Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Taci Alsoomse Noya Mimiteh Noya Sipatu Ankti Osyka Inola Wuti

Masculine names

Onacona Askuwheteau Lanu Ohiyesa Matunaaga Mona Shishiesh Matwau Tangakwunu Matwau


Major language groups and dialects

The old tongue is the oldest know language the Humans have ever used and the tribes them selves still use it.

Culture and cultural heritage

The tribes follow the tradition that dates back to when land was nothing but forest, when the Elves lived on the continent before they left and the other race such as the Gnomes, Dryads, and fairies coexisted. The word Ve’tal is not even an even Old Tongue, its Elvish, meaning People of the Land.

Shared customary codes and values

All tribes follow the teaching of the old ways through the land and the spirits dwelling within it to give guidance. That no one can truly own the land they walk upon. To take only what is need to survive and nothing more.

Average technological level

Technology is primative at best.

Common Etiquette rules

Elders are served food first before any one else, be respectful of an elder, be kind to guest in home, gift giving, act with kindness and humility, always listen and o someone without interrupting, show respect for all.

Common Dress code

Clothing is different for women in different with some allowed to were less clothing and expose more skin if it is customary to show something traditional like tattoo. Other tribes only allow women to wear dresses that stop up to their ankles with shoes covering them. Clothing can be different with men with some wearing shirts, pant and shoes to some only wearing a large loincloth. The clothing itself is made of animal fur which is able to withstand cold temperatures and allow ventilation during hot temperatures as well.

Art & Architecture

Most art would be would sown it to ceremonial clothing and animal skin huts. Most of these would be of animals and patterns to symbolize their tribe and tradition. Some tribes would use tattoos to represent themselves as an individual with others painting murals on animal skin to remember successful hunt or dark time in their history such as war of disease. Totem poles would also be used with many representing different thing, such as a tribes lineage, recounting legends, events. Some would be for spiritual reasons, while others would just as art work. Buildings differ from tribe to tribe, the types of homes are wooden, animal skin, earth lodge, tree house, long house, cliff house, and pit house.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Braiding hair, wearing feather, furs, bones. Wearing ceremonial clothing during sacred ceremonies. Singing during ceremonies and events. Tattoos depending on tribe. Men shaving part of their hair to signify themselves as warriors, wearing war paint on their face and body before going into battle, war cry when fighting. That no one truly owns the land that they walk upon, not even them.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Their are several traditional when involving a birth. Women are the only ones allowed to conduct it. Men are forbidden to see women giving birth or in any way trying to help. When the child was born wether they were a girl or a boy be bathed in a special mixture to protect them from evil spirits. Later they would washed in the river for two years to represent their purity and strength with the land. Another ritual involves the midwife to drip water on them while saying sacred rites and bath them in sacred water for strength and humility. Another one would be signing when the child is born to show gratitude to the spirits for sparring the child. They would be painted with red for boys and blue for girls. A shaman would bless them as well.

Coming of Age Rites

The rites are different tribes. Boys would good out into the wilderness for several day mediating without eating or drinking. Only when it is time will they receive a vision of a animal with will represent them in the spirit world. They would return to their village and tell an elder what they saw Ann will be a new name based on the animal. Other tribes have boys hunt and kill an animal or show their skills of hunting and given a ceremony held by a Druid to give them their new name with the consent of his ancestors resighting a vow along with a feast in their name. Women are given several day of rituals to represent the passage of life. It also called their ancestor to guide them. They would wear ceremonial clothing and be given gifts. On the final day their entire body would be painted with their clothing still on to represent their passage into women hood and speak their new name. Other tribes have girls stand before a alter and resighting a vow and having the skin of their stomach cut as a sigh of woman hood and speak their new name only to the love ones circled around them. Not all rituals are known with some being very mysterious than most.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Burial services are both personal and communal in tribal society. It is also complex in different tribes. But most of them would revolve around the deceased spirit leaving the body. The tree and scaffold burial is the most common. The body is put in its best clothing with personal items of the deceased and their face was painted which was know as a death face. It would be warped in animal skin and they would placed the body in a tree or placed on a scaffold that is at least six feet of the ground. This way the spirit has time to escape the body and return to the spirit world. The body would remain in place for a year and would buried afterwards. Another way was for a shaman to summon the spirit from the body to it on its journey and the body would later be burned. Some would even just burn the deceased house down with the body and belonging its belong in it just make it easier to pass on and not let the spirit haunt the living. Druids would be sent in some tribes to help the spirit to pass on. Men and women attending would not cry for the deceased since they believed in reincarnation believing the spirit would return as an animal or tree once it settled down. Ash and bodies would be brought to a burial site for all tribe members and laid to rest weather it in a tomb or buried in the ground. A child who passed would just have the body burned and a doll would be made with some of their hair would be carried by the mother for a year to show her grief. Most of all it was to reflect how sacred life was and how easily it can be end for you.

Common Taboos

Adultery, cannibalism, disrespecting teachings and elders, allowing foreign customs.

Historical figures



Beauty Ideals

Men and women believe in natural beauty to show that they need powders or oils to get the attention of someone. Though some women wear jewelry to stand out.

Gender Ideals

This differ in different tribes with some women staying in the village raising children and doing chores. While others are allowed to be hunters and braves, even cheifs if they want to. Men are all the same with many being braves and hunters with some becoming chiefs. Things such a healers are done by elders. Elders are given great respect for the wisdom they have due to their age, with men and women being respected equally.

Courtship Ideals

Their are several ways for courtship to happen. Not all are done by the man. The love flute is used by the man to express their love towards the woman through beautiful music and and waits for answer. The courting blanket is a special blanket made for the woman he fancies by the women of the man’s family. He would wrap the blanket around her in public and whisper in her ear to tell her of his affection. The ritual dance was done so single women would present themselves to men seeking a wife. They would dance beautifully in bright clothing to gain attention of a man. Later at night the man would go to the woman’s house and show her his face and if she liked it he would be her husband. In other tribes a man and woman attracted to one another would just find a tent to make love to concentrate the relationship. Another would be for a many to bring home an animal he hunted to show that he can feed a family.

Relationship Ideals

The idea is for two people to become one when they are married. The man and woman treat each other as equals, they own everything together. Both would be able to decide a choice to be made. If the relationship was not going well one of them would just leave or throw their belongings out of the house.
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