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Celestials, the divine beings of the Outer Planes, embody benevolence and righteousness in their essence. Radiant and majestic, they possess a celestial beauty that transcends mortal comprehension. With lustrous wings, resplendent auras, and a countenance reflecting divine grace, Celestials embody the epitome of celestial perfection. Yet, their forms can vary greatly, from the angelic seraphs with flowing robes and flaming swords to the stoic and majestic planetars with golden armor and ethereal shields.   Aligned with the forces of good, Celestials stand as guardians of justice, compassion, and the eternal struggle against darkness. Their unwavering commitment to upholding virtue and protecting the innocent drives them to intervene in the mortal realm. Whenever a celestial's aid touches the Material Plane, whispers of being visited by an angel echo among the grateful recipients. Such tales recount not only the celestial's radiant presence but also the life-changing guidance and miraculous assistance they provide.   Across the vast expanse of the Outer Planes, Celestials find their homes within celestial realms of unfathomable beauty and splendor. Among these planes, the terraced gardens of Memora stands as a beacon of divine harmony and order, where the Celestials gather in unity to uphold the principles of righteousness. Additionally, Elysium, the plane of blissful tranquility, resonates with Celestial energy, serving as a refuge for those seeking solace and enlightenment. Finally, the radiant plane of the Seven Heavens manifests as a realm of cosmic balance and lawful goodness, housing Celestials who tirelessly strive to bring harmony to the multiverse.   Within these celestial abodes, Celestials possess extraordinary powers and abilities befitting their divine nature. Their celestial heritage grants them the ability to heal wounds with a touch, unleash radiant energy in the form of searing blasts, and wield holy weaponry that smites evil with righteous fury. Furthermore, Celestials possess a deep connection to the celestial realms, allowing them to summon ethereal allies and manifest powerful protective wards when called upon to defend the innocent and uphold justice.   So, remember, when aided by any celestial being on the Material Plane, one might indeed claim to have been visited by an angel. For these benevolent entities of the Outer Planes embody the virtues of the heavens and bring the light of divinity to guide and inspire mortals in their darkest hours.
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