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Candle River

Mortals forget, but the land never does. This ground still remembers what it was like to be held in place by a thousand giants. To have a network of roots penetrate deep into the mother core, and a million leaves shading them from the harsh sun. Grains were set forever in motion by the river that coursed through here.   Gripplis and tengus have forgotten. Many elves have forgotten too. The Triumvirate holds the knowledge, which they get to shape to fit their needs. But as the traditional owners and protectors of this land, we must never forget.
— An elf from the Aantarandii clan

Candle River's basin forms the region known as Juuriki. The river has no tributaries, but it has many channels along the mangrove forest. These channels are often maintained by the gripplis, to facilitate movement & fishing opportunities.


Candle River owes its name to its source & shape. Its waterfall source and the tapering labyrinth of mangroves at the mouth make the river look candle-like, with the waterfall as the flickering flame, and the tapering mouth as the wide base of a candle.


The river is located along the arid northeastern coast of Oceasile. Although the area is arid in nature, Candle River and proximate areas are lush and mostly evergreen. The presence of generations and generations of thunderbirds along its course, and the Thurangura Waterfalls have made Candle River a permanent river that can sustain seven grippli villages.

Candle River Map

Juuriki, the basin of Candle River, beyond which the arid lands of northeastern Oceasile await.

For more information on some of the towns that exist along the river course, you can read the following articles:

    Candle River Random Encounters

River (aquatic; mid-level)

Roll the Dice
d%EncounterAvg. CRSource & Page
1-41d8 Poison frogsCR 3Bestiary, 135
5-81d4 Amoeaba swarmCR 3Bestiary 2, 24
9-131d8 Wizard’s ShackleCR 3Bestiary 5, 278
14-151d4 LacedonsCR 3Bestiary, 146
16-191d6 Giant AmoebaCR 4Bestiary 2, 24
20-251d4 Giant crabCR 4Bestiary, 50
26-281d4 Water LeaperCR 4Bestiary 5, 275
29-32Crab swarmCR 4Bestiary, 50
33-401d6 CrocodilesCR 5Bestiary, 51
41-441d8 Giant frogCR 5Bestiary, 135
45-49GrodairCR 5Bestiary 3, 143
50-52Giant (freshwater) moray eelCR 5Bestiary, 119
53-561d6 BunyipsCR 6Bestiary 2, 50
57-60Will'o'wispCR 6Bestiary, 277
61-631d8 Giant ToadCR 6Bestiary 2, 268
64-69MudlordCR 6Bestiary 4, 195
70-752d6 Giant water striderCR 6Bestiary 4, 273
76-801d8 Kawa AkagoCR 7Bestiary 5, 149
81-851d6 Sea catCR 7Bestiary 4, 233
86-901d6 Aquatic Insect, HellgrammiteCR 8Bestiary 6, 14
91-941d8 VoonithCR 8Bestiary 3, 283
95-96Dire crocodileCR 9Bestiary, 51
97-99StranglereedCR 9Bestiary 5, 237
100Giant snapping turtleCR 9Bestiary 2, 273

Water Flow & Climate

Enjoy the cool humidity while you can. A few days more of travel and we'll be out of Candle River's reach, and then it will be dry and hot again.
— A Yuwiire elf crossing Juuriki.

The lake above the Thurangura Waterfalls is the home to two planar portals.


Every full moon, a portal to the plane of air opens up. The portal stays open for 6 days. During this time, the water flow reverses and falls upward into the portal in the sky. For a few days before and after the full moon and the opening to the plane of air portal, nothing happens. Then, when the influence of the full moon wanes, the portal to the plane of water at the bottom of the lake opens up. This portal remains open for 25 days and is the main source of water for Candle River.

Species | Sep 20, 2020

A gargantuan bird, who brings storms with them wherever they go.

Although the amount of water the river carries changes significantly throughout a moon cycle, it never dries out. The fluctuation of water levels in synchrony with the moon phases is a normal feature to all gripplis of the area. Only those living in Untuteb know where much of the river's water comes from and why the water fluctuates as it does.


One of the dampening factors of the water level fluctuation is the presence of thunderbirds, who carry storms wherever they go. The permanent presence of thunderbirds in Juuriki had assured, until recently, a permanent presence of rainfall that fed the region.


The disappearance of Pertkwugo's thunderbird has put in peril the climate of the region. Candle River and the whole Juuriki are suffering the worst drought the area has seen in many, many generations. Moreover, the river has been slowly, but noticeably over the years, decreasing its overall flow. During full moons, the water level in the regions closer to the waterfalls is becoming dangerously low.

The magical ecology of lightning

Both the flora and the fauna of the region are heavily influenced by the large amount of lightning along the course of the Candle River. The same can be said of the magical beasts and plant creatures that are common in the region!


The creatures traditionally thriving thanks to the ever-presence of lightning are now in decline, while those who the thunderbird kept in check are thriving. This, in turn, has made the situation of the plague-stricken gripplis even more precarious.


Basic Information

Region & Continent
Northeastern region of Oceasile
Juuriki is bound on three sides by arid regions.
Inhabited by
Eight grippli clans, who protect the river.
Fish and insects are the most abundant resource. Pearl harvesting is performed at the end of the river. A few known gem deposits lay in the basin. The region is rich in useful plants & mushrooms, the following is an example of those used by the gripplis of Juuriki region
Species | Dec 1, 2021

This plant will sting you if you get close to it, discharging small lightenings.

Unfurling ferns
Geographic Location | Dec 5, 2021

A past food source thanks to the rapid growth of the ferns.

Bandicoot silver
Item | Oct 5, 2021

Moon-scented, this subterranean mushroom makes a good chunk of bandicoot, grippli, and elven diets.

Important Landmarks
Thurangura Waterfalls, Pertkwugo's giant mangrove trees
Dangerous Locations
Blood lake, Mushroom forest, & the Weeping Gates
Weeping Gates
Geographic Location | Oct 9, 2021

The rocky gates that signal the end (?) of the Candle River.

Unpredictable Personalities
Brikli, the leader of the Candle river's pirates & Drugteg Flailears, a hobgoblin rising in fame within his tribe are the two most disquieting people of the area.
Character | May 9, 2022

A grippli river pirate who has carved a name for herself and her gang.

Drugteg Flailears
Character | Oct 7, 2021

A hobgoblin specialized in hunting razor anglers

Loading The Magical Ecology Of Lightening Whiteboard...

The mostly forgotten history of Candle River

The true source of Candle River is further south in central Oceasile. A thin stretch of desert separates the lake above the waterfalls from the rainforest. Once upon a time, a river coursed through the rainforest, then into woodland, and eventually into the plains until it reached the sea.


After the tengus caused vast raging arcane fires that destroyed large swaths of rainforest, woodland, plains, and deserts alike, a massive shift in elven culture took place. Over a single generation, elves experienced shifts in religious dogma, geopolitics, and their environmental stewardship. Three generations later, all but the highest ranks of The Triumvirate saw tengus as evil and foreign to Oceasile.

by Desertrose7

The Triumvirate fed the idea that tengus were a plague that had to be controlled. Since tengus favoured living in the forests, the elven people decided to control the forests and tengu's access to them. Usually, they did this through a combination of narrowing and then controlling the regions where rainforests transitioned to woodlands.


Some elven clans took even harsher measures. In areas like the true river course of Candle River, they created a desert as a natural barrier that would keep tengus isolated. The spells Sea of Dust and Alter River became the most powerful tools the elven people had to control and limit the "dangers of the tengus".


The strategy was only half successful. However, very few are aware of this. In just four elven generations (700 years), most elves had forgotten the inconvenient truths. They remembered what was important to the triumvirate: the tengu fires, the devastation, their insidious nature, their "foreign" place within the environment in Oceasile;, born from lightening, rather than created as stewards of the land like the elven people etc.


Nowadays, the section that used to be the source of Candle River is called by the tengus who live in the rainforest the "Quieting stream". The stream simply fades into existence as soon as it meets the desert, all its waters disappearing in an instant. A gruelling five-day desert trip from the tip of the rainforest to the lake that feeds the Candle River is all that is required to get from one section to the other of Oceasile.


A rainforest border controlled by Scarred Trees, and a desert area bordered by two elven clans. The elven clans leave the centre to sand krakens and purple worms and only visit to trade with the gripplis of Dribblydripdry.

by valeria2326

After the terrifying elven terraforming, an unknown deity opened temporal portals to the water and air planes, to avoid the whole of Candle River from disappearing downstream. The constant presence of thunderbirds plus the large amount of water generated from the water plane meant that what used to be mostly plains and some woodlands is nowadays a thriving mangrove forest.


Cover image: by Jay Park


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