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The Necromancer


Long ago during the time of Elves on Kineth there was a Human shaman by the name of Heluman and he was considered the most powerful of all the shamans for his connection to the spirits of the land. His power brought harmony to the land around it and peace reigned for many years. He was loved by all the races for his humility and his kindness, but one loved him more than anyone else, his lover Kema. She was his entire world as was as kind as she was beautiful. Always respecting the world around her and was gentle soul who would do no harm to any living creature. They were both happy together and were never seen far away from one another. But one day tragedy struck as Kema died suddenly from an unknown sickness and Heluman could not bear though of living life without. So he first tried searching for her spirit, but she had already crossed into the spirit world. He tried traveling across it in search for her but to no avail and a great emptiness grew inside that nothing could fix. He could just not spend the rest of his life without her and soon he thought of a plan that would defy the very laws of nature.   He retrieved her body and began searching for ways to return her to it. How long this took is uncertain, but it would drive him mad in the end. Until he finally had done it, dragging her soul into her body from the spirit world itself. But her body was dead and had since decayed since then and to her horror gazed upon the name she once loved a crazed madman. She knew that she was not apart of this world and left it once more and warned the spirits of what transpired. Heluman grew furious at what hand transpired and began searching for her to drag her back, but was met with other spirits to try and stop him. They tried to convince him that death was only natural and all things must end and it was not too late to stop this. But the kind man they once knew is long gone as bitterness and hatred filled is once gentle heart. He responded with "then dead it my enemy from this day forth and I will stop at nothing until I conquer it!"   He dragged all the spirits that stood in his way and bound them to the corpses of the dead and bound them so they could not leave to return to the spirit world. The more spirits he took the larger his undead host grew and soon many took up arms against him. But as his madness grew so did his power as his magic became corrupted and transformed into something else entirely. The dead he brought back obeyed his every command and no resisted him. They were his to command and unleashed it onto the world of the living. Though the alliance the was created fought valiantly, the undead hordes were to much for them as the dead overran the living. He was too powerful to defeat and soon went by a new name, Kurokal the Eternal. Kema saw what her former beloved had done and knew only she could stop him. A plan was devised to trick him into a trap and end his terror once and for all. Kema came to him and promised to stay with him forever if he stopped this madness. He was thrilled to here this and was distracted as he prepared to bind her body, distracting him long enough to trap him. The greatest shamans and druids from across the land would cast a powerful spell that would bind him to the earth and imprison him for all of eternity. He could not escape and his plans undone he was cast into the earth and his power or his undead servants were served. Peace once more over the land, but Kema would hide herself away to more for her lost love for could never forgive herself and would more for all eternity.

Historical Basis

It is unsure if this figure was real or not as any records that existed from that time have long since been destroyed.


It is known through out the Great Forest among the Forest Tribes of Ve’tal.

Cultural Reception

Most people outside the great forest believe it to be nothing more the a fairy tale to scarce people about the abuses of magic.
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