Year 921 of the Celestial Calendar

In a land called Rolara, mortals had mastered magic to unimaginable degrees. Disease was near non-existent. Lifespans extended so far that death became a choice for those who led peaceful lives. All this power tempted the denizens of the world. Greed stirred their hearts and caused them to wage war upon each other. Soon, a beautiful, advanced world of high magic decayed into a living nightmare.
    Fear, suffering, and loss were the results of mortal-kind's discoveries.
    In that Age of Wonders, seven civilizations harnessed artifacts called Stars of Power. Each star powered something called an Archane Mechanism. The miracles wrought by these machines are legendary. The mechanisms shed light across the world. They brought civilization to any wild place where the light shined. At one time, the light was said to be bright enough that no place on the globe was left untouched.
    In the world, one place could view each light. At this place, a wise or brave person could become a God. It was this power, this goal, that warped the hearts of mortals and drove them to commit acts of evil. Led by the gods, wise and noble heroes gathered in the Place of Power upon Mount Şünküy. Legend says, with the hope of all mortals in their hearts, that these heroes sealed away magic from the world. This rid all nations of the temptation that caused so much violence and hatred. It is not known how long ago these events took place, untold centuries or more. It is not known how much is true if it is at all. But magic isn't all gone.
    Many magical artifacts retained their powers. Some magical creatures only crew more magical in the intervening years. In the Mythic Land of Jiao, masters of Yin and Yang bypassed the seal and worked wonders using a more sublime understanding of nature. The alchemists of Al-Zaluma found miraculous effects aplenty in natural ingredients.
    In the year 399 of the Tatharian Calendar, a group of adventurers set into motion a series of events. Catastrophe and debacle, one after the other. This group, called the Starfinders, became heroes that would change the world. This modern period is the Ignition of the Stars.
    A year later, 921 on the Celestial Calendar, focus moved to the land of Jiao. A group of covert magical operatives, the Black Team, began unraveling a mystery.


The Return of the Dragon Kings

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

An eastern fantasy dungeons and dragons game.

Ignition of the Stars

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Unlikely folks with strange abilities seek to radically change the world. The antagonists want the same thing.