General Murdermitts a.k.a. Simba

Some cats are invaluable for their tactical sense and skill in battle. The best of these is definitely Simba. Though he's young, he has an impressive sense of tactics and stealth matching much older cats with more experience.
Hugo the Overlord

A Fierce Warrior

As the General of the ICB Battle Depawtment, Simba is the military leader of the ICB and is responsible for the safety of the other cats in the organization.

Simba is young, quick and unafraid, which are all good factors for a warrior. As the only cat in the ICB who is known to almost successfully hunting a Magpie, he shows a promising talent for tactics and stealth currently unmatched.

Simba doesn't seem scared of anything. He's often seen on the rooftops in the neighborhood, never worried he'll fall down. He hunts bees, not scared of their sting. He doesn't even bat an eye when the humans' transportational devices roll through the streets in the neighborhood, to the humans' great fear, though he'll move out of its way if it gets too close.

If Simba wasn't the General, he'd probably be an accomplished Sentinel, due to his keen senses.

Relationship With Other Cats

Not everyone appreciate Simba's fierce demeanor. He wants to fight everyone, and will most likely win. However, when Hugo the Overlord first met Simba, he realized the young cat wasn't hostile, but just playing around. He decided to take the young fighter under his paw, as more allies against the enemy troops trying to invade the street was a clear advantage.

While Simba still tries to fight Hugo, it's more as a training exercise and a way to bully the older cat a little than anything else.

Relationship With Humans

The humans in the neighborhood generally see Simba as an unfriendly cat, sporting a permanent frown and being a bit swatty and hissy if they get too close to him. However, Simba can be nice. He just prefers to be nice to his humans and nobody else.

At home, Simba has two grown humans and two tiny humans. He has found the smallest humans useful to get outside whenever he wants, even when the grown humans are reluctant to let him out. This is achieved by meowing at the door when the tiny ones are close by. Usually this is great, as he gets to keep the street safe from enemy units, but on especially cold winter days he sometimes regrets his choice, just a tiny bit.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
General of the ICB Battle Depawtment
Magpie Hunter
Currently Held Titles
Yellow with a bit of green
Long, grey and white, tuxedo pattern
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Cover image: by dendoktoor
Character Portrait image: by Milladamen


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