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In the ancient days of Rolara, when magic was a whispered secret and the world was shrouded in mystery, Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath, took on a new form. Inspired by the final war before the Extinguishment of the Stars of Power, he became known as the Blood Lord, a fearsome and powerful leader of Skin-Walkers. His visage was terrifying and his cruelty unmatched.   Among the mortals who walked the earth, there were those who sought eternal life and believed that by worshipping Orcus, they could attain this dark gift. They formed sinister cults, hidden from the eyes of the world, and practiced dark rituals to gain the favor of the Blood Lord. In time, they were granted the power to transform into Skin-Walkers, adopting the shapes of animals while retaining their Human intellect and wickedness.   The cults of Orcus drew upon the symbols and traditions of the Navajo people, twisting and corrupting their sacred beliefs to serve their own ends. They called upon the chindi, malevolent spirits that lingered after death, and harnessed the power of the dark winds that blew across the desolate plains of Rolara.   As the cults grew in power and number, they began to spread like a blight upon the world. The return of magic to Rolara fueled their dark ambitions, granting them increased power and influence. In the shadows of society, they lurked and plotted, their twisted desires threatening to consume the world.   In the city of Anaya, nestled in the heart of the great desert, the cult of Orcus first took root. Led by the charismatic and ruthless Nizhoni, a former shaman who had turned her back on her people's traditions, the cult gained a foothold within the city's government. Their influence spread like a cancer, corrupting the city from within.   The cult's machinations did not go unnoticed. In the remote village of Tse'naa, a young warrior named Klah stood against the encroaching darkness. He had borne witness to the horrors unleashed by the cults of Orcus and vowed to eradicate their presence from the world. As he journeyed across the lands of Rolara, Klah gathered a small but dedicated band of followers, each with their own reasons for opposing the Blood Lord and his twisted minions.   The world of Rolara trembled as the forces of darkness and light clashed, the cults of Orcus leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. The return of magic had brought both wonder and terror to the world, as ancient powers awakened and the shadows of the past returned to haunt the living.   As the struggle between Klah's warriors and the cults of Orcus reached its climax, the ultimate fate of Rolara hung in the balance. Would the Blood Lord's reign of terror be brought to an end, or would the world be plunged into an age of darkness, haunted by the whispers of the undead and the mournful howls of the Skin-Walkers?   The story of Orcus's rise and fall in Rolara is one of both tragedy and hope, a reminder of the enduring power of the human spirit to stand against the darkness, and a testament to the rich tapestry of cultures and beliefs that make up the world in which we live.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath, presents a terrifying visage, with a hulking and grotesque body that exudes raw power and malevolence. His twisted form, marked by gnarled horns, leathery wings, and clawed hands, speaks of his demonic origin and mastery over death. Despite his monstrous appearance, Orcus possesses an unnatural agility and fitness, moving with a grace that belies his size, and his body bears no signs of illness or affliction, a testament to his immortal and unyielding nature.

Body Features

In the shadowed halls of the underworld, where the echoes of the damned resonate, a figure stirs, a monstrous embodiment of death and decay. Orcus, the Demon Prince of Undeath, rises from his dark throne, his body a grotesque masterpiece of demonic artistry.   His hulking form looms, a twisted fusion of muscle and malice, power and perversion. The horns that crown his head are gnarled and wicked, curving like the talons of some nightmarish beast, gleaming with an unholy luster. His eyes, dark pits of endless hunger, burn with a malevolent fire that chills the soul.   Leathery wings stretch from his back, vast and bat-like, their membrane scarred and torn from battles fought in the Abyss. They beat with a thunderous power, stirring the fetid air, a symbol of his dominion over the realms of darkness.   His hands, clawed and cruel, are the instruments of torment, capable of rending flesh and crushing bone. They wield the Wand of Orcus with a grace that belies their monstrous appearance, channeling dark Magic that corrupts and consumes.   His legs, thick and sinewy, end in hooved feet that tread the underworld's ashen ground with a deceptive agility. They carry him through his dark domain with a predatory grace, each step a dance of death.   His skin, a pallid and mottled canvas, bears the marks of his demonic lineage, a texture of scales and rough hide that defies mortal understanding. It is a living armor, impenetrable and eternal, a testament to his immortal nature.   His voice, a guttural and haunting symphony, resonates with the power of the abyss, commanding the legions of the damned, whispering dark promises to those who dare to listen.   Orcus's body is not merely flesh and bone but a living manifestation of his dark essence, a visual testament to his power, cruelty, and mastery over death. It is a form that haunts the nightmares of mortals and immortals alike, a presence that lingers in the shadows of existence, a reminder of the darkness that dwells in the heart of the abyss. In his twisted visage, one sees the face of undeath, the embodiment of terror, the Demon Prince who reigns with an iron claw and a heart as cold as the Void.

Special abilities

Control Over the Undead

  Orcus's dominion over the undead is one of his most defining abilities. He can raise, command, and manipulate the undead, bending them to his will. This control extends to various forms of undead creatures, from simple zombies and skeletons to more powerful entities like liches and wraiths.  

Creation of Skin-Walkers

  Orcus has the terrifying ability to transform his followers into Skin-Walkers, granting them the power to adopt animal shapes while retaining Human intellect and wickedness. This transformation is a dark gift, often bestowed upon members of his sinister cults, and serves as a symbol of his control and corruption.  

Mastery of Dark Magic

  Orcus is a master of dark magic, wielding spells and rituals that tap into the very essence of death, decay, and darkness. His magical abilities include necromancy, curse-infliction, shadow manipulation, and soul-trapping. He can also grant dark magical powers to his followers, enhancing their abilities to serve his ends.  

Manipulation of Malevolent Spirits

  Orcus has the ability to harness and manipulate malevolent spirits known as chindi. He can summon, bind, and direct these spirits to haunt, torment, and destroy his enemies. This ability reflects his perversion of sacred beliefs and his mastery over the darker aspects of the spirit world.  

Immortality and Regeneration

  As the Demon Prince of Undeath, Orcus possesses immortality, transcending the natural cycle of life and death. He can regenerate and recover from injuries that would be fatal to mortal beings. This immortality is a core aspect of his nature and a source of his enduring influence and terror.  

Telepathic Influence and Mind Control

  Orcus can exert telepathic influence over his followers and even his enemies. He can invade the minds of those he targets, manipulating their thoughts, emotions, and actions. This mind control ability allows him to spread his influence subtly, corrupting individuals and entire communities from within.  

Summoning and Binding Demons

  Orcus's demonic nature grants him the ability to summon and bind other demons to his service. He can call forth lesser demons to do his bidding, using them as soldiers, spies, and agents of chaos. His control over demons reflects his status as a demon prince and his mastery over the infernal hierarchy.  

Aura of Fear and Despair

  Orcus emanates an aura of fear and despair that affects those in his presence. This aura can weaken the resolve of his enemies, fill them with dread, and even drive them to madness. It is a manifestation of his dark essence and a psychological weapon that he uses to dominate and terrorize.

Specialized Equipment

The Wand of Orcus

Description and Power
  The Wand of Orcus is perhaps the most infamous of his possessions, a twisted and grotesque artifact topped with a Human skull. It is a symbol of Orcus's dominion over death and decay, imbued with dark Magic that can raise the dead, inflict curses, and spread disease.  
  Orcus wields the wand to command his undead legions, to smite his foes, and to exert control over the realms of death. It is a focus for his necromantic spells and a conduit for his dark energy.  
  The Wand of Orcus is feared and coveted by necromancers and dark cultists. Its mere presence can corrupt the land and the minds of those who seek to wield it.  

The Skinwalker Cloak

Description and Power
  The Skinwalker Cloak is a dark and enchanted garment, woven from the fur and feathers of creatures transformed by Orcus's dark gift. It grants the wearer the ability to shape-shift into animal forms, mirroring the twisted power of the Skin-Walkers.  
  Orcus bestows the cloak upon his most loyal and wicked followers, granting them a portion of his transformative power. It is used to infiltrate, spy, and spread terror, reflecting Orcus's cunning and malice.  
  The Skinwalker Cloak is a symbol of Orcus's corruption and a manifestation of his control over the natural world. It is a feared and reviled artifact, known only to those who dwell in the shadows of his influence.  

The Crown of the Blood Lord

Description and Power
  The Crown of the Blood Lord is a dark and regal artifact, adorned with gems that glow with an unholy light. It enhances Orcus's control over the undead, amplifies his dark magic, and protects him from holy and divine attacks.  
  Orcus wears the crown as a symbol of his sovereignty over the realms of undeath and darkness. It is a manifestation of his authority and a focus for his infernal power.  
  The Crown of the Blood Lord is a haunting symbol of Orcus's reign, an artifact that resonates with his essence and amplifies his terror. Its dark allure tempts those who seek power at any cost.

Personality Characteristics


Desire for Power and Control

  Orcus's transformation into the Blood Lord and his leadership of the Skin-Walkers reveal a deep-seated desire for power and control. He seeks to dominate and exert influence over the mortal realm, using his dark gifts to manipulate those who seek eternal life. His power over the undead and his ability to grant the twisted form of Skin-Walkers are manifestations of this desire to rule and control.  

Corruption and Defiance of Natural Order

  Orcus's essence is fundamentally tied to the corruption of life's natural cycle. He defies the natural order by trapping souls in a state of undeath, twisting the sacred beliefs of the Navajo people, and harnessing malevolent spirits. This motivation to corrupt and pervert the natural order is central to his character and actions.  

Spread of Darkness and Fear

  The Blood Lord's reign is marked by terror, death, and destruction. He thrives on the fear and chaos he creates, using his cults to spread darkness across Rolara. The blight of his influence, the horrors unleashed by his followers, and the mournful howls of the Skin-Walkers are all part of his desire to engulf the world in darkness and fear.  

Eternal Struggle Against the Forces of Light

  Orcus's enmity with Suryastra, the Healing Flame, represents a broader motivation to oppose and battle the forces of light, life, and healing. This struggle is not merely personal but symbolic of his fundamental opposition to everything that Suryastra represents. The eternal battle between the Healing Flame and the demon prince is a reflection of Orcus's relentless drive to challenge and overcome the forces that stand against him.



Enemy (Vital)

Towards Orcus




Enemy (Vital)

Towards Suryastra




In the Celestial realms of Rolara, where the fabric of existence is woven with the threads of life and death, a fierce enmity burns between two divine beings: Suryastra, the Healing Flame, and Orcus, the Demon prince of undeath.   Suryastra, born from the first rays of sunlight, embodies life's eternal cycle, healing's gentle touch, and nature's harmonious balance. The deity's golden wings stretch across the sky, a radiant symbol of hope and renewal. But where there is light, shadows lurk, and in those shadows dwells Orcus, a twisted entity that defies the natural order, seeking to corrupt life's essence and trap souls in a state of undeath.   The conflict between Suryastra and Orcus is not merely a clash of power but a fundamental battle of principles. Suryastra's domains of Life, Nature, and Protection stand in stark opposition to Orcus's dark machinations. The Healing Flame's followers, from the humble healers to the mighty paladins, are sworn to fight against the undead's unnatural existence, guided by their deity's righteous fury.   In the dark corners of Rolara, where the undead roam and necromancers whisper Orcus's name, the tension between life and undeath simmers. It is in these places that Suryastra's light shines the brightest, a beacon guiding the lost and a weapon scorching the unholy.   A tale is told of a battle where Suryastra's chosen champion faced an abomination created by Orcus's twisted Magic. The clash was fierce, a dance of life and death, fire and decay. The champion fought with the strength of the sun, wielding a sword imbued with Suryastra's flame. The abomination, a grotesque fusion of flesh and darkness, lashed out with claws dripping with Orcus's poison.   The battle raged, a microcosm of the eternal enmity between the Healing Flame and the demon prince. In the end, the champion triumphed, the abomination reduced to ashes by Suryastra's purifying fire. But the victory was not without cost, a reminder that the battle against Orcus's corruption is never truly won.   In the temples of Suryastra, the priests sing hymns of life's triumph over death, of the sun's warmth dispelling the cold shadow of undeath. But in their hearts, they know that the enmity between Suryastra and Orcus is an unending struggle, a battle that echoes in the very soul of Rolara, a conflict that defines the delicate balance between life and death, healing and decay.


Enemy (Important)

Towards Orcus




Enemy (Trivial)

Towards Velok




The relationship between Velok, the Sovereign of the Labyrinth of Echoing Desolation, and Orcus, the Blood Lord of the 333rd layer of the Abyss, is one of palpable tension and unspoken rivalry. While they have not engaged in open conflict, the undercurrents of their antagonism reverberate through the Abyss and even into the mortal realm of Rolara.

Relationship Reasoning

Power Dynamics

  Both Velok and Orcus are formidable Demon lords with distinct domains and portfolios. Orcus wields control over undeath and has a significant cult following in Rolara, while Velok is the guardian of forbidden knowledge and existential dread. Their realms in the Abyss are separate but influential, and each demon lord has ambitions that could potentially disrupt the other's plans.  

Ideological Differences

  At the core of their tension lies a fundamental ideological difference. Orcus seeks to expand his dominion through the proliferation of undeath and dark Magic, aiming for a form of chaotic control. Velok, on the other hand, challenges the very notions of control and order, seeking to upend the cosmic balance by making both gods and mortals question their understanding of reality. These contrasting philosophies create an inherent friction between the two entities.  

Proxy Engagements

  While direct confrontation has been avoided, both demon lords engage in proxy conflicts through their mortal followers. Velok's cults often intersect with Orcus's, especially in academic and arcane circles, leading to subtle power struggles. These proxy engagements manifest as battles for arcane artifacts, influence over magical guilds, or even the corruption of each other's followers.  

Cosmic Implications

  Both Velok and Orcus are keenly aware that a direct clash between them could have cosmic repercussions. The balance of power within the Abyss is delicate, and an open conflict could destabilize not just their individual layers but potentially the entire abyssal realm. This mutual understanding has led to a wary distance being maintained between the two demon lords, each waiting for the opportune moment to tip the scales in their favor.

Divine Classification
Demon Prince
Ruled Locations


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