Gleeful meander

The gleeful meander used to be home to a clan of gripplis until a rift with the plane of fire erupted and destroyed the place and its inhabitants. The area is now settled by azers, who are working to make this place their new home.  


The tower

The azer are hard at work and have already started working on the foundation for their future home. Many azers can be seen working around the building site, making metallic scaffolding or undertaking measurements.

The greenhouse

Unaware of what they may find to eat in this plane, the first thing the azer built in their new home was a greenhouse, its walls made of brass. Inside, they are growing both edible and precious plans.

The lava core

Inside of their village, the azers have managed to keep a lava pool from solidifying. At all times, at least three azers are tending to the pool, supplying it with heat to ensure the lava does not cool down yet.

Consecuences of the planar rift

With the bursts of magic that were released during the opening and closing of the planar rift, some creatures were affected by the magic of both planes and transformed into something unique.

Some eucalyptuses seem to have immediately regrown all their leaves and flowers, lost during the Leafless warning. The flowers seem to emanate sparks with the slightest movement, and the trunks seem to be exuding an unknown molten metal instead of resin.

Daddy, can we get one of those fire pups as a pet?
— An azer kid

There is a pack of fire-imbued thylacines which now roams the meander. Stripes of orangy fire adorn their backs, and their paw prints leave an ashy residue as they walk.

The azers also saw a pod of fire whales come through the rift, but they quickly left the area.
Some azers have talked about potentially hunting one of them down, should they come back to the place where the rift once was. The clan leader, Grsikjalwe, however, has talked down anyone of such notions, given the danger these whales can pose to their new settlement.

Flora of the plain of fire
Brass orchids: when not in bloom, it can be confused with a brass sculpture of a plant. When blooming, however, the slow-moving, liquid-like fire makes them unmistakeable. The pollen sacs of the flowers can be used to imbue weapons and armour.   Flame Clove: a common seasoning for food, it lends a spicy, garlicky taste to food. Whilst not noticeably in the plane of fire, when in the material plane, this herb apparently keeps food warm for days.   Habbat: a grain that forms the staple food of azers. Unless cooked all the way into a porridge, the seed retains a hard exterior, which when bitten into, releases a small burst of fire.   Tergamit: also known as fire fruit. This delicious fruit tastes to gold and cloves. The flowers are delicate and surprisingly moist; they are a preferred food for fire beetles, which azers consider a pest.   Umbellin: a spicy bean with a dark red seed coat and brown meat. Azers like to use the seed coat to create dyes and inks. The bean itself is the main protein source in an azer's diet.

Story hooks

The greenhouse is under attack!

Fire beetles seem to be intent in accessing the greenhouse at any cost. While the PCs are trying to decide what to do about these firey humanoids or how to talk to them, they all stop paying attention to them and start running towards the greenhouse.   If the PCs help protect the greenhouse against the fire beetle attack, the disposition of the azers towards them improves.

The azers who did not make it

Not all azers managed to transition into the material plane unscathed. A few azers of the Echidra started bursting into cold flames once they stepped into the material plane.   The azers are now haunted by their ghosts and their icy touch. If the PCs spend at least one night enjoying the azer's hospitality, they too will encounter these ghosts.


Author's Notes

Summer camp ice-cream
The original version of this article was created as an entry for World Anvil's flagship Summer Camp 2020 event, specifically for prompt #19:
"Describe a location in your world that is brimming with diverse or bizarre flora and fauna."
  You can view my other entries from the competition here.   All images are sourced from pixabay, pexels, or unsplash unless credited otherwise.

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