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Lugal Icaghor (a.k.a. the Antediluvian)

Icaghor, the Antediluvian Lugal of Tatharia, was born in the far northern parts of the Ancient World before the floods came. He united the various Tathar tribes and became the Lugal of Tatharia Regnum, where he put in place laws, customs, and traditions. He also hosted the Bellatorius, a tournament of champions held every four years to recruit the strongest and most efficient warriors to his personal guard.   However, in an attempt to evade the floods, Icaghor fled to Aikibira with Clyde, his brother-in-law and former adventuring partner. There, he made a terrible mistake by stealing barrels of liquid draughted from the Fountains of Youth in Aikibira. He stole a Dragonborn ship and traveled over the flooded Rolara. Clyde remains on Aikibira to this day, while Icaghor eventually succumbed to old age.   Icaghor's exact age is only known through divine calculations by expert star readers, but his legacy lives on through the laws and traditions he put in place in Tatharia. Though Clyde still doesn't know what became of his friends and family on the outside of the mists surrounding Aikibira, Icaghor was wracked with guilt for a millennium over his actions.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Click this link to view Icaghor's Journey, a detailed timeline of his life compared to the events of the world.


Lord Icaghor's thirst for knowledge and intellectual growth is insatiable. He is a well-read scholar, fluent in multiple languages, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of various topics, including history, philosophy, theology, and science. He has traveled extensively and has been exposed to a wide range of cultures and beliefs.   Icaghor's own education began in the Tathar tribes where he was born, and he continued to learn throughout his life. He studied under many great teachers, including the legendary Wizard Zynethar the Wise, and spent years poring over ancient tomes in the libraries of lost cities.   As Lugal of Tatharia, Icaghor instituted the concept of public education, which provided the opportunity for all citizens to learn and grow. He established a system of schools and universities throughout the kingdom, which focused on a well-rounded education that included subjects such as mathematics, science, literature, history, and the arts.   He also took many promising young scholars under his wing, providing them with the resources and guidance they needed to become great thinkers and leaders themselves. Thanks to Icaghor's dedication to education, Tatharia has become a center of knowledge and innovation, and his legacy in this field will endure for generations to come.


There is a time in his youth when he was a roving adventure and took many odd jobs. For the last 432 years, he has been a ruler. For 400 years, he has been Lugal of Tatharia.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Icaghor was a formidable leader, credited with founding Tatharia Capitolina and expanding its influence throughout the region. He was also known for his compassionate policies, which included providing healing for all citizens regardless of their social status or background. Under his leadership, the people of Tatharia enjoyed a time of relative peace and prosperity.   One of Icaghor's most remarkable achievements was overseeing the capture and eventual destruction of four Tarrasques, monstrous creatures known for their devastating power and near-invincibility. His unwavering determination and tactical prowess were essential in these battles, which remain the stuff of legends to this day.   Despite his accomplishments, Icaghor's legacy is not without controversy. His theft of the draught from the Fountain of Youth in Aikibira caused great harm to the Dragonborn people, and his actions were seen by many as a betrayal of the trust he had earned as a leader. Nevertheless, his contributions to Tatharia's history cannot be denied, and his name will be remembered as one of the greats.

Failures & Embarrassments

Stole the potions of longevity from the Fountains of Youth in Aikibira, as well as a ship from his Dragonborn hosts, when they sheltered him and Clyde during the Deluge.

Intellectual Characteristics

Will calculate a way to improve the lives of his citizens, and methods to ensure those improvements into perpetuity.


Clyde the Antediluvian

Brother-in-Law (Trivial)

Towards Icaghor




Brother-in-Law (Vital)

Towards Clyde the Antediluvian




Though they once adventured together, the men of their youth left them long before they parted each other's company. In an attempt to evade the floods destroying Rolara, the men fled to Aikibira. There, Clyde began to reflect on his life as a thief, and sought to better himself. The kind-hearted, yet ambitious Icaghor turned away from his life of helping those in need to steal countless barrels of liquid draughted from the Fountains of Youth in Aikibira. He stole a Dragonborn ship, the Wyrmborn Vessel. Using its magic, he traveled safely over the flooded Rolara, knowing the Dragonborn wouldn't dare pursue him.   Clyde doesn't know why Icaghor did something so awful to the kind Dragonborn folk. Icaghor thinks that Clyde was foolish for remaining behind, and must surely have faced undue punishment. He has been wracked with guilt for a millennium.

Nicknames & Petnames

Icky and the Clydester. Yes.

Legal Status

Technically no longer related, since Icaghor's sister passed away over a thousand years ago.


Royal Heir (Important)

Towards Icaghor




Adoptive father (Vital)

Towards Naram-Sin




Though philosophy has had them at odds, Icaghor is largely proud of Tanicia's character and motivations. And though her ambitions and the whispers of evil from throughout the court have shifted her to foul moods of Icaghor, she loves and respects him deeply.

Nicknames & Petnames

Icaghor calls her the "Greater Moon here with us" in reference to her beauty and compassion. He also calls her the Sword of Tatharia, for her violent streak.   She calls Icaghor "Grandfather the Ancient" when alone, to tease him. When she was a child, she called him "Poppy"

Commonalities & Shared Interests

They both love Tatharia and envision a utopia free of sickness, wounds, and disease.

Legal Status

Occasionally Nin Regent

Lawful Neutral
Current Status
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lugal of Tatharia, Conquerer of Stagmeadow, Master of Glimmerfalls, Lord of both Rustpeak and Mosshall
87 PE 1523 PE 1436 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born only a generation or two after magic was sealed.
Circumstances of Death
Ran out of Potion of Longevity
Current Residence
Wyrmborn Palace
alert, penetrating gaze
long, with a long beard
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pure white, like snow
Akkad the Trickster
Related Plots
Related Reports
Known Languages
Old Tathar, Draconic, Giant, Orc, Oldcommon, Common.
Founded Settlements
Icaghor uses Old Tathar in many civic naming conventions.

Articles under Icaghor

Magus Aetas

... 0 AW

Age of Magic and Wonders, or Age of Wonder

  • 0 AW

    Extinguishment of the Stars
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Foreseeing the destruction of Rolara and unable to stand by while greed and lust for power corrupted those who ruled, a group of brave adventurers gathered the Stars of Power before sealing their light away forever.

Tenebris Aetatis

0 AW 1523 PE

The Dark Age, post Extinguishment of the Stars

  • 0 TA

    Extinguishment of the Stars
    Metaphysical / Paranormal event

    Foreseeing the destruction of Rolara and unable to stand by while greed and lust for power corrupted those who ruled, a group of brave adventurers gathered the Stars of Power before sealing their light away forever.

  • In Forgotten Times, In Faraway Places
    Icaghor's birth
    Life, Birth

    Icaghor was born in the far Northern parts of the Ancient World before the floods came. No written records of these dark ages exist, and Icaghor's exact age (a well-kept secret) is only known due to divine calculations by expert star readers.

  • 100 TA

    2 Nautae Vae

    The Adventure Begins
    Gathering / Conference

    Icaghor, Clyde, Andaro, Manju, and Bela all set out on an adventure across a world quickly falling apart.

    Additional timelines
  • Year One on the Tatharian Calendar
    The Year of Law

    By the time Icaghor had united the various Tathar tribes and civilized them, he came to the conclusion that he must legitimize his reign to speak on a global scale. The first year saw the foundation of Laws, Customs, and Traditions put into place. The Year of Law saw the codification and systematic organization of all of Icaghor's knowledge.

    Additional timelines
  • 1127 TA

    30 Venatio 24:00
    1127 TA

    1 Nautae Vae 00:00

    Bellatorius Ferox Torneamentum Primus
    Cultural event

    The Bellatorius is a large competition of unbelievable scale that tests adventurers mentally, and physically. It also requires teamwork. Every 4 years in Tatharia, the Bellatorius is held to recruit the strongest, smartest, and most efficient warriors to Lord Icaghor’s personal guard. This grand celebration is a 20-day long festival that is held between the 180th and 181st days of the official calendar. The Bellatorius itself consists of 4 rounds held over 4 days.

    Session Report
    Read Session Report
    Additional timelines
  • 1499 TA

    Titus wins the Bellatorius single-handedly
    Life, Achievement/ Win

    Titus Publicius Encratis is the only person to have bested a Bellatorius by himself, whereas the competition is usually challenged by a party of warriors.


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