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A little village, yet the one that sees most trade from all the grippli clans across the river basin

The small grippli village of Gongon was created on the east side of candle river, by an offshot of the clan that used to live in gleeful meander. A group of young gripplis wanted to leave the crowded western shore of candle river, and find an area where the best trees for bark canoes grew.  

Natural Resources

The Stringy clan, the chosen name upon creating the new clan, has since then managed the trees growing all around them. While the area is thick and floods often, making it difficult to traverse, the trees are tall and wide. About half the trees in the area bear the old marks of having their bark stripped.  


Clan leader Bogwagu is planning on going personally over to Gongon, to request new bark canoes, strong enough to last the attacks of bunyips.
— Koka, a salt skin water minder in Pertkwugo
Stringy gripplis are happy to trade their bark canoes for fresh or dried food, up to two moons of work from a skilled worked they lack in, drow or foreigner metal tools, and magical ingredients (which they use in the enchantments of the canoes).
Alternative Name(s)
Bark canoe town
Inhabitant Demonym

Story hook

During the plague, the stringies were not able to take care of their forest as they used to. A shambling mound seems to have taken hold of a part of their forest, which they cannot access any more.   They are mostly recovered now but they are weakened and their numbers perilously small. If the PCs agree to help them, they are willing to provide them with an enchanted bark canoe that is able to glide above the water.

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Cover image: by Stefan Keller


Author's Notes

Summer camp ice-cream
The original version of this article was created as an entry for World Anvil's flagship Summer Camp 2020 event, specifically for prompt #23:
"Describe a settlement that is famous for a particular resource, product or item created there."
  You can view my other entries from the competition here.   All images are sourced from pixabay, pexels, or unsplash unless credited otherwise.

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