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The Daogoss

The humans of Rolara are varied, and their cultures have intermingled and been separated again and again by time and tragedy. There are many different Ethnic groups, cultures, and civilizations. Some examples include the militaristic healers from Tatharia, or the Turban-wearing desert dwellers from Al-Zaluma, of the bejeweled and gaudy merchants from Shamsi-Adad.   No humans, without interference from beyond the Material World, have light or bright colored eyes. Dull shades of brown, intricate ambers, and then the occasional albino has very dark red eyes. The average human in Rolara just wants to survive until the next day, and find a bit of peace if they can. While they can sometimes come off as ethnocentric or xenophobic, they are quick to befriend a 'monster' if it means they don't have to sweat or risk injury. Devoid of most types of magical abilities, and usually only seeing the magic worked by monsters or healers, humans are quick to rationalize strange happenings to avoid the harsh truth in the danger magic presents. This makes it unfortunately easy for some monsters to slip into the population, particularly those who are adept at disguise or who can pass for humans with little effort. One of the largest settlements isĀ Tatharia Capitolina.

Basic Information


For those in the know, true humans have dark-colored eyes. Browns, Ambers, and the like.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans of Rolara are a highly adaptable species, thriving in diverse environments and circumstances. Key points of their adaptability include:  
  1. Geographical:

    They inhabit various environments across Rolara, from fertile lands to deserts.
  2. Cultural:

    They exhibit a wide range of cultures and civilizations, adapting to different cultural influences.
  3. Technological:

    They redeveloped iron and steel within 300 years after a major setback, demonstrating technological resilience.
  4. Magical:

    They quickly adapted to the use of Aetherite Crystals for various applications after the Reignition of the Stars of Power.
  5. Inter-species:

    They are capable of befriending 'monsters' when beneficial, showing adaptability in interspecies relations.

Civilization and Culture


Humans are the most widespread and influential species in the world of Rolara. Despite being thrust into a low-magic, pseudo-bronze age after the Extinguishment of the Stars of Power, humans thrived due to their ingenuity. Within 300 years, they had redeveloped iron and steel, and though populations became isolated, separated by vast monster-infested stretches of wilderness, they managed to survive and prosper.  


Humans have established numerous settlements across Rolara. Some of the notable ones include Shamsi Adad, Videha, and Jeonbye. They have also formed various organizations such as the Tatharian Empire, the New Jiao Empire, the Caliphate of Al-Zaluma, Ganju, and Kimokotan.  


Aetherite Crystals are a key resource in the world of Rolara. They are a type of crystal that can be found in various places around the world, but they became more common after the eruption of Mount Origin and the subsequent Reignition of the Stars of Power. These events caused a boom in technology, with Aetherite Crystals playing a significant role.   Aetherite Crystals are known for their magical properties. They can store magical energy and are used in a variety of applications, from powering magical devices to being used in the creation of magical items. They are also used in the construction of buildings and other structures, as they can provide a stable source of magical energy.   The crystals are typically purple in color, and radiate a strange, tangible energetic field. The color of the crystal can affect its properties, with different colors being more suited to different types of magic.   Despite their widespread use, Aetherite Crystals are not without their dangers. They can be unstable, and if mishandled, they can explode, releasing a large amount of magical energy. This makes them a potentially dangerous resource, but their benefits far outweigh their risks for most people in Rolara.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Humans in Rolara face a variety of dangers and threats. One of the most significant of these are the monsters that roam the land. These creatures are often hostile and will attack humans on sight. This has led to a general policy among humans of attacking monsters on sight, to protect themselves and their communities.   In addition to the monsters, humans also face the danger of the ruins of advanced civilizations. These ruins, once the homes of powerful and advanced societies, have become dangerous places, filled with monsters. Despite the potential treasures and knowledge that could be gained from exploring these ruins, they have been largely abandoned due to the danger they pose.   However, the world is not without its wonders. The eruption of Mount Origin and the subsequent Reignition of the Stars of Power brought magic back into the world, leading to a boom in technology. Aetherite Crystals, with their ability to store and release magical energy, have become a key resource in this new age. These crystals, while potentially dangerous if mishandled, have opened up new possibilities for the humans of Rolara, allowing them to create magical devices and structures.   Despite the dangers they face, the humans of Rolara are a resilient and resourceful people. They have adapted to their world and continue to thrive, using their ingenuity and the resources available to them to build a better future.  

Relations with Monsters

Primarily, humans attack monsters on sight. However, since the eruption of Mount Origin, and the subsequent Reignition of the Stars of Power (which brought magic back to the world), there have been rumors across the world of magical creatures, monsters suddenly becoming intelligent and aware of themselves. The hidden fantastical species, such as elves, began to make diplomatic forays into the world of humans once again.

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