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Untuteb's leader through the past 13 years

She weathered the trade & communications decline during the plague years and managed to keep her clan safe. Recently, she oversaw the town's defence during the planar invasion through Candle River's planar opening.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Awolee spent much of her life knowing she would likely be the next clan leader. The Boom clan tends to choose their next leader as they grow up, meaning that as soon as the prospective new clan leaders become adults, they start shadowing the current clan leader.   Awolee was one of two chosen during her generation, and within a year, she was the clear next-leader to be.


Awolee has participated in every mating opportunity in her clan. She found immense joy in taking care of the tadpoles, creating and safeguarding the tadpoles' pool, watching them have their first Dryfeet day... It was also something that she was fully able to do while being the clan leader.

Failures & Embarrassments

Her clan (and herself) took a long time to decide to have tadpoles that would contain the next leader. She took no small part in that delay. She was not keen on putting that weight onto the tadpoles. The younger generation is now growing up and is about a year away from becoming adults. This means Awolee still has to wait a whole year to learn who may be her next replacement, and then train them.
A career change
A legendary job (mapping Candle River's many channels)
Overly suspicious
Verbal Mannerism
Takes a deep breath before saying anything

Plot Hook

Awolee wants to travel through the Candle River before the current young ones become adults and she has to train her probable replacement. However, no one in the clan wants her to go. If she were to die, no one would be available to train the next clan leader.   When the PCs show up in Untuteb, she sees an opportunity in doing some travel if the PCs agree to escort her.

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