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Holy Order of Alessandra

This order of knights follows Alessandra, the Sun Goddess of Al-Zaluma. They zealously defend against undead, even hunting powerful creatures such as vampires. They can commonly be found patrolling the eastern border of the Vast Desert, where undead hordes threaten weary travelers.


The Holy Order of Alessandra is led by a council of high-ranking priests and clerics, each dedicated to the teachings of Alessandra. The council is responsible for making policy decisions and guiding the Order's actions. The highest-ranking member of the council is the High Priest, who serves as the spiritual leader of the Order. The High Priest maintains a close relationship with the Caliph of Al-Zaluma, ensuring that the Order's actions align with the interests of the Caliphate. The Order also includes knights who are responsible for defending against undead threats and enforcing the Order's policies.


Rituals and Practices

The Order follows a number of rituals and practices in honor of Alessandra. They conduct rites for the dead, ensuring that the deceased are given a proper farewell and that their souls find peace. The Order also takes it upon themselves to put the undead to rest, viewing this as a merciful act. They celebrate several holidays in Alessandra's honor, including the "Festival of the Golden Dawn," "The Day of the Guiding Star," and "The Triumph of Light," each marked by prayers, feasts, and acts of charity.  

Values and Beliefs

The Order values Human superiority and believes in the divine right of humans to rule over other races. This belief is reflected in their teachings and actions, which often prioritize the interests of humans. They view non-humans with caution, aligning with the Caliphate's stance. The Order also sees the sun as a symbol of Alessandra's power and the light she brings to the world. This symbolism extends to their mission of hunting and slaying undead, as they view the sun's light as a force that can cleanse the world of these unfortunate remnants of magical battles.   The Order holds a complex view of the undead. While they see these creatures as a threat to the living, they also regard them with a degree of pity. The undead, in their view, are trapped between life and death, often as a result of ancient magical battles. The Order sees their mission of hunting and slaying the undead not as a crusade against evil, but as a merciful act to free these souls from their torment.   While the Order acknowledges that curing undeath is not typically possible, there are apocryphal tales of Order members of yore achieving such feats through divine intervention or extraordinary magic. These stories serve as a testament to the Order's commitment to mercy and their relentless pursuit of a world free from the torment of undeath.

Public Agenda

The Order's public agenda is to protect humanity from the threat of the undead. They face challenges in this mission, including resistance from those who do not share their beliefs and the constant threat of undead hordes. Despite these challenges, the Order remains steadfast in their commitment to their mission and the teachings of Alessandra.


The Order possesses a number of assets, including the Chalice of the Sun, a holy symbol of Alessandra. They also maintain a fortified headquarters and several outposts along the eastern border of the Vast Desert. The Order's knights are equipped with weapons and armor, and they have access to a variety of resources to aid in their fight against the undead.


Historical Connections

The Holy Order of Alessandra was established by Ibn al-Mahudi, a devout priest of Alessandra. His dedication to the Sun Goddess led him on a holy expedition into the Vast Desert, where he recovered the Chalice of the Sun, a sacred symbol of Alessandra that had been lost for millennia. This significant event marked the inception of the Order and has greatly influenced its principles and actions. Over the years, the Order has maintained a close relationship with the Caliphate of Al-Zaluma, reflecting the strong influence of Alessandra's teachings within the Caliphate.  


The Order's symbols include the sun and light, representing Alessandra's power and the hope she brings to the world. These symbols are reflected in the Order's mission to hunt and slay undead, as they view the sun's light as a force that can cleanse the world of these creatures. The Order also reveres the Golden Sword and the Silvery Shield, artifacts associated with Alessandra, symbolizing her power and protection.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Prevent the undead from harming or interfering with the living; the afterlife must remain separate.
  2. Give the dead the proper rites; put the undead to rest whenever possible.
  3. Become a source of light for other; bring cheer, warmth, and health to those who face darkness.
  4. Give freely of your wealth; more than what is needed to destroy evil and restore order should be given in charity.


The Order's ethical code is deeply rooted in their beliefs about life, death, and the undead. They believe in the sanctity of life and the importance of a peaceful afterlife. The undead, in their view, are tragic figures that have been denied rest due to ancient magical battles. The Order sees it as their duty to put these creatures to rest, viewing this as an act of mercy rather than a battle against evil. They also believe in the importance of bringing light to those who face darkness, whether that be through their actions against the undead or their efforts to bring cheer, warmth, and health to the living.

In the Light of the Sun, in a Fight of our Lives.

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