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Ring of Three Kingdoms

In the heart of Jeonbye, where the veils between realms grow thin, the Council Chamber of the Ring of Three Kingdoms stood as a sanctuary of order amidst a world teetering on the edge of cosmic chaos. Supreme Leader Jia Ying, a master of the ancient martial art known as "Celestial Harmony," sat at the head of an obsidian table, her eyes like twin galaxies, swirling with the weight of unspoken prophecies.   Beside her, King Dao of the Jade Kingdom, Treasurer Xue of the Merchant's Guild, and High Acolyte Shen of the Temple of Eternal Balance, each a master in their own right, their auras intertwining in a symphony of purpose and power.   "Time grows thin, and the stars whisper of a darkness that seeks to engulf our realms," Jia Ying spoke, her voice a haunting melody that resonated with the very stones of the chamber.   King Dao unsheathed his sword, its blade shimmering with ethereal light. "Then let us be the beacon that guides our people through this impending night."   Treasurer Xue, ever the pragmatist, sifted through ancient scrolls imbued with alchemical equations. "We have the resources to fortify our cities, but we must act swiftly, lest the darkness corrupts the very essence of our trade."   High Acolyte Shen closed his eyes, his spirit communing with the Celestial beings that guarded the balance of the universe. "The Temple will hold a grand ritual to strengthen the spiritual barriers. But be warned, the cosmic entities are restless, their intentions veiled in enigma."   Supreme Leader Jia Ying stood, her form ethereal, as if woven from the fabric of the cosmos itself. "Then we are united in purpose. Let the Ring of Three Kingdoms be the sword that cleaves the darkness, the shield that guards against cosmic malevolence, and the heart that beats with the unbreakable will of our people."   As the council members nodded, a sense of foreboding yet romantic unity filled the chamber. Outside, the skies above Jeonbye shimmered as if winking from a distant, unknowable realm, acknowledging the gravity of the vows made within the hallowed chamber.


The Ring is a hierarchical organization, its structure meticulously designed to delineate the roles and responsibilities of its members:  
  • Supreme Leader: The apex of the hierarchy, the Supreme Leader is a master strategist and military genius, traditionally groomed at the Jeonbye Military Academy. The position is earned purely on merit, often through a series of rigorous tests and trials. The Supreme Leader has the unparalleled authority to summon troops and naval forces from any territory at a moment's notice.
  • King/Queen of the Kingdoms: Each of the three kingdoms is ruled by a King or Queen, who serves as the primary representative in the Ring. They are responsible for the governance of their respective territories and must answer directly to the Supreme Leader.
  • Treasurer of the Merchant's Guild: This role oversees the economic policies and trade agreements, often acting as a liaison between the Ring and the Merchant Guild of Jeonbye.
  • High Acolyte of the Religious Orders: This spiritual leader advises the Ring on matters of faith and morality, often representing the various religious orders within the territories.
  • Circle of Wisdom: This advisory body consists of scholars, tacticians, and diplomats who assist the Supreme Leader in policy formulation and decision-making.


  • Policy Formulation: The Ring is instrumental in crafting laws and regulations that span across the territories.
  • Trade Regulation: Overseen by the Treasurer of the Merchant's Guild, the Ring regulates trade and economic policies.
  • Defense and Security: The Supreme Leader, with their unparalleled military acumen, coordinates the defense strategies and oversees the security of the realms.

Military Prowess of the Supreme Leader

  The Supreme Leader's military authority is absolute. With a mere word, legions can be mobilized, and fleets can set sail. This power is not just symbolic; it is a testament to the rigorous training and strategic brilliance that the Jeonbye Military Academy instills in its pupils. The Supreme Leader's military decisions are often final, bypassing even the Ring if the situation demands immediate action.

Public Agenda

The Ring of Three Kingdoms, with its seat of power in Jeonbye, has a public agenda that serves as both a roadmap and a moral compass. Crafted with wisdom and foresight, this agenda outlines the organization's goals and the motivations behind its actions, serving as a contract of trust between the Ring and the people it governs.  

Core Objectives

  1. Unification and Stability: The primary goal is to maintain a unified and stable governance structure across the realms, drawing inspiration from the ancient civilization of the Hwang-geum.
  3. Economic Prosperity: Through fair trade practices and economic policies, the Ring aims to ensure the prosperity of its people, from the bustling markets of Jeonbye to the farthest reaches of its dominions.
  5. Cultural Preservation: The Ring is committed to preserving the rich cultural heritage of the realms, from traditional arts and crafts to religious practices and festivals.
  7. Military Vigilance: Given the ever-present threats that lurk beyond the borders, the Ring places a high priority on maintaining a strong and agile military force, ready to defend the realms at a moment's notice.
  9. Spiritual Harmony: Recognizing the importance of spiritual well-being, the Ring seeks to foster a sense of spiritual balance and unity among its people.


The Ring of Three Kingdoms, headquartered in the illustrious city of Jeonbye, has a history that is a testament to the power of unity, strategy, and valor. From its inception to its current state, the Ring has evolved into an organization that not only governs but also binds the realms in an unbreakable chain of shared destiny.  

Timeline of Key Events

  • Founding of the Ring: The Ring of Three Kingdoms was established under the aegis of the first Supreme Leader. The surrounding territories willingly paid tribute, captivated by the military prowess of Jeonbye's armies.
  • The Goblin Wars: Soon after its formation, the Ring faced its first major challenge—hordes of goblins marauding across the countryside. The military might of Jeonbye was deployed, and the goblins were vanquished, solidifying the Ring's reputation as a force to be reckoned with.
  • Codification of Laws: The first Supreme Leader initiated the codification of laws, creating a unified legal system that would govern the realms. This was the birth of the "Codex of Unity," a legal document that still serves as the backbone of governance.
  • Formation of the Circle of Wisdom: Recognizing the need for diverse expertise, the Supreme Leader formed the Circle of Wisdom, an advisory body that would assist in policy formulation and diplomatic endeavors.
  • The Great Famine: A period of scarcity tested the Ring's governance. Through strategic rationing and the import of grains, the crisis was averted, showcasing the Ring's ability to adapt and overcome.
  • The Spiritual Reformation: A movement to harmonize the various religious practices across the realms led to the establishment of the High Acolyte's position, further integrating spiritual life into the Ring's governance.
  • Unification under the Name Jeonbye: Over time, the realms grew so interconnected that they began to be collectively referred to as Jeonbye. This marked the pinnacle of the Ring's success in creating a unified identity.
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