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Realms of Ruin: The Diverse Layers of the Abyss

In the cosmology of Rolara, there exists a plane of existence that is the very embodiment of chaos and malevolence - the Abyss. A realm not of one, but an ever-shifting multitude of layers, each a grotesque mirror reflecting the vile essence of the power that claims it. Each layer, unique in its horror, shares a common thread of decay and corrosion, a testament to the destructive nature of the plane.   At the gateway to this dread realm, a blood-red river pours forth from the Astral Plane, splitting its crimson tide between the Gaping Maw of the Abyss and the fiery pits of Avernus in the Nine Hells. It is a sight that sends shivers down the spine of even the bravest adventurer, a chilling reminder of the journey that lies ahead.   The Abyss is a domain of Greater and Lesser powers, each staking claim to their own layer. From the Demon Prince Orcus to the savage Yinogu, these entities rule their domains with an iron fist, their malevolent will shaping the very fabric of their layer. The Abyss is a reflection of these rulers, each layer a twisted landscape echoing the dark desires and cruel whims of its master.   Yet, for all its danger, the Abyss draws travelers, lured by the promise of power, knowledge, or the thrill of the ultimate challenge. But beware, for the Abyss is not a realm to be taken lightly. Its chaotic essence warps reality, making the predictable unpredictable, and the safe perilous. It is a place where ambition can lead to ruin, bloodlust can become a curse, and even the strongest will can be broken by demonic possession.   Among the shifting layers of the Abyss lie known locations such as the Death Dells, the Endless Maze, the Gaping Maw, the Hollow Heart, and Thanatos. Each presents its own unique perils and grotesque landscapes, promising danger, and perhaps, rewards for those daring or foolish enough to venture within.   In the Abyss, only the strong, the cunning, and the ruthless survive. It is a realm of chaos, a realm of evil, a realm of endless challenges. To enter is to accept the possibility of despair, corruption, and death. But for those who can master its trials, the Abyss also holds the potential for unimaginable power. Tread carefully, for the Abyss is not just a place, it is a test of what one is willing to become.


The Abyss, in its malevolent grandeur, is a realm of ceaseless change and unpredictability. Its geography is as chaotic as the demonic entities that inhabit it, a landscape that defies logic and order. Each layer of the Abyss is a world unto itself, shaped and molded by the dark will of its ruler.   At the mouth of the Abyss, the blood-red river from the Astral Plane provides a grim welcome. It splits into two, one part pouring into the Gaping Maw of the Abyss, the other flowing towards the fiery pits of Avernus. This river, a symbol of the lifeblood of the universe, is corrupted here, turned into a chilling harbinger of the horrors that lie within.   The layers of the Abyss are as varied as they are numerous. Some are vast wastelands, where every rock and gust of wind is imbued with malevolence. Others are labyrinthine mazes, designed to trap and confuse any who dare to enter. There are layers that are eternally aflame, where rivers of fire replace water, and others that are frozen wastelands, where the cold bites as fiercely as any beast.   Notable among these layers are the Death Dells, a layer of deadly valleys and treacherous peaks; the Endless Maze, a layer of twisting paths and dead ends that could drive one to madness; the Gaping Maw, a layer of vast, open jaws that seem to devour the sky; the Hollow Heart, a layer of empty, echoing caverns; and Thanatos, a layer of eternal night and deathly silence.   Yet, for all their differences, the layers of the Abyss share a common trait - they are all in a state of decay. This is not the slow decay of time, but a rapid, aggressive corrosion, a testament to the destructive nature of the Abyss. Structures crumble, landscapes erode, and even the very air seems to be in a state of disintegration.   The geography of the Abyss is a challenge in itself, a gauntlet that tests the mettle of its visitors. It is a realm where the environment is as much an enemy as the creatures that inhabit it. To navigate the Abyss is to dance with chaos, to court danger at every turn, and to confront the very essence of evil.

Localized Phenomena

  Treachery. The character gains the following flaw: “I can only achieve my goals by making sure that my companions don’t achieve theirs.”
  Bloodlust. The character gains the following flaw: “I enjoy killing for its own sake, and once I start, it’s hard to stop.”
  Overwhelming Ambition. The character gains the following flaw: “I am destined to rule the Abyss, and my companions are tools to that end.”
  Demonic Possession. The character is possessed by a demonic entity until freed by dispel evil and good or similar magic. Whenever the possessed character rolls a 1 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, the demon takes control of the character and determines the character’s behavior. At the end of each of the possessed character’s turns, he or she can make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw. On a success, the character regains control until he or she rolls another 1.


The history of the Abyss is as elusive and chaotic as the plane itself. Time and space twist and warp in this realm of chaos, making the concept of a linear history almost meaningless. The Abyss exists in a state of constant flux, its layers shifting and changing in response to the whims of their demonic rulers and the chaotic energy that permeates the plane.   Despite this, scholars and sages have attempted to piece together a semblance of history, drawing from ancient texts, divine revelations, and the accounts of those few brave or foolhardy enough to venture into the Abyss and return to tell the tale.   The Abyss is believed to be as old as the multiverse itself, a manifestation of chaos and evil that came into being as soon as concepts of morality and order existed. Its birth is intertwined with the creation of the cosmos, a dark reflection of the forces that shaped existence.   Over the eons, the Abyss has been the stage for countless battles and power struggles. Demon lords rise and fall, each seeking to expand their dominion over the chaotic layers. These conflicts, often spilling over into other planes, have shaped much of the known history of the Abyss.   Major cosmic events, such as the shattering of divine realms or the rise and fall of powerful entities, send ripples through the multiverse. Their effects on the Abyss, however, are difficult to measure. The plane's inherent chaos absorbs and reshapes these impacts, integrating them into its ever-changing landscape. What could be a cataclysm in another plane might merely be a ripple in the Abyss, or it could reshape an entire layer overnight - there is no predicting the response of the Abyss.   The history of the Abyss is a puzzle with infinite pieces, constantly changing and rearranging itself. It is a testament to the plane's chaotic nature, a history written in shifting sands and whispered in the howling winds of this malevolent realm. To study it is to gaze into the heart of chaos, to seek order in the disorder, and to attempt to understand the unknowable.
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