The humans of Rolara are varied, and their cultures have intermingled and been separated again and again by time and tragedy. There are many different Ethnic groups, cultures, and civilizations. Some examples include the militaristic healers from Tatharia, or the Turban-wearing desert dwellers from Al-Zaluma, of the bejeweled and gaudy merchants from Shamsi-Adad.   No humans, without interference from beyond the Material World, have light or bright colored eyes. Dull shades of brown, intricate ambers, and then the occasional albino has very dark red eyes.

Basic Information


For those in the know, true humans have dark-colored eyes. Browns, Ambers, and the like.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans like to live in fertile lands near water but have developed the ability to procure useful resources in almost any climate or environment.

Useful Tidbits

Click here to see the 5th Edition rules for Human characters.   The average human in Rolara just wants to survive until the next day, and find a bit of peace if they can. While they can sometimes come off as ethnocentric or xenophobic, they are quick to befriend a 'monster' if it means they don't have to sweat or risk injury. Devoid of most types of magical abilities, and usually only seeing the magic worked by monsters or healers, humans are quick to rationalize strange happenings to avoid the harsh truth in the danger magic presents.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
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This makes it unfortunately easy for some monsters to slip into the population, particularly those who are adept at disguise or who can pass for humans with little effort.
One of the largest settlements isĀ Tatharia Capitolina.

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