wear tunics that have unique pattern sown into them, along with pants with boots. While women wore dress that exposed their shoulders, parts of their chest and wore head bands with a necklace signifying their family and purity. As for the nobility they wore much fancier clothing and had tattoos on their arms and shoulder, with some even on their faces and wore circlets to signify their rank in the nobility. As for those born with magic were required to wear robes and hoods to signify their status as magic casters. Along with leather armor under it in case they were attacked by an magiphobe.

Art & Architecture

Most of their building are made of stone with wooden roofs, but most the them are no higher then three stories since they need to reserve resources and larger buildings are harder to maintain. Most settlement are also have buildings spaced out in order to get thier horse around more. The buildings are round in nature too. In order for people to ride a horse through as smooth turn rather than a sharp one. They also act as staple for their horses as well. Most of their are is sown on tapestry and cut of it depicts horses, Feros or an important event in their history. Some bronze statues are also made depicting horses.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Grooming horses till completely spotless, morning rides, offerings to Feros daily, tying Ones hair before eating, feeding ones horse before feeding oneself.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The child is often born in their home at birth. Often with only the husband and a priest around for the event. The priest takes the child away from the mother in order to proper bring them into their faith. Instead of the child receiving milk from her mother, they are instead given horse's milk to show a greater connection to horse and to Feros along with a symbol that represents him on their forehead. Though the symbols can different depending on the priest see of what the child might become when they are older. This can be from a great warrior to a skilled horsemen. Red Powder is also placed on their hair to ensure that their hair becomes red and that no evil forces can alter it. This only happen to family of the pure bloodlines. Then the rest is decided by the gender of the child. Boys will often be limbs painted blue in order for them to be better riders when they begin riding when they are older. As for girls they often have their faces blue to to them calm and in control when they get older. The blue paint represents the sky since it is Feros' domain.

Coming of Age Rites

When a child reaches their fiftieth birthday they are given a newborn foal as their riding animal and they and they alone must take care of it and train it. A bond is formed between the child and horse through the process and they become one with one another. Though it will take a two years before the horse is full grown to rode it. by the time the child reaches the age of seventeen they will be tested on how well they have take care of the horse and how disciplined it is. The whole idea is about patience and hard work. If they manage to succeed they have finished their first step into adulthood. The second step differs between genders and if they are born with magic. Men often have go out into a field before night come and find an alter to Feros and meditate. During the night when the night sky shows its starry sky, Feros will speak to them and grant them his blessing. This blessing will be a ceremonial torch that they brought with them. Along with a hoof mark burn onto their hand as proof. They then return home and present the torch and the hoof mark to their and as a sign of success the fire from the torch to light a cauldron to begin a feast to their success. As for the women they must look find the tallest structure in the area and look at a open flame all day and night to be granted the wisdom of Feros. During that time Feros is said to speck to them and tell them many things that will make them wiser and will have a star mark burnt onto their hand. When they return they will be asked a question a wisemen would only know. If the question if fitting then all men will bow down to them and they shall be left to rest. As for those with magic they go through the same trials but the next step can be most excruciatingly painful. They are striped naked and tied down in a grassy field and magic symbols are craved into them. They are not sedated since it is considered a sign of weakness and must endure pain. Rites are often spoke by spell caster and a priest at the same time to call upon Feros to bless the ritual. Ink infused with magic martial often of the type of magic the host used is place into the cult symbols. The magic mixture burns the cuts closed and is embedded into their skin. They are then left like that to gave up into the sky and embrace Feros for the power he has given them For it has made them stronger.

Funerary and Memorial customs

By custom of the old ways and Feros, a Ferosian must be burned on a great funeral pyre to pass on to the afterlife. Along with the horses that they rode throughout their life. A man would have the their best clothing and a weapon that they favored, a bracelet made of horse hair is also need to represent Their deep connection with their horses. As for a woman they would dress in their finest dress and surrounded by flower to represent their beauty and a head band made of horse hair for their knowledge. A medallion of bronze was also need to gain entrance to the afterlife. As the pyre is lit and the body is burned those attending will start to yell and shout. Men letting out war cries and women shouting out sacred rites. This is to gain the attention of Feros as he journeys across the sky and greet the departed. If the deceased is worth they will ascend to the heaven and ride across the sky on their horses along side Feros as they made a long journey to the Ancestral Plains and enjoy a lush land that has no pain and suffering and when the night come they will race across the sky with Feros along with the rest of the great herd. A death mask of bronze is given to the family were it will be placed in special mound were only that family knows were its is for the mask is a beacon on the deceased to return to the world when the horde is summoned to fight off the shadow kin that would plunge the world into darkness.

Common Taboos

Purity is on most important thing to them, so marriage with those with non red hair is strictly forbidden. Killing a horse and eating horse meat is also considered a grave sin to the horse god. Accepting outsiders into their culture is also bring severe punishment to those who allowed them into their society.


Beauty Ideals

Red hair is favored over most other hair colors and it is believed that it keeps bloodlines pure. It is also important to keep that hair in good condition since it is consider very disrespectful not to. All other hair colors are considered impure by them.

Gender Ideals

Women are considered idols for their beauty and intelligence. With many of them becoming leaders. While men do most of the other work in order for women not to do it. Since they believe that they do not need to due such tasks because of their beauty. Those born with magic tend to have more sway over those no born with magic and the roles of common society.

Courtship Ideals

With women being highly regard in Ferosian culture they have the say in who they want to bear their children. It has to to due with strong physical traits and several tasks to prove that they are worthy such as strength and intelligence. With many being test if they can ride a horse since the Ferosians were know as great horse breeders and riders. If they can't though it is considered to be a great dishonor to their family and are often punished for it. Once they were deemed worthy, the wedding would begin as soon as possible. As for those who are born with magic, it is required for a man and women born with it to marry in order to strengthen the magic in the bloodline in order to give birth to another magic born.

Relationship Ideals

The real authority comes from the women since they are considered superior than men. Making the relationship more of a necessity rather than out of love. But as time goes by it tends to become that since it strengthens as time goes on between the two. Women are often in charge of the finances and taking care of the property that belongs to them. While the man often is in charge of bringing in income for the family. This is often done through labor and other physical tasks. Since women are are meant to take the jobs that require higher intelligence. Couples with magic will sometime switch roles if the nee arises in their duties.
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